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Member since: Thu Feb 25, 2016, 04:08 PM
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Its been 28 days...where are the transcripts?

Super Tuesday Turn-Out Roll Call...

I know its purely anecdotal at this point, but turn-out seems light...

I voted this morning around 6:05 AM at my local precinct in Leesburg, VA (near DC) and there were only two people there (myself included)...

For those you who have voted today, how was your experience?

Wasserman Schultz backs bill to delay payday loan rules

Source: The Hill

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee is pushing a bill that would delay new payday lending regulations.

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) is co-sponsoring the Consumer Protection and Choice Act, which would delay for two years pending rules from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) meant to crack down on abusive payday lending.

She has started rallying Democratic support behind the bill, according to the Huffington Post.

The legislation would also exempt states with exisiting payday lending abuse laws from the rules. Wasserman Schultz's home state of Florida has one such law on the books, and 12 of the bill's 24 co-sponsors are also from the Sunshine State.

Read more: http://thehill.com/policy/finance/banking-financial-institutions/271302-dnc-chief-backs-bill-to-hamper-payday-loan

Hmm...wonder why?

Bernie Sanders opens 5 campaign offices in North Carolina


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has opened five offices in North Carolina in recent weeks.

The new campaign infrastructure shows that despite polling behind Hillary Clinton in the state, Sanders plans to make a strong get-out-the-vote push for the March 15 Democratic primary here.

Sanders now has a Durham field office on North Church Street. His North Carolina headquarters is in Charlotte, and he also has offices in Winston-Salem and Asheville.

The fifth office, in Wilmington, is scheduled to open Tuesday evening. “This is a political revolution that starts with our community members,” the Sanders campaign wrote in an invitation to the Wilmington opening. “Join us in this revolution by coming and bringing your neighbors, family, and friends.”

Also this week, the Sanders campaign is holding a “social and racial justice” discussion at Brier Creek Country Club in Raleigh. Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner will speak.

Read more here: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/politics-government/politics-columns-blogs/under-the-dome/article63336182.html#storylink=cpy

The claims of Bernie's political demise are premature...

27 days and still no transcripts...

Did my part...and turnout is looking low in my area of Virginia...

$41.7 million and counting...


Tomorrow is not the end...not by far...

As the race currently stands, Hillary leads Bernie by 26 amongst pledged delegates (91 to 65).

As many articles have pointed out, the primary schedule is front-loaded with states that favor Hillary's advantage amongst older African Americans, especially women. Hillary has spent a ton of money on advertising and campaign infrastructure in order to try and kill Bernie's campaign tomorrow.

So tomorrow is going to suck, but the point is to #1 acknowledge it and #2 keep the fight going.

First off, the bad...

If the current voting trends hold, we'll see a repeat of SC in the states of GA, AL, AR and TN.

So for those states, lets project a result of Hillary - 75% and Bernie - 25%:

Alabama - 53 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 40 and Bernie earns 13
Arkansas - 32 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 24 and Bernie earns 8
Georgia - 102 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 77 and Bernie earns 25
Tennessee - 67 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 50 and Bernie earns 17

That totals 191 for Hillary and 63 for Bernie which is a net gain of 128 delegates and her lead grows to 154 delegates

We should expect closer races in TX and VA; so let's assume Bernie loses 60% to 40%

Texas - 222 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 133 and Bernie earns 89
Virginia - 95 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 57 and Bernie earns 38

That totals 190 for Hillary and 127 for Bernie, which is a net gain of 63 delegates and her lead grows to 207 delegates

Now lets also assume Bernie has some close losses in CO, MN and MA Clinton 55% to Bernie 45%

Colorado - 66 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 36 and Bernie earns 30
Massachusetts - 91 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 50 and Bernie earns 41
Minnesota - 77 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 42 and Bernie earns 35

That totals 128 for Hillary and 106 for Bernie, which is a net gain of 22 delegates and her lead grows to 229 delegates

Lastly, lets assume that Bernie wins OK (55% to 45%) and VT in a landslide (80% to 20%)

Oklahoma - 38 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 17 and Bernie earns 21
Vermont - 16 pledged delegates: Hillary earns 3 and Bernie earns 13

That totals 20 for Hillary and 34 for Bernie, which is a net loss of 14 delegates and her lead drops to 215 delegates

So with 3,017 pledged delegates to go, a 215 vote lead (roughly 7.1% of all remaining delegates) is not insurmountable.

Additionally, Hillary's campaign has spent a lot of money and is tapping out its donor base. If we can manage to make it through her full-court press over the next 2 -3 weeks, we will in a good position.

And who knows what will happen with her FBI investigation...

Keep the faith and please don't get discouraged...

I'm doing my part tomorrow and voting in the VA primary...

26 days and counting...still no transcripts...

I'm sure the GOP will forget about them in November...

Sanders raises $36M in February; eyes $4M more by Super Tuesday

Bernie Sanders is touting new fundraising totals for his Democratic presidential campaign and launching a one-day drive to reach $40 million in February that will “absolutely shock the political establishment.”

Sanders said in a statement on Monday that the campaign raised an “impressive” $36 million from 1.2 million individuals in February.

He wants to end the month with $40 million, however, and is looking for a one-day, $4 million haul.

“It's a goal that I don't know if we can make, but I think it's very important that we try,” Sanders said.

“W]e are still up against the billionaire class and their super PACs who are doing everything they can to stop our movement,” he added.

Sanders’s fundraising pitch comes ahead of the Federal Election Commission’s midnight deadline for February fundraising.


Called it yesterday...lol
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