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Profile Information

Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Wisconsin
Home country: US
Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2022, 04:35 PM
Number of posts: 433

About Me

Wisconsin Northwoods Democrat, mom, grandma, wife, teacher, and Packer fan

Journal Archives

Stand Back I'm Declassifying

Saw on FB. 🤣😆

I Was Hoping To See Michael Cohen On The Sunday Talk Shows

But nothing. Isn’t he the one who Letitia James mentioned in her press conference? The one who was the catalyst in this investigation? Weird

Deceptive Derrick Van Orden Ad

He talks about term limits and getting rid of lobbyists, etc. didn’t see a thing about being a member of the republican party. Sounds like he is one of those who are candidate Van Orden and then they get elected. Don’t be deceived.

Anyone Know A Link For Today's Sunday

Talk show guests? Thank you in advance. 😊

Corey Pompey And The Badger Band

I like the kind of 3-D effect of this photo.

"Special Master" Is A Creepy Phrase

No wonder MF45 likes it.

A Phrase From President Biden's Speech That Stands Out

To me…and very concisely describes what MF45 and his cultists have done to our country is, “Dagger at the throat of democracy.”

Took A Quick Look At MSNBC & CNN

John Dean was on CNN, so I stopped to watch for a bit. I like John Dean. They were talking about Trump’s comments about all of this being like a library book overdue. John Dean kind of laughed and then they cut away to McCarthy’s comments before President Biden‘s address tonight. So I checked out MSNBC. They were a lot more firm about Trump’s claim about all this being like a late library card type of thing. Holding Trump and his so-called lawyers feet to the fire. This was all in a space of about 5-6 minutes. MSNBC didn’t show asshat McCarthy’s comments at all. And then they mentioned how a former Fox news legal analyst said that Trump will soon be indicted. Just my observations.

Top Of My Playlist IF/When Red Don Is Toast

Not counting chickens before they are hatched, but just in case, I’ll start with this one. Please add any others as you see fit.


Upnorth Wi Bait Shop

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