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Member since: Sun Jul 31, 2011, 10:59 PM
Number of posts: 232

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why 30% support Trump no matter what he does

Talk to a lot of Trump supports and they believe he is the only person that can
prevent a one world government.
and that's why he has a base.
So he is promoted as a Savior to USA from take over.

Midwest underwater.

The Midwest is flooding getting really bad.
Has there been A National Emergency declared yet?
I Haven't seen one.
My Republican Buddy's says there is one.
If not is Trump holding Victims of Natural Disasters Hostage for his wall?

Kids blood nra fuel

The NRA tells that any school shooting we need more guns to solve the problem.
NRA members are getting ulcers if there is a hint of gun control.
So if there is a restriction on gun ownership any type, they go nuts
But with no restrictions Kid are dying for that. Kids blood for ownership.
What if a Kids Gaming Console/ cell phone/or even a normal nonthreatening school life
would cost a life of each crazy gun nut.
How would that play.
Just need some restrictions !!

Why do the Red hats hates children

I keep thinking most or some people who are Trump supporters hates Their children..
They Don't want them educated and want them in the Enlisted in the military/
They Don't want them healthy. and undermine when they come back, beat up .
Why do they Hurt family's of solder black, trans, women, and men who serve.
they are just soulless fucks Dealing out their kids like cannon fodder,
The future is taken away from them and the Given to the Profiteers .
And promote some Foreign takeover of this country . Kids Don't matter anymore!!
Its all wall street Abortions!! Children Dying for years, grow up and enlist and die For a right that 1% profit from.
they Hate planned parenthood but they have killed a lot of their own kids for some bullshit made up conflict.
What more evil having a abortion or make your kid die for wall street. profit margin and politics
I Hate what is happening!! The Evil is Real..

This shocked me nuke testing.

I freaked out when I seen this Video from wimp. http://www.wimp.com/atomicdevices/
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