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Member since: Fri Apr 1, 2011, 08:12 PM
Number of posts: 104

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one administration at a time states president obama in his g-20 summit speach

i thought the president gave one of his best speaches to date . im so gratefull to have a president who has grace under pressure not like that puppet with chaenys hand up his ass

hell i dont really blame him .

ya gotta feel pretty lucky ya no the machine spittin out all that money .ye fracken haw

i`ll probably just keep smoken pot once inna while,

legal or not that other shit proby freak me out en stuff

in 1959 i was very aware that the president of the u.s. or

the pres. of the u.s.s.r. could order the world population destroyed .i was 6 . the more that things change the more that things change. vote democratic at least they dont hate WE THE PEOPLE er ah i mean big goverment.

my momma told me in 1972 the only big difference between the dems & rep. parties

was that the dems stood with the poor & little guy and the reps stood with the rich & power hungry. i think she was on to them!

i know it ,that guy

needs to get it together & send me a memo before he dos stuff

the people corporations will not discriminate

we`ll all be allowed on our best behavior to stand proud with all our colored brothers & poor, in a van down by the river

i love the unfolding of the beauty

god bless us everyone

if i could wish a wish for norquist

i`d see him investigated for treason an his little dog too, well maybe not the dog
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