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just one of the billions on the 'little blue marble' spinningly travelling around our life-giving star.

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and to think

our MSM treated the prior POTUS and are still trying to treat the traitors, both Congressional and 1-6-21 stormtroopers, as had Wikipedia tried to glorify, gloss over and minimize nazis and their atrocities. Trump's role as a head nazi along with Kushner and Miller as he spread hate and thousands of lies that spewed from his hateful sewer of a mind was/are unassailable. 1-6-21 was because the MSM and his cowardly GOP did not call him out in any significant manner during his 4 years of hate-mongering. The media because trump provided hate theatrics that created advertising$$$ for them and money for the coffers of his GOP minions. He still does. That's why they still lick his boots, mud and all.

Now at this point in history, Americans are divided along racial and cultural lines in ways we may never recover from. This article has clarified this fact among the major ones in Ms Coffman's article in exposing the glossing over of atrocities of Hitler's 'Final Solution. Our MSM nurtured a nazi in his hate against ALL not like him, a white male racist trying to create his final solution, for 4 LONG YEARS.

And along with the hateful murders of unarmed untried and usually innocent African-Americans, 1-6-21 was an atrocity that injured and killed many on the side of a democratic America.


found this interesting


found this interesting


excellent reads on our real America

and today the subject matter of this piece has made for a dangerously divided America. I do remember watching that woman in Arizona wagging her finger in President Obama's face. Like he was a child! Oh, but by the fates, she is lucky I was not an advisor to the President. I would have been the "angry black man". She would have been put in her place right then and there. And yes because of decorum, I probably would have lost my job.

I am, after some decades on this planet, so goddamn sick of white people in America feeling they are superior to any other person of colour, African-American specifically, on this planet. The father of her then BFF, "who had always been kind" to the author of this piece, spoke a universal truth believed always by millions of white Americans. That genetically and culturally they are "superior" to any race whose pigment is their target.

I also believe without equivocation, that the Filipino wife was humiliated or not still believed she and her mate were superior to the African-American also. Racism is poisonous and causes cultural rot. Rita Moreno found that out when she uttered an "inconvenient truth" about cross-cultural racism among people of colour.


It's as primitive a racial matter as the survival of the tribe. To me, it's a key in understanding racist and ideological thoughts, actions concerning race among millions of white Americans. In Africans or the Caucasian, Spanish speaking, Native to the land Peoples'-Nations, racism or the rot currently or historically have not been conquered and methinks, never will.


I sure hope I'm wrong and we work our way through this conundrum of superiority and inferiority. Based on the pigment of one's skin or lack thereof.

73 years of this shit personally. The history of the American racial divide keeps filling volumes. I hope we get it together if we want our democracy to continue to thrive. Because hate is a rot also.

what do you think

if anyone cares...

is this a normal

procedure for ex-presidents to keep charging the secret service so much money? Or is this just the continuing grift of the trump crime family?

how about this


"Black Like Me" is another one I read back in the day when relearning about the truth of amerikan history.

we are in so much trouble

as a species destroying our home. Slowly but surely. These record temperatures, more violent storms. To save the earth we all have to work at it and we don't, won't, can't. We damn sure can hate each other. What must happen to wake humanity to the ever-growing danger?


still relevant

given the attempts to still enslave minds with fear of the white supremacist/nationalist/racist whose current god is trump. DWB happens to one race consistently. WWB. Same. Serving in the military while black. Same. So...



chauvin the convicted murderer

The only thing I know about this stupid murdering POS is that IF he had been in an alley, maybe at night. Mr George Floyd would be the 'bad' guy this very day. He would possibly have been murdered in the same manner, but a 'throwdown' would have been planted on him, a shot fired from it, a bullet in Mr Floyd to show shoot back and chauvin and his cop buddies would be yukkin' it up this very day.

He is like the president he and his buddies voted for a stupid man, white entitled and privileged who truthfully expected to get away with this murder. His only mistake: daylight and witnesses who could not be impugned.

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