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Member since: Fri May 26, 2017, 04:14 PM
Number of posts: 2,438

Journal Archives

Thank you, for the hearts

I'm speechless, I never imagined I'd get so many.

A heart

Thank you, Peace and blessings, have a wonderful day.

Aw more hearts

What a sweet surprise this morning.

Thank you, for the hearts

They are great fun to get.

Thank you for the heart

They are like walking out into the sunshine.

Thank you, for the heart

It's like magic.

I can't believe it

Someone gave me a heart. Thank you, you made my day amazing.

The mail

I got my Covid-19, Antigen Rapid Tests, in the mail today. 2 boxes, with 2 tests per box. The instructions are clear, with helpful points about the tests themselves. This is a bit of further assurance, for me, living in this era of the pandemic.

I ordered on 1/18/2022, pretty quick service.

I received my 2nd Pfizer, Covid-19 vaccine

I got my 2nd shot yesterday afternoon. No reaction or new symptoms yesterday evening. When I woke up this AM, my vaccine site was tender and that arm achy. I also had a mild headache, and no fever.

I took 2-200 mg, Ibuprofen and within an hour my symptoms were gone. I'll keep you posted, if any of those I stated above, or new symptoms occur.

Thank you, to the anonymous givers of hearts

I was greeted by more in my DU mailbox. They make my day, sunny and uplifted. Blessings
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