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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Aug 31, 2013, 04:03 PM
Number of posts: 575

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Wow just wow...U are certainly welcome to

play follow the leader like sheep to a troth full of kool-aid with ur fellow Democrats. bahhhahahahahahahaah

I think for my self and VOTE for the BEST democrat.. That would be one not connected to Wall Street, Bankers,

third way, centrist corporate stooges..

I prefer to look into who I am VOTING for and decide for myself.

We all do it differently..

Good luck with that though. You may want to start doing your own homework in the future..

You might find, ur democratic friends may be leading u to the wrong troth..

Elizabeth Warren POTUS 2016!!!!!


I support Warren

Until anyone or everyone announces. I saw the bullying in other posts.

I am not intimidated by this. No, I don't support lier's, so that would be my

reason not to support Hillary. You?


^^^THIS ++10000000^^^

Warren for President of the United States 2016



butbutbut... she's terrific...


Welcome to DU....


Hillary ...... She's terrific....

The endorsement of the century..

Yes.. thats the ticket...


Welcome to DU....


Wis that emphatically NO?

Her body language says something else. I read tea levees too....

Elizabeth Warren 2016


I'm so sorry this happened to you...

I too have story to tell of well doing, to hanging

on by my last thread.. What we need to do to stop this rape of the

middle class, and those coming behind, (our children), must finally stop..

We cannot let this continue. Speak up.. speak out..

Take action where you can. Get your SS.. Don't put it off ....

You can then have money to fight back better with the resources..

I'm almost down to living in a tent to have something over me to sleep in besides my


I don't recognize this world anymore..


I missed that one..

I look forward to tonight's show.. enjoy..

I find hope is still looming/ possible when she speaks of the

future of this Nation..'' We need her, and her vision, everywhere we can

get it.


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