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Ana and the intentional fallacy of the hasty generalization.

The tweet:
"I'm a woman. Please don't ever refer to me as a person with a uterus, birthing person, or person who menstruates. How do people not realize how degrading this is? You can support the transgender community without doing this shit."

The informal fallacy of generalizing from the particular (aka 'the hasty generalization') is a standard HORSESHIT TECHNIQUE for scoring rhetorical points. The HORSESHITTER picks a particular example, devoid of context, and then proceeds to claim it is now the general condition.

A simple example. An unusually cold day in June happens. The paid PR agents of the fossil fuel industry, in unison, claim that this proves global warming is a hoax. They've just generalized from the particular.

In the case of Kasparian, she chose a particular situation, a reference to 'pregnant people' instead of 'pregnant women' in specific medical contexts, to infer that Kasparian, and all women, are now being referred to, in general, as 'a person with a uterus'. This is a deliberate bad faith argument, she is lying and she knows she is lying.

The only real issue here is why she chose to do this. The follow on issue is why the flying fork do we keep falling for this sort of vile nonsense.

Top Ten Conservative Idiots on Mastodon!

I got myself off the fascist platform 'twitter' two months ago. We all should. Today I stumbled over our own Top Ten Idiots on Mastodon:


Now we need a way to embed 'toots' the same way twitter works.

Please boycott twitter

Don't go there.
Don't link there.
Delete your account.

It really isn't a lot to ask.

Trouble at Merde Largo


The replies are great too.

Please stop using the term 'pro life'.

Their actual position is ‘forced birth’. They most certainly are not pro life.

Reject their framing. Change the terms of the discussion.

Biden needs to declare climate catastrophe an emergency.

And he needs to act immediately to protect interstate access to fda approved medications for all people.

And he needs to affirm abortion access at all appropriate federal facilities.

The gerontocracy in the party leadership needs to start leading. Shit just got real.

How to deal with a dangerously over cautious general.

President Biden ought to consider the events of Oct 13, 1863.

Letter from Abraham Lincoln to George Brinton McClellan, October 13, 1862
[From a letter to General McClellan. Washington, 13 October 1862.]
My dear Sir: You remember my speaking to you of what I called your over-cautiousness. Are you not over-cautious when you assume that you cannot do what the enemy is constantly doing? Should you not claim to be at least his equal in prowess, and act upon the claim? As I understand, you telegraphed General Halleck that you cannot subsist your army at Winchester unless the railroad from Harper's Ferry to that point be put in working order. But the enemy does now subsist his army at Winchester, at a distance nearly twice as great from railroad transportation as you would have to do without the railroad last named. He now wagons from Culpeper Court House, which is just about twice as far as you would have to do from Harper's Ferry. He is certainly not more than half as well provided with wagons as you are. I certainly should be pleased for you to have the advantage of the railroad from Harper's Ferry to Winchester, but it wastes all the remainder of autumn to give it to you, and in fact ignores the question of time, which cannot and must not be ignored. Again, one of the standard maxims of war, as you know, is to "operate upon the enemy's communications as much as possible without exposing your own." You seem to act as if this applies against you, but cannot apply in your favor. Change positions with the enemy, and think you not he would break your communication with Richmond within the next twenty-four hours? You dread his going into Pennsylvania; but if he does so in full force, he gives up his communications to you absolutely, and you have nothing to do but to follow and ruin him. If he does so with less than full force, fall upon and beat what is left behind all the easier. Exclusive of the water-line, you are now nearer Richmond than the enemy is by the route that you can and he must take. Why can you not reach there before him, unless you admit that he is more than your equal on a march? His route is the arc of a circle, while yours is the chord. The roads are as good on yours as on his. You know I desired, but did not order, you to cross the Potomac below, instead of above, the Shenandoah and Blue Ridge. My idea was that this would at once menace the enemy's communications, which I would seize if he would permit.
If he should move northward, I would follow him closely, holding his communications. If he should prevent our seizing his communications and move toward Richmond, I would press closely to him, fight him if a favorable opportunity should present, and at least try to beat him to Richmond on the inside track. I say "try"; if we never try, we shall never succeed. If he makes a stand at Winchester, moving neither north nor south, I would fight

him there, on the idea that if we cannot beat him when he bears the wastage of coming to us, we never can when we bear the wastage of going to him. This proposition is a simple truth, and is too important to be lost sight of for a moment. In coming to us he tenders us an advantage which we should not waive. We should not so operate as to merely drive him away. As we must beat him somewhere or fail finally, we can do it, if at all, easier near to us than far away. If we cannot beat the enemy where he now is, we never can, he again being within the entrenchments of Richmond.

A constitutional amendment to end the fuckery.

“An enhanced privacy amendment that incorporates the 4th’s limited protections and expands them to encompass what the Clown Court eliminated from the 14th and 4th, making bodily autonomy and consensual activities explicitly protected, along with updating the 4ths protections on seizures to encompass a digital networked world. “

The text needs some work .

Where the fuck is Garland?

The J6 Committee did a fucking spectacular job last night.

But for me it just made it fucking spectacularly clear that Merrick Garland has had 18 months to do anything at all about an attempted coup by the former president and has done nothing. And spare me the oh but they’ve charged lots of the Nazi shitheads at the battle of the capital. They don’t count.

J6 cannot indict anyone. They cannot even enforce subpoenas (thanks again Merrick!)

The fate of the republic is in the hands of the General McClellan of AGs. And if you don’t get the reference look it the fuck up.

Yes I am fucking pissed off.


That is all,.
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