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brooklynite's Journal
brooklynite's Journal
July 22, 2024

NY Times: "How Democrats Can Get the Campaign Back on Track"

Joe Biden is more than this moment.

The crisis the president has struggled with for the past month should not erase his some 50 years of near-continuous service to the American people. Among other things, he has delivered time and again for Black America. That will be Mr. Biden’s legacy.

It’s for that reason that Democrats must now support the woman who has stood alongside him throughout his presidency. In the 2020 election, more than 81 million Americans voted for her to lead in the event that the president could not. We should give her the support she deserves in this moment. The attacks on her, as the highest elected Black woman in American history, will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

I have been thinking in recent days about a conversation I had with Mr. Biden when he was running four years ago. He told me in private he decided to come out of a well-deserved retirement because of what he saw in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017. A violent parade of neo-Nazis and Klansmen taking over the streets and a spineless president who could not muster the courage to denounce racism, disgusted him enough that in his late 70s, he decided to put himself and his family through the wringer to save the soul of our nation.

July 22, 2024

NY Times: "Biden Made a Courageous Choice. Democrats Must Seize the Opportunity."

President Biden’s decision to exit the 2024 presidential election is a fitting coda for a man whose life has been devoted to public service. Mr. Biden has served the nation well as its president. By agreeing to step down when his term ends in January, he is greatly increasing the chance that his party is able to protect the nation from the dangers of returning Donald Trump to the presidency.

Majorities of Americans have consistently said they did not believe Mr. Biden could lead the nation for another term, citing longstanding fears about his age and fitness that have only grown in recent months. Had he remained at the top of the ticket, he would have greatly increased the likelihood of Mr. Trump retaking the presidency and potentially controlling both houses of Congress as well. Mr. Biden himself has consistently warned that specter presents a profound threat to the nation and its democratic traditions.

Mr. Biden has now done what Mr. Trump never will: He has placed the national interest above his own pride and ambition.

Mr. Biden’s departure gives Democrats an opportunity to refocus public attention from questions about the president’s fitness to the manifest moral and temperamental unfitness of Mr. Trump — and to the dangers of rearming him with the considerable powers of the presidency.

July 22, 2024

NY Times: "Joe Biden, My Friend and an American Hero"

On the cliffs of Normandy, in a small holding area, the president of the United States was looking out at the English Channel. It was only six weeks ago, on the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, and President Biden had just finished his remarks at the American cemetery atop Omaha Beach. Guests had been congratulating him on the speech, but he didn’t want to talk about himself. The moment was not about him; it was about the men who had fought and died there. “Today feels so large,” he told me. “This may sound strange — and I don’t mean it to — but when I was out there, I felt the honor of it, the sanctity of it. To speak for the American people, to speak over those graves, it’s a profound thing.” He turned from the view over the beaches and gestured back toward the war dead. “You want to do right by them, by the country.”

Mr. Biden has spent a lifetime trying to do right by the nation, and he did so in the most epic of ways when he chose to end his campaign for re-election. His decision is one of the most remarkable acts of leadership in our history, an act of self-sacrifice that places him in the company of George Washington, who also stepped away from the presidency. To put something ahead of one’s immediate desires — to give, rather than to try to take — is perhaps the most difficult thing for any human being to do. And Mr. Biden has done just that.

To be clear: Mr. Biden is my friend, and it has been a privilege to help him when I can. Not because I am a Democrat — I belong to neither party and have voted for both Democrats and Republicans — but because I believe him to be a defender of the Constitution and a public servant of honor and of grace at a time when extreme forces threaten the nation. I do not agree with everything he has done or wanted to do in terms of policy. But I know him to be a good man, a patriot and a president who has met challenges all too similar to those Abraham Lincoln faced.

Here is the story I believe history will tell of Joe Biden. With American democracy in an hour of maximum danger in Donald Trump’s presidency, Mr. Biden stepped in the breach. He staved off an authoritarian threat at home, rallied the world against autocrats abroad, laid the foundations for decades of prosperity, managed the end of a once-in-a-century pandemic, successfully legislated on vital issues of climate and infrastructure and has conducted a presidency worthy of the greatest of his predecessors. History and fate brought him to the pinnacle in a late season in his life, and in the end, he respected fate — and he respected the American people.

July 22, 2024

No surprises...

According to CNN’s Jamie Gangel, these are the names Kamala Harris is considering to pick as her running mate:

-Arizona Senator Mark Kelly
-Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear
-NC Governor Roy Cooper
-Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro

July 22, 2024

Illinois Democrats holding back official support for Harris


Checking with a friend in the Cook County Democratic Party as to what's going on.
July 22, 2024

DOW opens up 110.....

Apparently the weekend’s developments aren’t spooking the market

July 22, 2024

Playbook: The Kamala Harris juggernaut

INSIDE THE HARRIS BLITZ — In a matter of hours yesterday, VP KAMALA HARRIS garnered endorsements of a majority of House Democrats (153 as of this morning), most Senate Democrats (32), and twelve of the nation’s 23 Democratic governors. Two key unions — SEIU and AFT — are on board, and four state delegations to the Chicago convention (New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee) have voted to back her.

The widespread and immediate outpouring of support, which will continue to trickle in today, is a testament to the Democratic Party’s eagerness to move on from the last 25 days of infighting, as well as Harris’s own underrated skills as a backroom coalition builder.

She put those chops to work yesterday: Harris had multiple phone conversations with President JOE BIDEN before he announced at 1:46 p.m. that he was stepping aside. Then she got busy.

Harris spent the rest of Sunday at home with family and staff in the vice president’s mansion in her Howard University hoodie and sweats grinding through calls to over 100 Democratic leaders over the course of 10 hours. The speedy, unglamorous work seems to have scared most of the potential challengers out of the race. We’re told she dined on pizza with anchovies for dinner.

Meanwhile, what is now the Harris for President campaign took in $49.6 million in grassroots donations since yesterday’s announcement, according to campaign spokesperson LAUREN HITT. That includes the proceeds from ActBlue’s biggest fundraising day of the 2024 cycle.


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