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Member since: Wed Sep 5, 2018, 05:25 PM
Number of posts: 144

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When are the next debates and what channel will they be on?

I think I heard one of the talking heads say September?

Pete Buttigieg Q & A with press after town hall. He gets pretty emotional


Buttigieg: This problem will sink America

Democratic presidential candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg says the issues of racism and police shootings involving African-Americans need to be solved following a tense town hall with constituents in South Bend, Indiana.

Facebook link for Pete Buttigieg fundraiser q & a happening now


Interesting who has gotten the views since yesterday on Des Moines Register youtube

full videos of yesterday's speeches

** Pete Buttigieg 4.9K

**Andrew Yang 3.9K

**Bernie Sanders 1.9

**Tulsi Gabbard 1.8k

**Elizabeth Warren 1.7k

**Kamala Harris 1.5k

**Beto Orourke 1.1k

Everyone else under 1000 views, some very under.

Is anyone else tired of the new talking point that it is sexist if you

like a male candidate over the females? And heaven forbid its a white male! Or oh my God a young white male.
The cries of sexism are starting to get really grating to me.

I'm a 37 year old white woman, am I sexist if E Warren isn't my top choice? Am I racist that Kamala Harris isn't?

Politics is about the campaign. For some people it is policy paper driven, not for others. If that was the case we wouldn't need campaigns, we would just look at their resumes and choose the "most qualified".

I get it if Elizabeth Warren is your first choice. Or Kamala. But denigrating the others and especially calling it sexist that for some voters they aren't automatically at the top of the polls is going to chase off a lot of voters who will be needed later.

sorry for the rant

Assuming you will vote for the nominee in the General either way would you rather

**University of NH poll** Sanders 30% Biden 18% Buttigieg 15% all others less than %5

Sanders +4, Biden -4, Buttigieg +14

I think the Primaries are going to tear the Democratic base apart aren't they?

The vitriol out there on social media (Oh my GOD do not go on twitter, do NOT) by some of the supporters of a certain candidate towards other candidates is horrible. I get having your favorite but the smearing of all the other candidates is disgusting.

How will we all come together at the end of this very long primary? And if a certain candidate doesn't win many of that candidates voters apparently will not vote for the other Dems and are doing everything they can to burn them down.

Was it always this bad?

Pete Buttigieg posts about the attacks in Sri Lanka


Streaming live now: Pete Buttigieg in NH

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