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Member since: Thu Oct 28, 2004, 11:27 AM
Number of posts: 6,735

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Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Listen To Her Heart (Live at the Fillmore, 1997) [Official Video]

Still pretty hot off the presses

You think you're gonna take her away
With your money and your cocaine
You keep thinkin' that her mind is gonna change
But I know everything is okay

Top 75 voted David Bowie tracks

Sirius FM has a poll to rank the top 75 Bowie tracks


(where is TVC-15?)


and this performance that blew my 10-year-old mind

tfg's document collection

I was reading through the inventory list from the tfg search that the judge made public here:


At first I thought "what a slob, just throwing random crap into boxes."

But then I realized, I bet these boxes organize purposeful collections.

When I say "he" I mean "he and his helpers/co-conspirators/etc."

So, say he has dirt on someone about some event in the secret documents.

He has a box for that person/event. He puts in it collections of media reports, cut outs of newspaper articles, etc. He puts in other relevant objects (the gifts/clothing (ETA - you know, like clothes with semen or DNA stains and so on)), he puts in photos and so on.

I bet these are organized around topics, people to blackmail, and so on. I bet they are projects that he assigned people to research and he put the material they returned (secret and classified documents, media articles, other government documents, etc.) in to a box. Like "go dig up some dirt on so-and-so" and they come back with a box of materials.

He stole those documents to take to marolago

so that he could blackmail people with them.

East TN pastor shares insight on parishioner charged after Jan. 6

Source: Wate

Kelley is being accused of kicking the Senate Wing door open after gaining entry to the Capitol through the window he allegedly broke which allowed other rioters to enter. Court documents reveal the FBI interviewed Kelley twice last June and he told agents he didn’t enter the building. But prosecutors say images of Kelley in the Capitol paint a different story.

Ken Peters, the pastor of The Church at Planned Parenthood (TCAPP)-Knoxville says he helped get Kelley a ride to DC.

“I connected him with one of our church folks who I knew had a spot and yeah that was it,” Peters said. “I didn’t see him after that until quite a while.”

Peters reports Kelley was not a member of his church but did see Kelley at church events in the Knoxville area every so often. Peters described Kelley as a nice guy.

Read more: https://www.wate.com/news/east-tn-pastor-shares-insight-on-parishioner-charged-after-jan-6/amp/

1. People are freaking insane.

2. How does one go about challenging "churches" tax exemptions?

Van Morrison - And it stoned me

zombie movies vs covid

zombie moves and tv shows were always really about man's inhumanity to man, and the horrible things that desperate people would do.

But they all really missed the whiny, privileged, weak behavior that people show in real life to covid.

I am so disappointed by the amount of selfishness, the lack of concern and civility, the lack of moral fiber and strength of will or character.

If a zombie movie was real people would be like "I'm over this whole zombie thing, I'm done hiding out."

"I can go into that zombie infested place if I want to, its my freedom!"

"I'm taking my kids to the falling down zombie infested mall! I'll post pics on insta"

"I don't care if my kids a zombie now, they should still be able to sit next to your kid. It's discrimination!"

Also this video of a school board member of the fourth largest city in Tennessee:


I'm not a photographer but I liked this picture

We are going to get there

Today I volunteered at a vaccination sight. We vaccinated 1100 human beings from all walks of life, mostly older folks of course but some younger like first responders. All kinds of people. At least one ww2 veteran. So many men, black and white who were vietnam veterans. So many loving families, wives driving their husbands and husbands driving wives, so many children and grand children bringing their loved ones. Single people. A notable number of Asian kids driving their grandparents. Different backgrounds and languages and car stickers all over the map and everyone just wanting to take care of them and make it ok.

Listen there were some heart breakers who couldn't get the vaccine themselves because they were a year too young and so on, and that sucked. But I came away feeling more hope than I've felt in a while. Yes we need more vaccine and we need it faster. But we will make it. We are good people in this country. We still are, we really still are. We are going to get through this and we are going to make it.

The thing about margarine green

First of all, as my wife just said, "she's a rootin tootin piece of shit."

And I agree.

But here's the thing.

Her "Daddy" owned a construction company in Alphretta, a richer, whiter Atlanta suberb in Fulton County. That's where she grew up. She went to UGA and got her BA in business. In 2002 her daddy "sold" the company in Alphretta to her.

You can tell that she was wanting to become a famous right winger. That whole video of herself chasing Hogg, she was rich enough to just fly to washington and pay for someone to camera for her so that she could act like a right wing news person. That's what she was doing, producing videos of herself to post on the internet to try to become a right wing media person.

That's what she wants. She thinks she is hot stuff. She is nothing more than that mean girl who thinks she is somebody. She's a bully who thinks she is so smart. She is full of herself.

In Georgia, a person is only required to live in the state to run in any district, but she went and bought a condo in district 14 while she was running. All her talk about "in NW Georgia we do this and we do that" is just a load of bullshit she is feeding her sheep. She chose north west georgia instead of her home in the suburbs because she thought she could go up there and manipulate those simple hillbillies. They are her audience. Not us. Not normal mainstream American citizens. Send her back to her echo chamber and get her out of the public eye.

What she wants is attention, she wants to be famous, she wants to cash in on the same thing that she saw sarah palin cash in on. She wants to be a hillbilly beverly. She wants to send out texts about how she is the opposite of AOC and protecting all good rednecks from evil socialism.

That's why we shouldn't give it to her. I won't post about her again, and I encourage everyone to do the same. Don't feed the troll. She is white trash that you wouldn't bother talking to in real life so don't spread her name around. She is nothing to be afraid of, she isn't worth a bit of time.
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