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Member since: Mon Apr 22, 2019, 03:26 PM
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NAACP unanimously calls on House to begin impeachment proceedings


Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 23, 2019, 05:17 PM (4 replies)

If Pelosi had the the power to force 100+ Democrats to support impeachment over their objection

wouldn't she also have the power to force the Democrats who are calling for impeachment to shut up already if she really wanted to take impeachment "off the table"?

Let's be real. If, as some keep claiming, Pelosi really wanted impeachment "off the table," and she's as powerful as they insist she is (at least powerful enough to force the vast majority of her caucus to vote her way just by telling them to, even if they don't want to), why hasn't she shut down impeachment talk and why is support in the caucus for impeachment growing, not lessening?

If you think Pelosi has the power to force a majority of her caucus to support impeachment, if you're honest, you must agree she has the power to force a minority of her caucus to STOP supporting impeachment. And the fact that she hasn't done the latter means either she doesn't want them to back off of pushing for impeachment or she can't force a majority of her caucus to support it. Or both.

You can't have it both ways, folks.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 23, 2019, 09:52 AM (17 replies)

Did I miss the "Do Republicans risk making total asses of themselves" at Mueller hearing stories?

Because all I see are "Do the Democrats risk overplaying their hands?" and "Will the Democrats perform absolutely perfectly in every way and if they don't, how much self-inflicted damage will they suffer?" stories - even though we all know the Republicans are going behave like complete fools, and do their best to turn the hearing into a circus and preventing the public from gathering any information.

Did I miss all the stories putting any responsibility on or raising questions about the Republican committee members?

Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 23, 2019, 07:40 AM (71 replies)

White Woman Caims She Invented the Hair Bonnet

A white woman may have secured her spot in the Columbusing Hall of Fame after claiming that she invented an accessory used by black women ever since Earline Jackson delayed her escape to the Underground Railroad by informing Harriet Tubman: "Hold up. I forgot my hair bonnet.”

In an article with Fashion Magazine, entrepreneur Sarah Marantz Lindenberg claims she “came up with the idea” of a “washable silk head wrap” that prevents breakouts and preserve hairstyles.

“My concept came out of a problem that needed solving,” explained Marantz, who founded the company, NiteCap, to sell her so-called “invention” that was already being used by millions of black women every day. “It inspired me to create something of my own.”

What she “created” was basically a version of the same headwrap that has been included in the late-night booty-call kit invented in 1906 by inventor Madame CJ Walker’s less successful sister, LaKeisha Walker. To be fair, the difference between Lindenberg’s bonnet and the one worn by Erykah Badu, India.Arie and 92.8 percent of the women who have ever been on a “natural hair journey” is that Lindenberg sells her bonnets for $98
Needless to say, after a lengthy vote, Black Twitter decided that her white nonsense was grounds for a vicious roasting.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 23, 2019, 12:11 AM (12 replies)

"I am against identity politics ...

which means I'm in favor of white identity politics"

I am against identity politics, which means I'm in favor of white identity politics

I believe everyone deserves a fair shot in life once people who already have a bunch of advantages are given a few extra fair shots in life if they ever make a mistake. I believe in kindness, decency, and treating your neighbors with respect unless they might cause property values to go down. I believe that politicians should be accountable to certain kinds of people. I believe that, when it comes down to it, we all have similar hopes, fears, and dreams, and it is our job to support each other’s dreams unless it makes us uncomfortable or requires courage.

Which is why, when I hear people talking about identity politics, I — quite rationally — can’t help but get upset and irrationally angry. I mean, enough is enough from a certain perspective. The LGBTQ constituency, the African-American constituency, immigrants, women, Native Americans — all these groups are facing difficulties, and for some reason they think politicians should speak to those difficulties. But I know better. I know that’s a trap. The only way to win elections is to sort of speak to those difficulties but mostly don’t.

In other words, if the Dems want to win in 2020, they need to focus on kitchen-table issues. Very specific kitchen tables, in very specific neighborhoods. Let me explain. Having access to clean drinking water: is this a “kitchen-table issue” in certain Native Americans reservations and mostly African-American neighborhoods? You bet. But is it a “kitchen-table issue”? No. Discrimination in jobs or housing based on the gender of your partner: is this a “kitchen-table issue” for people in the LGBTQ community? Obviously yes. But is it a “kitchen-table issue”? No. The rise of hate crimes and Islamophobia: is this a “kitchen-table issue” for Muslims and other groups that have to live in fear? Clearly yes. But is it a “kitchen-table issue”? That’s a solid no.
Dems, listen up. If you want my vote, you need to drop all this identity politics stuff and focus on white identity politics. That means talk about the white part of the economy. That means talk about white people’s kitchen tables. That means develop a sane and humane immigration policy but don’t talk about why people are fleeing Central America. Be decent. Let me think that I could grab a beer with you and if I said some sexist stuff you wouldn’t call me out on it. Frame absolutely everything as an economic rather than a moral issue — from war to the environment to healthcare — and explain how your administration will benefit my white, small-town cousins who in no way, shape, or form would ever vote for you.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Jul 22, 2019, 05:35 PM (7 replies)

Medium: Believe People of Color When it Comes to Racism

Believe People of Color When it Comes to Racism

A good guideline for all white people who are striving to be anti racist: if a person of color says something on the subject of racism, white supremacy, white privilege, white fragility, or related topic that confuses you or causes you an extreme emotional reaction, don’t react. Don’t ask them to explain, don’t disagree, and please dear God, don’t give them the dictionary definition of sociopolitical terms like “racism.” Keep in mind that most people of color are waaaay more educated than we are on the subject and also LIVE these experiences every day while we white people truly can’t even imagine what the experience of racism is like. (Being picked on for being different in middle school is not comparable to generations of terrorism and systemic oppression.)

We white people have to stop inserting ourselves to say ‘This isn’t racist. They aren’t racist.’ We have stop speaking over people of color about issues of race to say, ‘I don’t think this is about race.’ We have to stop especially using the words of other people of color to uphold any argument that something isn’t about race.
You know who’s really good at understanding and predicting the behavior of white people? People of color. Especially black people. In my experience especially, black women. Everything I know and understand about white people I learned from black women.
White people have to stop thinking we can judge what is and isn’t racist. This also goes for, especially goes for, our OWN behaviors. Those are the behaviors we’re going to be LEAST likely to see as racist. Maybe I did something but my intention wasn’t racist. If a person of color tells me that it’s racist, it is. My intention is irrelevant. All it means is that I’m being unintentionally racist. It’s still racist. I still did harm. I still have to self-reflect and excavate whatever led me to say or do the thing that was racist
When we argue, defend our intentions, ask for clarification, and demand that people of color recognize that we’re “good people,” what we neglect to see is that people of color are facing this sort of pushback every single day, multiple times a day, and are having to educate white people in large part because their survival depends on us white people “getting it” sooner rather than later. Can you even imagine how mentally, emotionally, and even physically exhausting that would be?...

Posted by StarfishSaver | Fri Jul 19, 2019, 09:41 PM (10 replies)

I know we shouldn't focus on women's looks

But Rep. Ilhan Omar is so beautiful.

Yeah, I said it.
Posted by StarfishSaver | Thu Jul 18, 2019, 11:15 PM (10 replies)

John Lewis: Do not get lost in a sea of despair


Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Do not become bitter or hostile. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. We will find a way to make a way out of no way. #goodtrouble
Posted by StarfishSaver | Tue Jul 16, 2019, 07:15 PM (19 replies)

I really wish these four congresswomen were not holding a press conference

The Democrats need to present a united front right now and not put these four women out by themselves.

they also don't need to turn this into a battle between Trump and the Squad. That can't end well. It needs to be cleared to the public that it's Trump against the rest of us

Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Jul 15, 2019, 05:02 PM (91 replies)

The media need to stop hyperventilating every time Trump says something racist

Each time he does it - you know, every other day - the press jumps up and down like he's done something unusual or shocking. But Trump making racist comments is no longer unusual or shocking. It's just Trump being Trump.

But every time he makes a racist remark, the press chases after it like a new red herring, analyzes it, questions other people about it, etc., drawing attention away from what he's actually doing.

They need to stop.

Trump saying racist things is nothing new. It's just who he is. It shouldn't generate any extraordinary attention. When he says something racist, they should just report that Trump said something racist again, and then move on.

Some may say that this approach only normalizes Trump's behavior. But, in this instance, it needs to be normalized - at least to the extent that it should be clear to everyone that racism is Trump's normal behavior. He's a racist. Period. So, naturally, he behaves and talks like one. That shouldn't surprise or shock anyone Behaving like it's something extraordinary each time he does it only serves to minimize just how consistently, insidiously, and naturally racist the president of the United States is.

Donald Trump tweeted something racist today ... Again. Now back to our regular programming ...
Posted by StarfishSaver | Mon Jul 15, 2019, 11:09 AM (61 replies)
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