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Member since: Sat Mar 8, 2008, 11:44 AM
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Possibly, looks like CDC has stats lower ... I'll correct to reflect CDC numbers which are still ...

... REALLY good

K&R, GZP and Putrid have this one thing in common; both of them are trying to stop democracy

They have to want a diverse audience first

There should an investigation MINIMUM and DNC on state levels should enact some level of consequence

... for past transgressions other than giving up office to supports of a child abusing racist like Benedict Donald.

Kelly might be as dumb as Trussia, why waste credibility on this issue !? Just why ?! He could've...

... just said he disagreed and that he knew Trussia meant well and shut up.

Polsters response: "...well, that's a rational question...but fuck you ok? go fuck off k? " /sarcasm

Cause that's about what we're hearing from these polsters ... a buncha fuck you America... please believe us next time type of responses
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