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Member since: 2002
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Question re: older vehicle maintenance...

1) 1999 Ford Ranger, 6 cyl, auto, 230,000 miles

2) 2003 Ford E350, 7.3 diesel, 260,000 miles

Both have been mechanically very well maintained, despite their looks.

What would be the best maintenance/repair manuals for this age of vehicles? Chilton? Something else?

You know…electrical diagrams, part numbers, etc, procedures/instructions for removing/replacing that hard to reach doohickey that you can’t even see up under that other stuff that you don’t really want to remove if you don’t have to.

And where would I purchase such a manual?

Thank you for any suggestions.

With this starting at about 17:45 ...their beliefs are so self-contradictory...

they CAN'T explain it to themselves, much less anyone else!

Their belief in "conventionalism" and submission to authority is directly contradicted by power and destructiveness...and they can't even see it.

The section that was most enlightening to me was #4 Anti-intraception (an objection to the subjective, the imaginative, the tender minded)

1. Conventionalism 17:49
2. Authoritarian Submission 18:09
3. Authoritarian Aggression 18:44
4. Anti-intraception 19:12
5. Stereotypy 19:39
6. Power and Toughness 20:14
7. Destructiveness and Cynicism 21:07
8. Projectivity 21:32
9. 'Sex' 22:14

I got to meet the great Dolores Huerta today!!!

As recent transplants to Raton NM, spouse and I are attending all the local events. Today was the first annual Raton Film Festival.

The first film was “Ghost Town”, about Dawson NM, where Ms. Huerta was born. She was in attendance for the film.

When I saw her leaving, I couldn’t pass up my chance. I went to the lobby and waited, told her that my introduction to her and Cesar Chavez was thru a great man (in my opinion) named Ed Wilson, a longtime local president of the Transport Workers Union, and how honored I was to finally meet her in person.

She was very gracious, ignored my nervousness, shook my hand, and asked my name.

I then allowed her to leave.

What a good day.

Black And Blue America -- Chip Taylor

how the hell did I miss this one?!?!

You know why I hate the rich?

If I get $100, how long till that $100 is in a rich mans pocket anyway? 2 transactions? 5 transactions? 10 transactions? I don't pretend to know the actual number, but all that $100 ends up in a rich mans pocket pretty goddamned soon. We all know that. It doesn't matter if you spend it at your neighbor kids lemonade stand or at a car dealership...the rich man has that $100 pretty damn soon.

But you know what? That ain't fast enough. At all. They don't want you to ever even touch it. Your grimy fingerprints on their $100 are disgusting to them. The only satisfactory "velocity of money" is at fuckin' light speed into a rich mans bank account. No stops...no transactions. Just deposit the money in the rich mans account.

It ain't that they're rich. It's shit like this:

My trump Prophecy..a bit farther out than short term but not that far away:

We will hear/see/read an interview (maybe, hopefully from prison in an orange jumpsuit) that goes a little sumthin' like this:

"I don't know what you're mad about! I helped you! I saved you! I saved the Democrats! The party was crashing...I saved them! Something had to be done! I said 'Donald, someone has to save the Democrats!' So I did it! I went in there and destroyed the Republicans for you! I did it for you! No one else was going to do it, so I did it! You should be thanking me! I should be getting a Noble Prize! Look...the only way to crush the Republicans was from the inside! I saw that! No one else saw that! I had to do it! Look, I'm a hero...no one wants to say it, but I'm a hero!..."

etc etc etc

What do you think? Plausible? When it comes true, I will offer my prophecy services online...I'll see if I can get the profitsy.com domain!

Why electronic voting is a bad idea...

The best explanation I’ve seen:

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