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Member since: Fri Jul 18, 2003, 03:09 AM
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How effective would a ground offensive really be?

I'm really wondering here. Gaza is VERY densely populated and there isn't much space. Now, I hope for the sake of ending this current bout of bloodletting and utter madness, the IDF finds and destroys all rockets. But that's wishful thinking because A, the rockets will still come in from Iran after their ground offensive ends, B - another incursion by Israel and the killing of more Palestinian civilians isn't going to bring about any lasting peace, and C - there is so much distrust and neither Hamas or Netanyahu are willing to negotiate in good faith. I honestly don't even know what Israel hopes to accomplish with this.

All of this "retaliation" also ignores the very real problem that Israel isn't confronting its long term demographics disadvantage and the simple fact that its legitimacy is at stake, even in many Americans' eyes. Netanyahu is not only unwilling to concede any land in the West Bank, he's actively building MORE settlements, blatantly flouting their only real ally. What a pompous, self righteous, cynical ass hole. But he's a brilliant politician. Because the situation is the following: Hamas constantly fires a bunch of really inaccurate rockets into Israeli territory, terrorizing Israeli civilians, but in reality killing very, very few and causing some property damage. Now, this doesn't justify it of course... But then Israel gets incredibly pissed off and lashes out killing over 300 civilians. There isn't much parity here. We're not talking about targeted killings of just the leaders of these organizations. We're talking about women and children, stuck in a tiny sliver of land. With the help of Hamas, a barbaric and pathetic organization, Netanyahu has been able to freak the public out into launching yet another pointless ground offensive.

This is just a merry go round of stupid, wanton, destruction.
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