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kimbutgar's Journal
kimbutgar's Journal
June 7, 2024

I have a question for magas

Would you be ok abolishing our constitution and democracy for the orange convicted felon so that the USA becomes a dictatorship?

June 4, 2024

I thought of a good Slogan for Democrats in 2024

I’d rather vote for a representative who pledges their allegiance to the law and constitution than one who pledges their allegiance to a cult leader who wants to destroy democracy and is not a convicted felon.

April 23, 2024

I was curious to see if Fox was talking about the trial

They were attacking SF and said it was overrun with migrant drug dealers! Ok I live here and there are bad areas, the tenderloin mainly that has always been notorious for homeless, drunks and drug dealers.

I guess they will be using this to attack Gavin Newsom who was once mayor of SF and now governor of California.

I can’t tell you how much I am disgusted by Fox attacking my hometown city. I live here and have been to several other states and have seen drug dealing and homeless there!

April 14, 2024

Tonight's SNL is the best ever in a while!

I have laughed more tonight than I have in a couple of days. And don’t get me started on laughter tears.

My grandfather used to say you need to laugh a lot to stay alive! I didn’t get it until I got older. Laughter fills your soul with joy.

April 2, 2024

Anybody have an opinion of smart news that shows up on android ?

I’m kind of dubious of that news and it has a right wing slant to it. Is it me or has anybody seen it ?

March 16, 2024

Did you know that by executive order in 2017 The orange maggot loosened regulations on aircraft manufacturing

And allowed them to self regulate on a range of manufacturing and safety issues?

I saw this meme today and researched it myself and sure enough I found a Forbes article backing up this claim. This article is from 2019.


The Ethiopian Airlines crash has raised questions over the degree of oversight by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Boeing’s development of the flight control system for the 737 MAX.

While these questions are valid, it’s important to note that the FAA has been mandated to give more control over to aviation organizations, including manufacturers, over the years. Two Executive Orders signed by President Donald Trump, that require the FAA to cut regulations further, may have tipped the balance by diminishing FAA authority and focusing the agency on working against its principal aim.

The weakness of this approach becomes apparent, as most systemic failures do, in unforeseen circumstances, such as the current scrutiny into the certification of a flight-control system on the Boeing 737 MAX that is suspected to have played a role in two deadly crashes. It's too soon to say to what degree closer oversight may have addressed any failure modes in the 737 MAX MCAS, but the FAA was acting within its policies and procedures by accepting Boeing's proof of the soundness of the system.

Bottom line, the FAA has been ordered to back off industry and is now being investigated for backing off by the same people who issued the orders. The requirement that the FAA delegate more of its oversight responsibility to industry was imposed on the FAA years ago, but it has more recently intensified with direct orders to undo the regulatory framework developed over many decades, following learnings from deadly accidents.

He signed this Executive Order 13771 In 2017


President Biden rescinded this order on January 21,2021 but think of those planes manaufactured during 2017-2020!

Another thing we can blame the orange maggot on!

March 14, 2024

This is an x rated video showing a Rudy sex tape****it's a joke people!

I’m not on Twitter but this article has the video.


If you’re still on Twitter please post it. I don’t like linking to articles from Twitter now. Abut Twitter makes it more difficult now.

I got the direct twitter link


March 6, 2024

I haven't watched any of the news coverage of the primaries but reading some posts here in DU I'm glad I passed

On them. I just couldn’t get worked up over something like this tonight. My brain just wasn’t there.

I applaud and say to all of you who watched are braver than me!

February 12, 2024

Thank you for the hearts DU

I’ll be alone on Valentine’s Day with no cards, flowers or hugs so getting these hearts fills my heart on the worst day to be without a valentine sweetheart!

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