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Member since: Thu Sep 11, 2003, 11:56 PM
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Donald J. Trump: Champion of the Proletariat


"Western thought has changed so rapidly in this century that many have found themselves in a state of considerable confusion. Not only are there serious difficulties of communication between the establishment and the general public, but the course of our thinking has seriously undermined the common-sense assumptions which lie at the roots of our democracy.
Now, more than ever, we require a Strong Leader to hold democracy together - one who truly understands the values of family and morality, of nature and natural law, of history, society, and identity. These values continue to be under constant attack from a bourgeoisie of obscurantist 'philosophers.'
That we do not find ourselves adrift in a rootless cultural void, the proletariat must unite together under the hammer of free enterprise. A Deal is being made for the fate of the world - and we will not be on the losing end."
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