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treestar's Journal
treestar's Journal
August 21, 2021

And then it would be the nation doing it

it's not like the POTUS is making money off of it. If it were TFG they'd be using Trump Airlines.

Further what would be wrong with it if they have ignored the warnings to get out for months?

April 14, 2020


July 21, 2016

I am continually asking

Right wingers why they don't seem to need to see trumps birth certificate.

June 1, 2016

I know you think this proves something you want to be true

The cultures are different. We have the First Amendment which says no religion is to be established. They don't. That is one problem for women there.

We do however, while we don't have honor killings, we do have people who kill their spouses. We have laws against that. It looks like Pakistan does too, though there are some extremists who don't want it that way. Somewhere we do have extremists who don't like our laws against abuse, but they are not likely to win and there's nothing here to prove these Pakistani extremists will either.

But we do have problems with spousal abuse - though it may not be based on religion specifically, we can't really feel all that superior except to say we don't have an established religion. I don't think Christianity really allows for beating any wives, not that I know of (though it does seem to tell women they are to obey their husbands, but it doesn't specifically grant the husbands any punishment power - indeed it tells them they must love their wives). So maybe we can say we are superior because of that. Though our desperate attempt to be superior to others due to the fact others have a worse religion could require more study. We know little about the Koran, being nonMuslim Americans, and it indeed may not authorize such a thing either. Because people say they adhere to a religion does not prove their opinions about it are absolute.

So I would say isolating some cases that specifically took place in one of several Muslim countries does not prove the Muslims inherently more violent than we are. Our cases may not be based in religion or called honor killings, but we do have a problem. We have rates of rape, abuse, child abuse, etc., and there is nothing in the study to prove that their rates of unpleasantness are higher. We do have better legal protections for women - that I will grant - the 14th Amendment is a thing we are lucky to have, which people in many countries don't, so their laws will allow discrimination. Maybe we could pat ourselves on the back about that - or admit we were lucky we were born in a country founded by some very wise and smart people.

April 25, 2016

It's not just between you and her

you have to vote according to your best interests, not make personal demands. This Earn My Vote theme makes you likely to vote or not vote, in contradiction of your own interests, over a personal struggle with Hillary that will never happen as Hillary will not single you out to satisfy you, nor would any other candidate.

This whole theme of Earn My Vote makes a person look egotistical and not really understanding of politics. That is about us pulling together to decide how we govern ourselves. It is living with others in peace even though we differ.

March 28, 2016

It's not a marriage where there are only two people

It is many people pulling together and that involves compromise.

Cannot believe that illogic that would say that. "The people" only means "me". How can a party commit to you when it is made up of diverse people. Who agree or disagree with you on various issues.

The party is not one person. It is a bunch of people. it is not made up solely of the leaders. It is all of us. If you find the party contains people with intolerable views then you have to set up a new party.

March 27, 2016

We all count more or less the same

We each have one vote.

What is it with the victim complex? How does it attract any votes? I'm certainly not changing to Bernie so some DU poster won't feel like a victim. Like the OP. Do people really think politics is about them and everyone else catering to them? If people need personal attention they need to get it from their personal relationships. A political party is not effective for that.

March 25, 2016

That's not really hateful though

It doesn't say men are stupid, just refers to their support of Bernie. There are plenty of Berniesisters.

Hillary supporters may insult Bernie supporters, sure, but they do both genders. Hillary supporters think she is more experienced and competent than Bernie. Not voting for Bernie because of that, not because he's a man. I voted for a man for President for every election of my life to date.

March 5, 2016

It could benefit Americans

One thing where is a business that could not pay labor costs can exist at this end - say you design something, like a line of dishes or the like. But you can't afford a factory in the US. You can afford Chinese/Indian labor. Therefore that business exists here in the US and eventually employs people where it would not otherwise.

I recall being in Australia and they were very wise there - the labels did not just say "Made in China" like ours do, but "Designed in Australia/Made in China"

All in all this issue is not so black and white and cut and dried as job for job.

November 2, 2015

Tired of Republicans who claim the military

I have a loved one now in the military - so often you see comments on FB and the like to the effect that the military only respect their CIC if he's a Republican. There is a FB page for their mothers, etc., and from time to time the other members post things that imply that of course Obama is hated by the military. And no one on the page would disagree.

One was a video of marines cheering when Bush came and then being quiet when Obama came. The situations were different but the insinuation is always that the military does not respect our President if he's not of their party (and also insinuating the military must be made up entirely of Republicans).

And Obama (and Michelle and Jill I know have made efforts) has done tons for them. And he is their CIC even if they are Republicans. I did think the military was supposed to respect the chain of command upward. They don't have to agree with him or be of their party, but they should respect him as their top officer.

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