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Member since: Tue Jan 3, 2017, 10:00 PM
Number of posts: 3,622

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Credit goes to fellow DUer Gopher Gal

She came up with it...I intend to use it from now on instead of Mango Mussolini.

Loved watching Costa

Get the wind sucked out of his sails.

If Liverpool score 1 at the Etihad

City will have to score 6 to win the tie.

Away goals count double in the event of an aggregate draw.

City can win with 4 goals if they shut Liverpool down.

They're capable of winning big, but dropping two games to Liverpool and losing to Wigan takes them out of contention for "great" IMO.

Klopp is doing something right.

couldn't make it to FW event today

Sprained ankle keeping me off my feet.

Anyone make it?

Saw a picture from Austin taken last night....brilliant!!!

In my first and second acts of rebellion

Against this administration and the GOP I have:

1) Made a donation to The Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

2) Used the United States Postal Service as a method of delivery.

It is my intention to continue this "unAmerkun" behaviour on an ongoing basis.

Tomorrow I will continue...



Man. Utd. vs. Liverpool today

This one has me nervous.

United at home and liverpool squad is really thin right now.

We pull off a win and we stay in second five points back of Chelsea.

We lose and it gets very tight between second and fifth...


Beginning the day Skidmark is sworn in

I will be wearing a black armband...at all times that I am in public...

I'm not proud of being an American right now....

Michelle Obama final public remarks upcoming

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