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Member since: Mon Nov 17, 2003, 05:29 PM
Number of posts: 14,802

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Where is Frorida?


'The Swamp' Exposes Just How Much Republican Matt Gaetz Kisses Trump's Butt

Spoiler alert: Contrary to his stated intentions, President Donald Trump has not “drained the swamp,” but has in fact amplified D.C. corruption and special-interest power—currently, more than 300 lobbyists have seats in his administration—unseen in modern times. The Swamp understands and exposes this fact, and yet Daniel DiMauro and Morgan Pehme’s HBO documentary (premiering August 4) nonetheless tackles the issue of politics and money via a decidedly wishy-washy look at three of Trump’s staunchest faux-“renegade” GOP congressional acolytes: Colorado’s Ken Buck, Kentucky’s Thomas Massie and Florida’s perpetually sycophantic Matt Gaetz.

It’s Gaetz who’ll likely be best known to viewers, thanks to a series of headline-making (and social media-inflaming) stunts, including tweeting out a not-so-veiled threat to congressional witness (and former Trump attorney) Michael Cohen, and leading a group of rabble-rousing Republicans on a raid of a closed-door impeachment hearing deposition. A perpetual fixture on Fox News, where he parrots Trump talking points in the most extremist fashion imaginable, he’s a young, eager go-getter who’s hitched his post to the current commander-in-chief. That’s certainly the figure depicted by DiMauro and Pehme’s film, which captures him articulating his staunch support in personal phone calls to the president (and is told, in return, “You’re doing fantastic…you’re tough and smart and you have the look”), as well as stating outright “I love him so much.” Throughout the film, Gaetz is repeatedly seen fawning all over Trump, receiving marching orders from the president and delivering near-daily progress reports. When Trump calls him “handsome,” the congressman acts like he’s won the lottery.


Don’t have HBO so I hope anyone who does checks it out.

Scientists are joining forces to save endangered species - the scrotum frog

(CNN) A group of international scientists are joining forces to save an unusual endangered species -- the so-called "scrotum frog."

The frogs -- whose scientific name is Telmatobius culeus -- primarily live near Lake Titicaca, which straddles more than 3,200 square miles across the border of Peru and Bolivia, over 3,779 meters (12,400 feet) above sea level. They're the world's largest entirely acquatic frog, and their loose skin creates folds and flaps -- which earned the species its unfortunate nickname.

The frogs, which can grow up to 20 centimeters (8 inches) long from head to rump, are considered endangered due to over-harvesting for human consumption, invasive trout that feed on its tadpoles, and the destruction of their natural habitat.


Melania Trump's brilliant Rose Garden idea

(CNN)To: Melania Trump
From: Michelle Slatalla
Re: Rose Garden Renovation

I saw your announcement about renovating the White House Rose Garden. Great idea! This is a fine opportunity to give America's most famous garden a long-overdue facelift.

The Rose Garden is an American treasure and a symbol of our country's can-do attitude. President Ulysses Grant once tried to grow vegetables there. John F. Kennedy celebrated the safe return of astronauts in the garden. Tricia Nixon got married there. And your husband famously celebrated his response to the Covid crisis there: "If we didn't do testing, instead of testing over 40 million people, if we did half the testing we would have half the cases."


Big time snark.

Ghislaine paid $25K to Jacob Wohl to 'smear Epstein victims and to get prosecutor Berman fired

Ghislaine Maxwell hired Jacob Wohl to smear alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein and her, a former friend told DailyMail.com in an exclusive interview

As part of a $25k deal, Wohl and his lobbyist colleague Jack Burkman also allegedly pushed to get former New York US Attorney Geoffrey Berman fired

Wohl and Burkman are far-right lobbyists who have become a laughing stock in DC after several failed attempts to smear top political figures

Maryland paralegal Kristin Spealman claims she was initially contacted by the duo to use her in a smear campaign against Nancy Pelosi and Ted Cruz

Spealman told DailyMail.com they bragged to her they had been hired in early June for $25,000 to dig up dirt on Maxwell's alleged sex trafficking victims

Federal documents filed this month show a company linked to Maxwell had hired Wohl and Burkman to lobby on ‘issues relating to US DOJ, Senate Judiciary, House Judiciary,’ DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal

Berman's removal was intended to stall or stop the criminal investigation into Maxwell, Spealman said

Berman was ultimately pushed out by Barr in June, but two weeks later Maxwell was charged as part of Epstein's sex trafficking ring


Ghouliani: BLM is going to take away "your property" and give it to Black people

RUDY GIULIANI (HOST): This is not - please, understand this - this is not isolated. This is not spontaneous. This is planned. This is planned by Black Lives Matter, it's funded by Soros to the tune of $30 to $40 million. And the plan is to change your government. To take it away from you. To take away from you a government based on free enterprise. To take away from you your Second Amendment right to bear arms. To take away from you, really, your right to have a religion. Soros is a notorious atheist. Proclaims the fact that he's an atheist. So are Marxists, by the way. It's one of the cores of Marxism, atheism.

And one of the cores of Marxism is no private property. They want your property. They want the government to control it. But they do want one preferred class and that's the people who are -- they're going to get, like, a lifetime salary. And that's going to be -- Black people will get that. And they'll also get to choose property that they want, and that's the reparations for slavery. Except, it'll include Black people that came from the Caribbean. And it's going to get paid by white people who never had anything to do with slavery.


Rudy has gone bye-bye.

Carnival light streak pics

Going through some CDs and found these from 2007. A carnival was nearby so got my camera and tripod.

Say hi to Steve Guest GOP Rapid Response Director



10 Top Creative Photography Instagram Profiles you Should Follow

Some really awesome pics. Tried to link them from IG but don't know how.


Another Quack running for Congress.

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