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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Frankfurt am Main
Home country: Germany
Current location: Tacoma, Washington
Member since: Sat Jul 18, 2009, 11:55 AM
Number of posts: 23,319

About Me

Ran for US Congress from the left. Led a City of Tacoma initiative and won with 64% of the vote. The initiative was a liberal initiative in blue collar town and we were projected to get 29% of the vote, we received 64%. Spent 3 years leading a peace and justice project in Tacoma

Journal Archives

how long til trump shoots his mouth off

and pisses off he judge in DC?

so if that orange anus is found guilty on these charges what

are the odds he will see a jail cell?

Happy 4th of July from a naturalized citizen

I first came to the US as a 5 year old. My biological father was killed in a car crash in Germany and my mom met the American solidier who was to adopt me when I was 2 and a half. My mom and I first emigrated to the US when I was 6 after my father had been wounded in Vietnam which later killed him when I was 7 years old . My first memories of ceremony in the US was at his military funeral. The playing of taps, the guns shooting their salute and the folding of the flag.

My mom and I went back and forth to live during various periods in both Germany and the US. I learned to love US History and politics. I knew from a very early age that national decisions could have both catostophic and personal impact on the individual. I knew at 7 that political decisions can mean actual life or death for yourself or a loved one.

My father's death and the social justice teaching gave me a passion and a heart for being an advocate for the very far progressive ideals of life. I am so grateful for that. I was fortunate and blest to be able to make a credible run for US Congress when I was 33 and also led a city wide successful municipal initiatve for a 200,000 plus sized city.

My citizenship in the US has allowed me benefits and blessings beyond imagination. It has alo given me the grace to be able to express myself for the struggle of those around us with out a voice, with out resources. There are many things wrong with this nation, but obviously also many great gifts of which we all partake.

On this 4th, I view my patriotism not in the flag waving, not in jingoism of military slogan, not in the rah rah of being number one, but in the grace and beauty of living in the history of the noble struggle of which we discuss and aspire and of which we as citizens should all take part in.


Receiving an honorary Doctorate!

Hi folks, I know it's not important in the scheme of all that is happening politically, but I am so jazzed I had to share.

I have been nominated and approved to receive an honorary Doctorate of Sacred Music. This is in recognition of my life work. I have sung in 68 coutries, soloed in 51 one of them. I have sungin choirs of 7 different denominational traditions. Directed choirs in the Roman Catholic, United Methodist and Evangelical Lutheran Church in America traditions. I have about a 1000 hours of workshops and have taught hymnody and liturgy. I have sung and soloed for 22 denominations. I have sung in 1,266 differents chrches.

Also sang for two secular choirs 1) I was the first Board Chair person for the Tacoma Refugee Choir and have sung with them for 6 years 2) started singing ith the "Threshold" Choir, a group that sings for those in Hospice who are near death.

As a child, being able to sing, was the only thing that kept me from getting kicked out of a Catholic School. I started singing at 4 years old in the cathedral in Frankfurt am Main and have continued ever since.

One of the things I wanted to point out is that much of the hymnody I sang in German, Latin and English had wonderful peace and justice texts and helped form my sense of justice and the need to be an advocate.

Thanks for letting me share!

What do u think r the odds that Trump will

ever spend time in a jail cell? And if willing share why you feel the way you do.

Memorial Day (One soldiers story)

On this Memorial Day I would like to tell you about my father.

Robert Collier was born in Brooklyn NY and attended a Roman Catholic School. In order to get to that school he had to transverse 3 different neighborhoods of which each spoke a different language. By the time he was 17 he spoke English, German, Italian and Polish along with some Latin and Russian.

Upon Graduating from High School he was inducted into the US Army served in the Pacific Theater and came stateside to to continue his career at an Army base in Texas. He volunteered for the Korean War, was injured and returned to the US. During theCold War he posed as a clerk at an East German hotel, sending information back to the US.

Robert adopted me when I was 2 years old, having met my mother in Frankfurt and after I had lost my birth father.

In 1961 when we were officially not in Vietnam, my father was sent there. He was hit by sniper fire, seriously wounded and seperated from the military. This injury gave him high blood pressure and caused him to have two strokes and then a fatal heart attack a week before Christmas when I was 7 years old.

His story is not unique, there are so many others who were killed or injured in the prime of their life. Leaving behind loved ones. All my life I have wondered what it would have been like to ave a father at those major milestones. I am not alone, there are thousands of children all over the world who were orphaned or half orphaned.

I want to thank those who made the ultimate sacrifice to serve our nation. I also want to remember for all those who have lost their loved one "what might have been"

May we continually work for peace so this does not have to happen!

Happy Memorial Day!!




On the eve of this holiday I would like to wish all those on DU a happy Thanksgiving. It is a universal need and joy to be thankful and to express gratitude.

I remember as a little child in Germany, Thanksgiving (or Erntedankfest) as it is called is celebrated the first Sunday in October.
On the eve of the holiday we would go to church to hear preaching and choral presentations, plus do some singing. After the service we would have a lantern parade followed by fireworks. On the Sunday of Thanksgiving, friends and family would gather and celebrate with shared foods and laughter.

So it is with a glad heart that I am able to to celebrate tomorrow. To be thankful for family, for challenging and sustaining work, to be able to live in such a beautiful part of the country (Seattle area) to be able to express ones self politically and last but not least, to be in community with so many friends.

May we all be able to take time time to relish what gifts and graces that are placed in our lives. May you all find joy in the holiday and most of all, may you be in community to enrich others' lives as you receive that same gift from them!

Mike C

may not be important for all of you but..

our youngest, my daughter just received a huge stage promotion, she does stage managing (the youngest ever )appointed/hired for a major arts group. I am proud of her for the promotion, but more proud that she is so committed to the arts. Thanks for listening, just had to shout it somewhere!!!-Mike

what is your favorite thanksgiving food

silent appreciation thread for the House Managers

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