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bjobotts's Journal
bjobotts's Journal
July 23, 2016

What the hell is wrong with Colbert? Is he a Trump supporter or just shallow.Trump is an empty suit

I will do this and this will happen etc but he never tells you HOW he will do any of it and he spews hate and anger without any solutions. It's sick the way he tries to run down Clinton. What lies....all her lies he says but then doesn't mention even one. Sounds like he's been indoctrinated by the propaganda of republican Hillary hate. Hillary has been fighting for women and children and the people for 25 yrs and Donald has never done anything for others except use them to gain powe, money or notoriety.

SERVICE TO THE COUNTRY: CLINTON 25 YRS ................................TRUMP 0 YRS. Inexperienced and unqualified.

June 27, 2016

But she can't win with only 33% of the democratic voters.She needs the Bernie supporters &

The independent votes but Clinton supporters who are insulting and talking down to Sanders supporters are dividing the vote because what they say to the Bernie supporters they are saying to the independents as well since he leads all comers in the independent voters. Here and at the Maddow blog the insults are rancid making one feel who would vote for someone who has such a-holes for supporters. Time to be pleasant and respectful of our differences and talk issues and not insulting vague generalities. The rude vile demeaning comments about Bernie's motivations etc act as vote killers, making people want to stay home rather than join those making fun of them. This petty shallow thinking focused on the horse race ignores 27 million people who differ slightly in their views but are just as intelligent and involved as those doing the mocking. The Trump on Bernie trolls act like Clinton supporters trying to divide the party by demeaning Bernie supporters. If the Clinton supporters would just stop it then we'd know who the real trolls are.

June 13, 2016

He said that in response to Obama putting a chain CPI on the table for SS cutting benefits

No real democrat would ever suggest such a thing. Bernie later walked it back and said it wasn't being 'literal' but was trying to demonstrate these are not democratic party principles. Maggie o above can only think in terms of the 'horse race' instead of what is being brought to the party and Bernie has always caucused with dems and is as much a member of the party as anyone working in its interests for more than forty years while also trying to maintain our core principles as they were being eroded by the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) who began catering to the banks and wall street and wealthy donors to get money flowing into the party again as unions dwindled in response to deregulation and out sourcing of jobs due to trade policies. They allowed the lobbyists to invade the party with open arms. Clinton is one such leader of the DLC which is why Sanders wants to keep certain issues front and center all the way to the convention. Obama never was rude saying "Do the math...he lost...drop out...he's just angry or loves the crowds..all of which is insulting divisive and rude when just the opposite is true and that is what Obama told him and why he was congratulating him...which is what Hillary supporters of any worth should also be doing instead of petty vulgar tripe we often read here.
Congratulations Senator Sanders for showing such great courage talking truth to power and wealth. Thanks you for this. Your sincerity is inspiring.

June 9, 2016

The MSM and the Moneyed interests want to silence Bernie quickly but he goes all the way to conventi

convention so his agenda will not be silenced by the likes of the DLC who cater to the big banks and Wall street for funding. Bernie was unheard of and nearly won the nomination without super pacs or wall street money but from millions of small donations from the voters. His political revolution will never be silenced as the mantle has been picked up from so many young activists. No one else is talking about these populist issues which the majority of Americans say they stand for when polled. The days of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) were days of the lobbyists and money eyed interests eroding what the democratic party stood for...the working man, the middle class, civil right and minorities. Democratic Socialism is the only form of government which both ensures our freedom and our survival from the monopolistic greed of the wealthy few who are destroying the environment and the middle class. Thanks Mr. Reich for such a clear appreciation of the Bern.

June 4, 2016

Capitalism is like huge flames competing with each other to burn brightest till it burns

up everything in sight. Balance does not mean constantly making or getting more. Making money with 'capital' requires greed which is why it needs to be heavily regulated or it leads to monopoly and tyranny. People will kill to take it, make it, or protect it, There should be a 100% Billionaire tax for any amount over a billion. People making 3-4 billion a year have no need for any amount over a billion save bragging rights. We could end poverty etc. Put your money back into your business or pay higher salaries etc or turn it over to the treasury.

I"ll say it again" Democratic Socialism is the only form of government which both ensures our freedom AND our survival making our government large enough to protect our environment from pollution and ensuring what we all need to exist is managed by all of us collectively and not a greedy few who profiteer from controlling us. The people decide what we should all share for the public good and will not be privatized. We don't allow a greedy few to decide what is the collective good. VA, fire departments, police, libraries, EPA, FPB, Medicare, SS. civil rights, labor rights, post office, public education etc etc etc. It cannot be a government by for and of the people if we privatize it. We vote and we decide our social safety net and we protect it from the vultures of Capitalism.

May 26, 2016

Prayer was never taken out of school. FORCED prayer was.

Students can pray whenever they want but if Mary thinks her beliefs should be forced on others she misses the point of freedom from religion. Quakers tried to force prayer on others and it was why they wee thrown out of England. Our second great principle is tolerance...and prayer and religious beliefs are tolerated but should never be forced on others. I went from a MO school where you were sent home if you wore a t-shirt under a sweater or didn't wear socks to Phoenix HS where they had beard growing contests for rodeo week and were wearing shorts and sandals. Suddenly I felt free and loved going to school. Sorry Mary but you need to stop living in the past...in Mayberry. Watch Michael Moores' new movie "Where to Invade Next" and look at what Finland did to become number 1 for best educated students out of HS. They used to be like us but decided to make a change to make it better for students. Fearful people pray...spiritual people live... in the now.

May 26, 2016

We have the answers to all our problems but are being obstructed by a greedy few.

End our dependence on fossil fuel and going 100% renewable energy.
End our trade agreements making more expensive to make products or provide services out side of America and then bring it back here as it would be to just make it or provide it here at home through tax incentive and tariffs bringing the factories and jobs back home.
Rebuild our infrastructure making the government the employer of last resort.
Medicare for all bringing us single payer universal health care
Increase SS benefits and lower the retirement age.
Free college education
End Citizens United
This is the short list. But we have in power those who only want to enrich themselves and don't care about the well being of the society in which he lives.

May 19, 2016

She had 700 pledged super delegates before campaigns ever started.Running for pres past 25yrs

Look who heads the DNC-Clinton supporter. Who runs the states primaries and caucuses...Clinton supporters. MSNBC in the bag for Clinton. Benen blogging at the Maddow blog never says anything negative about Clinton but every story on Sanders is negative and biased. It's the process not the moment. Forget Clinton and Sanders for a moment and look at what has happened to the Dem party and what it stands for today. It's why Bernie has been so successful bringing so many young people into the process...he stands for the people and is not a multimillionaire spokes person for the Money party.

May 12, 2016

Hard to ignore her repressed anger and condescending attitude. Matched against Trump she

could lose it for us due to all the Hillary hate that has mounted for years. A whole different attitude develops when one is a multimillionaire, hanging with other multimillionaires and accepting huge contributions from them. Is she more focused on their needs and issues than she is with the poor and middle class? How can any democrat oppose what Bernie supporting?

BTW... besides regulating donations made to candidates we need to pass legislation that makes it illegal to profiteer from our democratic elections. It's the media's gravy train and they would run it all year long if they could forcing politicians to raise the huge amounts of money they demand. No political ads until 3mos before an election. Equal free time for parties and candidates since we own the air waves and this is the fundamental process for a functioning democracy. It's the first mistake which leads to corruption when the process demands huge sums of money to run for office due to people profiteering from the process. Call it the "Free Elections bill" No more profiteering from our elections.

March 4, 2016

I'm 65, always supported Bernie. Never watch TV news. I trust Bernie's agenda.

I don't trust Hillary but I like her and the good she's managed to get done but we will not change much with her because she is a multimillionaire far removed from the common man or the middle class. She's been running for president for 10+ years and is a good campaigner. Bernie had to be talked into running and only did because he wanted to make Washington hear what the average man wanted...not what the millionaires wanted. Bernie is running to help Americans get what they want and to end income inequality and end this oligarchy and make America work for everyone again. Affordable health care for everyone. Bernie stands for what most Americans say they want...Hillary just wants to be president.

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