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Gender: Male
Hometown: Alabama
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 53,156

Journal Archives

Tribute to cast iron pans.

Great article.


Sec. State John Merrill should resign NOW.

The woman he's been having an affair with tells all.


Got my first covid shot yesterday.

Had to wait 3 weeks after I finished radiation therapy (prostate cancer). Needed time to build my immune system back up.

Get the next one on our 52nd wedding anniversary, April 12.

Zero side effects from the injection.

When you reach a 'certain age'...

"Because I don't want to" becomes a perfectly valid reason.

We're trying a new vector on chicken 'n dumplings.

Partly inspired by a Cajun c C 'n D recipe from the late Paul Prudhomme.
Dredge the chicken in an herb mixture and pan fry.
Cool and pick.
Make a roux and that's the base for the liquid.

Instead of his dumplings we're using gyoza, pot sticker dumplings.
I'll letcha know...

The term "three cornered pants" mean nothing to anyone under the age of 50.

Is "self-deleted by author" redundant?

I mean, if it's 'self-deleted' doesn't it just stand to reason that the author deleted it?

Also, I'm always consumed by curiosity.
What was the post?
Why did you delete it?
We need answers.

Repug senators are counting on the ignorance of voters.

They keep harping on 'impeaching a president who is out of office'.
They know many (most?) Americans think impeachment is what the senate is doing now.
They don't understand that impeachment is just bringing charges.
They don't understand that he was president when he was impeached.

IMHO the constitution is quite clear on this , but it escapes many.
That's what the enablers are counting on.

Back in the olden days we used to have an open bar in here.

I'm too damn old to tend bar any more. Don't see that well.
If anyone wants to step up I'll have a Scotch rocks with a splash.
The juke box is over there if you want to play something.
No charge for the snacks.

I remember my first tuxedo.

I had a date with a girl for her high school sorority formal dance.
It was called a 'lead out'. (that's pronounced 'leed')

I just remember being surprised (and kind of disappointed) that the wide cumberbund didn't go all the way around.
It was all 'show' in the front going to a little strap in the back.

I think there may be a metaphor there.
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