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Gender: Female
Current location: So CAL
Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 06:57 PM
Number of posts: 277

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I love a good debate. . . but mutual respect is important.

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I consider my self a feminist

---- yet ---- I found this an incredibly intolerant and hateful screed.

me too = Summer was barefoot time

oh the callouses we got by June. I could walk barefoot on asphalt' I am such a tenderfoot now.

the clear plastic fins

are so ingenious ----- I want to know how they came up with the design and how it all evolved. It was amazing how she leaned back to make the chair rise. I am blown away!


eggs and toast. Pay day is the 3rd ... pantry is skimpy.

oh good grief

"products that can help every kid learn" It isn't materials, or packaged curricula or magic scripts............... it is the interaction between a well-prepared, motivated teacher and an equally ready motivated student. People send kids to school without proper sleep or nutrition, not able to speak the common language, undisciplined and barely civilized and wonder why schools can't make scholars of them. You call a parent and say "You child has bitten another student" and the parent says "oh yes he does that" WTF ~ I taught in Watts, in the 70's, in the projects where people told me it would be awful. Well, those women brought their kids to us ready to pat attention and learn. If there was a problem they were right on it and as a team we figured out what we needed to do. Now .... it is way different.
Teacher training should be difficult and weed out the slackers - then teachers should be paid like lawyers.... even if it means higher taxes. There are too many "administrators" and class size is way too large most places. It is not a business for profit..... it is a public trust.

as a catholic school student

way back in the day we were not allowed to wear rosaries this was for exactly that reason. It is not jewelry. It is a holy tool to guide prayer. I think gang members have used it symbolically to mean something else.

Even if the kid means it in a prayerful way - prayer is personal not to be flaunted. AND something dangling from ones neck is = in fact - a safety hazard. As a teacher we are discouraged, no forbidden to wear dangling things, hoop ear rings, and while you see many teachers with their keys on a lanyard around their neck it is not recommended, it can be dangerous accidentally or --- on purpose -- from the wrong kind of person/

Shouting and interrupting are not the way

to get your message heard and respected. I think I would have waited for Q & A then asked my question about the executive order. When you act like a screaming fool you end up ejected. I sympathize with the issue and I'll bet both Obama's do too.

Thank You

hundreds of replies and not one who gets that women are already there....just not getting the "official" title. Tammy Duckworth Thank You !!!

hmmmmm could it be

order of presentation...............make it HILLARY & JOE

I don't want to be a guy basher....

...but as a lesbian, when I see a woman dressed in a manner you might call "hot".....I think "wow" not oooo she want's me". So what's wrong with guys..eh? Oh ..yesh I do know it's only some guys.....not all. i have a brother, cousins, nephews and men friends who all know how to act.
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