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NPR: 10 House Democrats are organizing an effort to derail Nancy Pelosi's campaign for speaker


Sending all those troops to the border is a total recipe for disaster

It terrifies me. How long until Trump suspends posse comitatus and declares martial law?

WSJ editorial board makes a rape joke in Collins headline



Alaska, Arizona, Maine, and West Virginia contain just over 3% of the U.S. population.

Times like these are when the benefits of a parliamentary system over a senatorial system are made apparent.

Grassley: FBI report on Kavanaugh likely won't be released


Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said Tuesday that he doesn’t anticipate the FBI’s final report from its inquiry into Brett Kavanaugh would be made public, adding that such a break from protocol “might actually hurt” the bureau’s ability to conduct such probes.

100% chance it leaks, but still, Grassley is such a snake.

Gamble vs US is why Trump and his fellow criminals in the GOP are so desperate to seat Kavanaugh



Within the context of the Mueller probe, legal observers have seen the dual-sovereignty doctrine as a check on President Donald Trump’s power: It could discourage him from trying to shut down the Mueller investigation or pardon anyone caught up in the probe, because the pardon wouldn’t be applied to state charges. Under settled law, if Trump were to pardon his former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, for example—he was convicted last month in federal court on eight counts of tax and bank fraud—both New York and Virginia state prosecutors could still charge him for any crimes that violated their respective laws. (Both states have a double-jeopardy law that bars secondary state prosecutions for committing “the same act,” but there are important exceptions, as the Fordham University School of Law professor Jed Shugerman has noted.) If the dual-sovereignty doctrine were tossed, as Hatch wants, then Trump’s pardon could theoretically protect Manafort from state action.

If Trump were to shut down the investigation or pardon his associates, “the escape hatch, then, is for cases to be farmed out or picked up by state-level attorneys general, who cannot be shut down by Trump and who generally—but with some existing limits—can charge state crimes even after a federal pardon,” explained Elie Honig, a former assistant U.S. attorney in New Jersey. “If Hatch gets his way, however, a federal pardon would essentially block a subsequent state-level prosecution.”

This story got little traction yesterday. I sincerely hope Rachel covers this tonight!

Good riddance, IDC


Michael Cohen paid a mysterious tech company $50,000 'in connection with' Trump's campaign


Must read Twitter thread by Dena Grayson where she breaks it down. Looks like another part of the Steele Dossier has been corroborated. This could be huge.


This Justin Kennedy story is huge

And yet all I see on the networks is people talking about Stuttering John prank calling the president...
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