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Yes. He would be.

He would be hard to ever match again on liberal and progressive issues ever again.


We need to move along, it's her turn.

What does age have to do with it?

If he's a manly man he can just march into Iran right now! Hell, its just a skip away from Iraq or Afghanistan. What's holding him up?

Oh yeah. He's really big on words, short on action.

Fuck Eric Cantor!

[font color="red" size="16"]Fuck Eric Cantor![/font]

No Iím not going to rant about him. Why should I? You can probably think of a dozen rants before I could even get mine typed out and posted.

There is an election that is getting minimal coverage nationally, yet affects the US in monumental ways. VAís 7th district, current home of Eric Cantor, is being contested and has real potential.

Cantor is one of the most destructive forces in Congress and the US. He has fought viciously for austerity for the middle class and poor. His quest since the day of being sworn into office in 2001 has been to end every social program and hand that money to the extremely rich and their corporations. This was his quest long before the Tea Party became a movement. He has only been emboldened by the Tea Party.

I think Iím preaching to the choir here, but weíve been having trouble getting this message out:

[font color="red" size="16"]Eric Cantor can be defeated and removed from Congress![/font]

Cantor won his first election in 2000 with 69% of the vote. That popularity rose to 75% of the vote in 2004. Since then, the numbers have fallen until 2010, the year of the bagger, when he received only 59% of the vote. Only 59% in what was the bagger movement and referendum on Obama!

Since the 2010 election we have had a destructive earthquake smack in the middle of the district. His answer was any aid should be balanced with equal cuts to social programs first. We have had the transvaginal ultrasound bill passed with his cheering and blessing. Cantor fought the ACA which will save district 7 constituents millions in drug costs alone in the next decade. The overall positive view of congress is hovering around 10% possibly even lower here in the 7th.

Cantor is in the weakest position heís ever been in. The people of district 7 are pissed. Iíve met independents that say anyone but Cantor. Iíve met countless women that are furious with his positions. Iíve met lifelong Republicans that say the gridlock must end, itís time for change. Cantor has even agreed to a debate, an unprecedented move.

Wayne Powell is challenging Cantor in this yearís election. Iíve been to meet the man personally and if he believes half of what he says, heís bluer than most of the Dems we currently have in Congress.

[font color="red" size="16"]We need HELP![/font]

Just because you donít live in or near VAís 7th district, doesnít mean you canít help us remove Cantor. Here are some ways you can help. If youíve gotten this far into the post maybe you can go a little further. I would love additional ideas to add to the list!


I really hate putting this first. To be perfectly honest I donít have much money to contribute to any campaign myself. However, itís a fact of life that campaigns take money and a lot of it. Maybe you canít donate, but you know someone else who is looking for races to donate to. Maybe you have $10 burning a hole in your pocket. Either way, the campaign needs additional funding. Hereís a quick link for online contributions. There is an address at the top of the page for snail mail contributions as well if the online thing doesnít work for you.

Contacting the media

Getting national attention from blue friendly media sources could help enormously. It could help exponentially with every form of help that weíre asking for here in the 7th. Even simply emailing a link to this thread to the media could help. If they hear from enough of us, they might look into additional coverage. There is also a debate between Cantor and Powell coming up (more info to follow). Getting highlights of this debate televised is critical. Here are some links for people I can think of off the top of my head that could help. Iíll happily add others you can think of.

Maddow Rachel@msnbc.com Big Ed Ed@msnbc.com LO thelastword@msnbc.com Jon Stewart http://www.thedailyshow.com/ Stephen Colbert http://www.colbertnation.com/

Contacting the DCCC

Getting the DCCC further involved with the campaign would be an enormous help. Contact them here:
http://www.dccc.org/page/s/contact or (202) 863-1500

Just kicking the thread will help get more eyeballs on this important race. With Cantor itís not just a matter of the district, itís a matter of the nation as a whole. Cantor wants to destroy YOUR life, regardless of where you live.

Iíve been told countless times here on DU and other sites that itís Congress, not Obama that hinders our progress as a nation. It is true. We have a real chance of dethroning one of the most destructive and powerful Republicans in Congress.

Cut off the head and the body will die. Eric Cantor is the voice of the Republican party and of the teabagger bowel movement. Please help us get Eric Cantor out into the private corporate world with his huge corporate salary. Heís done enough damage to the planet as an elected official.

Thank you for your time. I ask for just a bit more with the methods listed above and Iím happy to get suggestions on further ways we can all fight for this common goal.
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