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Brutally honest. the issue of race in the race. infographic

in light of the study making the rounds today about how how 51% of Americans view black Americans, that's on DU's front page. Hard to believe we're still fighting this battle in this century.
Posted by progressivebydesign | Sat Oct 27, 2012, 06:38 PM (35 replies)

The crime is NOT the American workers make union wages...

..the crime is that Americans have come to accept that American workers should be making 1990 wages, with no benefits, and no pensions.

The Unions are not the problem. The fact that people can make a wage that could allow you to buy a modest home, a car, send your kids to a State college, and maybe even have one parent home with the little ones, should still be the NORM in America. It used to be. It used to be that those union jobs created the Middle Class, they supported communities, and gave people a path to the American Dream.

Now, the union-busters and haters, want everyone to work for $10.00 an hour with no benefits, so that people like Romney and the Koch Bros and Adelson, can make even more persona wealth. THAT is the crime here... that too many Americans believe that it's somehow wrong for Americans to have the American Dream.
Posted by progressivebydesign | Tue Oct 23, 2012, 07:55 PM (0 replies)

Gore and Clinton were right. They were gravely concerned about the corporate controlled media..

..and how little voice the American PEOPLE have anymore in the media. they KNEW years ago, that this would start affecting elections. The FEC is fucking worthless, as is the FTC. They are allowing media monopolies, with Clear Channel owning several statins in one market, billboards, etc., and they are owned by BAIN!!

This is not a coincidence folks. The Supreme Court decision, the media control, the republican controlled polling firms, the purchase of the voting machine companies, NONE if it is a coincidence. This entire scenario has been thought-out and planned.

There is a REASON why we have 400+ billionaires on the Richest Americans list, when not that long ago there here 2 or 3. They want a fancier version of Haiti, and the other countries where a handful of people are filthy rich, the and the rest are either living on the streets, or doing the laundry for the billionaires. They want to see the cities deserted, with graffiti and empty storefronts, and men of all ages standing on street corners all day. Thats what they want.. because in Romney's little enclaves, they have gated communities, they have security guards, they have all the things THEY need.

It's all related, these fucking phony narrative that ROmney could win TODAY (thank you to Yahoo Ticket for THAT ONE today...) Let's keep fighting this. Let's keep volunteering, donating, talking to our friends and family. This IS the most important election of our lives. We determine NOW if the right wingers on the SUpreme Court have destroyed our election system forever, and if people like the fucking Koch Brothers will get their ROI on their billion.

and btw... The President is ahead in the swing states.. is Reuters on CRACK?
Posted by progressivebydesign | Sat Oct 20, 2012, 09:59 PM (1 replies)

Buying our democracy, one billionaire at a time. Sickening.

I WANT so badly for the President to win, so that every fucking asshole billionaire like the Kochs and Siegel and Adelman, LOSE all that money they poured in to screw our Country''s election up. I want Karl Rove to break his foot kicking his desk when he realizes how much money he threw away, and now has to face the angry PAC donors who were told that it was a sure thing.. I want every POS involved in stealing votes and suppressing the votes from 80 year old ladies in Ohio and Pennsylvania to be working at Best Buy in January.

I thought of this today. with ALL Of the filthy secret money pouring into elect Romney, he STILL cannot buy a lead. That tells you how fucking putrid he is as a person and a candidate. If you have to spend a billion dollars to elect someone, then it tells you that your product is flawed.

The Koch Brother's money is akin to tying a pork chop around Romney's neck to make the family dog like him. They will NOT steal or democracy.. The President will win, we will get an HONEST majority on the Supreme Court again, and we will move to amend that third world law that allowed those fuckers to buy this election in the first place.
Posted by progressivebydesign | Sat Oct 20, 2012, 07:39 PM (1 replies)

Agreed. It pissed me off that the repubs seem to always LOVE what their candidate does...

Ryan lost his ass to Biden, and what did the republicans do??? They proclaimed loudly WE WON!!!!! That's what you do. You don't sit around an whine, and heap scorn on your candidate, and praise the other guy. It's so frustrating.. it's not a 1st grade spelling bee.

This is how we democrats mess things up every election. We're too nice, we're too fair, and too many of us HAVE to be "right." They want ot appear above it all and sooo urbane, that they go to great lengths to tell you why OUR candidate sucked.

Seriously. Love or hate the republicans, but those assholes know how to win things by circling the wagons around their candidate.. regardless of how putrid or how dishonest they area.

Folks.. we do NOT get a fucking prize for Congeniality. NO ONE is watching us to give out little foil stars because we played the game so nicely. Screw that. I don't care if the President walks out there tonight and has one brown shoe and one black shoe on, and behaves as if he took too much Nyquil. He WON. Period. I think he'll kick ass. He will win it. And even if the pundits say he didn't HE DID. Got it??? there is no fucking award for being "RIGHT"
Posted by progressivebydesign | Tue Oct 16, 2012, 06:01 PM (2 replies)

Haha.. I called it!!

Yesterday I wrote that Romney and Rove have realized that they don't have a chance in HELL of getting the President Obama voters, and traditionally strong Dem and swing voting groups. Their "break up with Obama" schtick failed miserably. Their outreach to minority groups failed, their outreach to women failed.

Based on the latest appearances by Romney: A conservative christian college in Iowa, with bused in christian school students, and then ANOTHER event in New Hampshire, which was most likely filled AGAIN with people from Mass. like last time (bain employees.) And the strange shifting of ad money and the "carpet bombing in ads" in states that Romney SHOULD be strong.. and now THIS tells me that they're going hard for the low info racist white voters, and the evangelicals. They are desperate now to shore up their base. The bazillionaires will probably vote for him, for financial reasons (stupidly, of course!) but they're having trouble with people who won't vote for either, or will vote for a write in. It's a bad sign when the republican candidate has stopped trying to get new voters this late in the game, and is relying on begging people to not stay home.

The problem with the nasty ass carpet bombing of ads, is that once you're considered the asshole, and unlikable, when you do negative things (even if people won't vote for your opponent,) it makes you more unlikable. the charm offensive didn't work. No one likes Romney.. so they figure if they can get their base to HATE or be more afraid of the President, they might have a chance.

Frankly, I'd love to hear the convos right now with the fat cat investors who have bankrolled that creepy phony. I think there are many many angry calls with them saying that they're ready to pull their money from him, as he's no longer a good investment.
Posted by progressivebydesign | Sat Sep 8, 2012, 07:28 PM (2 replies)

Ryan.. he didn't run that.

Having way too much fun creating these..

[link:<a href="http://imgur.com/6FhB4"><img src="" alt="" title="Hosted by imgur.com" /></a>|
Posted by progressivebydesign | Mon Sep 3, 2012, 09:02 PM (0 replies)

One last laugh before the Chair jumps the shark.

Posted by progressivebydesign | Fri Aug 31, 2012, 08:39 PM (7 replies)

Dishonesty and the chair.. a demotivational poster.

Posted by progressivebydesign | Fri Aug 31, 2012, 07:13 PM (2 replies)

They have been brainwashed, literally, in a fashion we haven't seen since the 1930s in Europe.

Not hyperbole in the least. Never has there been a time when a large sector of the media engaged in full on psych ops brainwashing, as they have been since the inception of Rush and Fox News, et al. Most of the folks who believe every word they hear from Glenn Beck or Fox News, grew up in a time when the media was trusted -- when we had systems in place to ensure that there was some honesty in reporting. Those are gone.

Fox News has graphics now that say the ONLY fair and balanced news source. The "only" is bolded and underlined. They are neither fair nor balanced, they are the antithesis of that. And these viewers truly DO believe that what they hear on the "news" is actually true.. otherwise, why would it be on the news? And they accuse CNN of being liberal and biased, because they're being told this.

It's not that people have suddenly become stupid at that age. They have been curated, and groomed, and well.. brainwashed, by experts. I'm sure it's common knowledge to us that Fox employs psych ops people, and others trained in managing behaviors in others. And the NewsCorp has been exposed for tapping phone lines, spying, and other egregious non "news" crimes, and yet there seems to be no backlash among their viewers.

I know people who absolutely believe every lie their hear on Fox, etc. And if they're directed to the truth, they become upset and say that a "liberal" has manipulated that to make their guy look bad. They are simply being brainwashed into being unable to discern truth from fiction. And it's truly no different than the propagandists of our darkest hours in the World's history.

Until someone starts breaking up the media monopolies, until they bring back the Fairness Doctrine, and takes on the corporate media behemoth, the truth tellers will be outnumbered as people will continue to believe lies over truth, and vote for the very people that will harm them.. again and again.
Posted by progressivebydesign | Thu Aug 30, 2012, 08:16 PM (1 replies)
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