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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 53,668

Journal Archives

Anyone doing low-carb/ketoish diet with 18 hour fasting?

Things your grandparents said that didn't really make sense...

but you kinda knew what they meant.

Yessiree bobtail
I'll snatch knot in you as long as a railroad.
Little pitchers have big ears.
Your daddy wasn't a glass blower. (When you were standing in front of the TV.)


The religions of SCOTUS justices:

And we wonder why the majority is "pro life"?

"Jackson, who was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday, will be only the second Protestant on the high court when she joins the court this summer, along with Neil Gorsuch (who is Episcopalian but was raised Catholic). The justice whom Jackson will replace, Stephen Breyer, is Jewish, as is Elena Kagan, who remains on the court. The remaining six justices -- John Roberts, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Sonia Sotomayor, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett -- are Catholic. Thus, the court will consist of six Catholics, two Protestants, and one Jew.

This is not reflective of the U.S. population, as has been widely discussed in recent years. Our latest estimate from over 15,000 Gallup interviews conducted from January 2021 through March of this year shows that about 22% of the adult population identifies as Catholic, as opposed to the 67% Catholic representation on the court. Two percent of the population identifies as Jewish (Kagan represents 11% of the nine justices). The biggest disproportionality comes in terms of Protestants. About 45% of Americans are non-Catholic Christian, or Protestant, compared with what will be 22% Protestant representation on the court.

There is also a completely missing constituency on the court, the "nones," or those who when asked say they have no formal religious identity. About 21% of the U.S. population are nones (and another 3% don't give a response when asked about their religion), according to Gallup data. The rise of the "nones" represents a major change in American religious identity over the past decades, although this is not evident in terms of Supreme Court justices. All of the justices on the court have a religious identity based on available evidence, although we don't have survey data in which each justice is asked the same religious identity question as pollsters use for the population as a whole."


Here's an idea re photovoltaics:

The land under high voltage power lines is kept clear by power companies so that repair vehicles can get to damaged towers.

Miles and miles and thousands (millions?) of acres of open land.
Put solar photovoltaic panels on all those rights of way.
That would keep underbrush down (no sunlight), saving power companies millions.

And they're right under parts of the grid. Surely there's a way to connect?
OK, I'm not an electrical engineer, so I'm ready to be shot down.
Have at it.

Idea #2: All the median strips on interstate highways.


Just got C-Spire glass fiber internet to replace s-l-o-w, spotty, and $$$ D$L.
Got ooma VoIP (voice over internet protocol) to replace $52/mo. landline, but keep our landline phones (5 extensions).
I pay only monthly phone taxes, about $5/mo. for me.
TV is ROKU streaming.

OK, OK...I got ONE cord.
C-spire. But I'm saving a ton and getting better service.

Governor Meemaw's gun commercial.

She doesn't actually fire the automatic pistol she's holding.
I guess that would have been beyond her capabilities.

You see the two guys and hear 'bam bam bam', then pan to Guv Meemaw holding an automatic pistol with the slide back and barrel exposed.

But hey, it's a great visual if you don't watch too closely.

I'm surprised they didn't have her in camos, walking in the woods, with a 2 barrel 12 guage on her shoulder.

Chefs for Ukraine near 300,000 hot meals daily.

Hours after Ukrainian forces liberated the towns of Bucha and Irpin outside Kyiv, chef José Andres and the WCK (World Central Kitchen) team were able to reach residents who had been trapped for a month. Traveling with the mayor of Irpin, they were the first new faces many had seen since the siege began.

"We brought hundreds of hot meals and 6,000 kilos of food for families to cook. Amidst images of horrific atrocities by Russian soldiers on civilians, José shared some reflections of his experience."

"Some thoughts from the train this Sunday… It’s difficult to convey the experience of going to Irpin & Bucha… You’ve all seen the photos—unbelievable to think in 21st century those horrors are happening. I promise you we
will not leave the Ukrainian people alone."

Fellow DUers, if you can help feed these these desperate people, even just a buck or two, you will actually be saving lies.
Thank you.

Just click here to donate.


I'm outa here.
Been here 20 years, but this does it.
Those responsible know why.
Piss. Off.

Signing off...

What's your grandparent name?

Jack, our first grandchild, named us.
I'm Baba and Miz t. is Gigi.
Go figure.

Jack is 19 now, and we had a little talk a few weeks ago.

"Jack, you're about grown now. Is it a little embarrassing for you to still call me Baba?
If you want to transition to 'grandpa' or 'granddad' that OK with me."

"Nope, you're still Baba to me."

You know you're old when...

You need a jeweler's loupe to read the postage stamp sized owners manual for your new fit watch.
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