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Archives: December 3, 2013

AFP Pictures Of The Year 2013

Huckabee and Faux "news" use mirror to inflate size of audience.


Dumb Criminals: Man Who Stole Seattle Ferry Turns Out To Be Registered Sex Offender

An Illustrated History of Racism and 'Reverse Racism' in America

Governor Walker Tells Supporters To Forgo Buying Kids Presents,Give Money To His Campaign Instead

Bishops Sued Over Policies On Abortion At Hospitals

Baby dolphin saved from plastic bag thanks fishermen with dance

A few of my Favorite Quotations

In clearest statement to date, Pope prays for victims of sex abuse

If porn is a legitimate means of commercial activity, how do its fans feel about regulating it?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sen. Bernie Sanders: Health Care For All

Is there anything good about WalMart??

Limbaugh really screwed up this time: Catholic Alliance Denounces Rush Limbaugh With A Petition Dem

Happy Penguin is happy!

Twitter blowing up over Tigers trading Doug Fister to Nats.

Science correspondent, Emily Graslie calls out viwer's sexist comments on her YouTube channel

Maine's GOP Governor Pushing To Loosen Child Labor Laws...Says Kids Need To Learn Life Skills

California GOP creates fake health care website to discourage constituents from obtaining insurance

Jack didn't have to work the day after Thanksgiving.

Late and tasteless sarcasm.

There is history everywhere.

Venezuela caps car prices as crackdown continues

I don't get it...

U.S. calls for release of American jailed in Cuba

Help! My dog wont get in the back of the car any more.

U.S. indictment charges Mexican ex-governor with drug smuggling

TIME for America vs. TIME for the rest of the world

Let's say Limbaugh is taken off the air . . . . .

You were expecting...?

Syria death toll hits nearly 126,000: monitoring group

My bug.

To the horse farm upstairs,

Chris Matthews screwed up a bit tonight...

Federal jury to hear case against ex-BP engineer

Thanks for killing the planet, boomers!

That tougher bankruptcy law that GOPers passed has lead to LESS recoveries for Creditors

"The American fascist would prefer not to use violence."

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Cyber Monday & a new Kitteh

New way to verify your identity on

Senate to hold hearing on Amazon drones

Alabama woman charged with murder in Iron Bowl party shooting

Fighting the ‘Spin’ War Over Obamacare

D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray will seek second term

Rise. Release. Dance!

A Cowboys fan, an Eagles fan, and a Giants fan are standing on top of a mountain...

Some great news around post...

About a year ago, we had to put our kitty Toodles down:

Obamacare customers urged to double-check insurance status

Wow. Transcript of the White House press corps laughing about the burgeoning AIDS crisis in 1982

The True Price of Great Holiday Deals

An Eagles fan, a Giants fan and Jerry Jones are standing on the top of a mountain.

Was anyone else disappointed by last night's The Walking Dead? (Spoilers)

Artificial Sweeteners

ABC's Jon Karl Is Frustrated That Carney Does Not Adopt RW Talking Point

Post your favorite Christmas/Chanukah/holiday music

Extreme Christmas home decorations and lights

Time to reverse this trend...

Melissa Harris-Perry's Black Feminism Syllabus is All Kinds of Amazing

Huge power cut blacks out much of Venezuela

Fuck 60 minutes!!

Kip Sullivan on “If you like your plan…”

Hobbit Nerds: Live Red Carpet Action Here

"The war on democracy"

Who will The Ohio State University play in the Championship Game after Duke beats FSU?

Loading Koch Site Too Many Times In 1 Minute Cost Truck Driver $183,000

The Man Who Brought Down McCarthy

Somewhere in America, Muslim Women Are “Cool”

"In God we trust, maybe, but not each other"

Dec 7th & 8th in Fresno. Film and speaker on Human Trafficking

Silly DU vibe request

De Blasio Discusses Tax Proposal With State Assembly Members

A Cowboys fan, an Eagles fan, and a Giants fan are standing on top of a mountain...

Bloomberg Maintains That Private Schedule Is Off Limits In Aftermath Of Train Derailment

Thom Hartmann on Ted Cruz, 7 Mountains, and Paul Weyrich.

Abe Vigoda dances with Phish

My kid is going to be a TA this term.

"DU has a lot of links..."

Creator Alme Siderum

*FL woman jailed for 'warning shot'

It's a dogs life: Sarkisian bolts to USC

Vatican and Bodleian libraries launch online archive of ancient religious texts

Issa Fishes For Proof Obama Knew He Lied About Obamacare

Slate - "Why Does The Economy Do Better Under Democrats?" Re New Study

The Truth Behind That Epic Note-Passing War On A Thanksgiving Flight

Doctors: New Health Care Plans Raise Red Flags

Wonkbook: will work. That means Obamacare can work, too.

Best band names ever?

The Pope's Views Are Hardly At Odds With Bible. The Bible Is Far More Leftist Than Right Wing

Question: Has anyone had their hip replaced?

What's wrong with this agency?

Just a little seasonal music

Two thousand mice dropped on Guam by parachute — to kill snakes

The Money People Will Save From ACA Will That Be A Stimulant.....

Now that people are signing up for the ACA, what will be Issa's next insane focus? eom

What the fox says. Seriously!

Science Textbooks Across the Country Will Teach Real Science Because of A Decision In Texas

LOL: CNN employee`s own mistake crashed Obamacare Web page

Go Seahawks

(RI Gov.) Lincoln Chafee surrenders: "This year, it's a Christmas tree".

Anchorage minister faces child pornography charges

Here is the website for Canada's newest national park: Sable Island

Supreme Court Declines To Take Liberty University's Obamacare Lawsuit

375,000 people visited the ACA site today just by noon.

Sarah Palin is going straight to hell. No lie.

Long Island menorah vandalized, police investigating as possible hate crime

Earth Porn

"RNC clarifies tweet that suggests racism is over"


Maduro says govt in Venezuela will set car prices

Shenzhen Opens Flashy New Airport Terminal >pic heavy<

Americans turn to mobile devices for Cyber Monday

"Animal rights group seeks 'legal personhood'"

Petition: Don't Let the 0.1% Fast Track a Corporate Coup

That Auburn run was epic!

Netanyahu Gives Pope A Book About Spanish Inquisition

Check out today's Google doodle:

Conservative to Challenge Collins in Maine Primary

More police racism at work....

Edward Snowden Revelations Prompt UN Investigation Into Surveillance

George Zimmerman Stiffs Bodyguards, Mark O'Mara, Shellie Zimmerman Forced To Pay Off $27,000 Bill

As Hospital Prices Soar, a Single Stitch Tops $500

Is Religion now allowed in GD?

Flooding Taxpayers Again

TCM Schedule for Thursday, December 5 -- What's on Tonight: Fighting Prejudice

Dr. CNN writes one of the dumbest most fucked articles I have ever read.

Coal industry accuses UN climate chief of 'ignoring reality'

anyone try binaural beats and isochronic tones for meditation?

Skynet, thy name is Amazon...

Man killed in San Francisco over PlayStation 4 game console

U.S. Regulator to Keep an Eye on Largest Student Loan Servicers.

Luckovich.. Republicon Party-Ladies Night

This is a story about people mistreating Newtown victims' families

No security ever built into Obamacare site: Hacker

Biggest-ever exhumation from Peru's long, brutal conflict exposes horrors 3 decades later

Biggest-ever exhumation from Peru's long, brutal conflict exposes horrors 3 decades later

Egypt Overhauls Constitution, Empowers Military

Former Mississippi Gov. Bill Allain Dies at 85

That's called not knowing your market...

Elections chief refuses Gov. Scott’s order

For 20 Years the Nuclear Launch Code at US Minuteman Silos Was 00000000

Nice Try Amazon, but Domino's Pizza Did It SIX MONTHS Ago. Why didn't they get as much free

Montana: Big Sky country at an environmental crossroads

German states start drive to ban far-right party

Floating Base to Submarines Idled by U.S. Budget Impasse

Could Sen. Warren Overtake Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Europe rights court to hear of secret CIA prisons

400 km Range Nissan LEAF Could Become Reality

Can 3-D Printing Turn Space-Based Solar Into a Reality?

Political Satire Shields Anti-Birther Blog Post

Chile among leading exporters of 23 non-copper related products

Tribe hopes new trail will shine light on story of Ponca and Chief Standing Bear

Global Elites Getting Nervous About Skyrocketing Inequality (But Won't Spare a Nickel to Fix It)

How Fast Food Giants Use Loopholes to Avoid taxes, Pay Execs Giant Pay, and the Workers Peanuts

Auto Trash: "porn"

Hong Kong confirms first human case of H7N9 bird flu

Europeans can expect more heatwaves and droughts: study

Bank of America pays Freddie Mac $404 million over subprime loans

‘Love Hormone’ Boosts Brain Activity in Autistic Children

The hardwired difference between male and female brains ....

Top 10 Ways the US is the Most Corrupt Country in the World

Jerry Brown keeps getting heckled by anti-fracking protesters

Americans are 5% of World Population, consume 1/4 of its Energy (infographic)

So the GOP thinks racism is over.Maybe someone didn't tell them about this story

Has Abe overreached on China's ADIZ?

The Police-Industrial-Entertainment Complex

How safe is our world?

Male and Female Brains Really Are Built Differently

Rowdy Seattle fans register as earthquake

(TPP) Free Trade Is a Serious Threat

Bob Dylan charged with incitement to hatred in France

Ukraine leader heads to China, leaving turmoil at home

Pic: Mississippi River frozen solid, February 1905

Do you smoke ?

Toon: The Republican's Flexible Solution

UN to Investigate 'Unqualified Secrecy' of US, UK Spy Agencies

Minnesota will miss its goal for cutting emissions

Kalief Browder, NYC Teen Jailed For Years With No Conviction, Says Rikers Guards 'Starved' Him

Seattle WTO Collapsed 14 Years Ago: Lessons For Today

Report: Obamacare To Cost 'Billions Of Dollars Less Than Originally Projected'

Microplastics 'pose toxic threat to marine biodiversity'

India Creates Organic Seed Bank in Response to GMO Suicide Seeds, Farmer Debt

Debunking the Conservative's Economic Boogeymen

Top 10 Ways the US is the Most Corrupt Country in the World by Juan Cole

Ooops, there goes the whole evolutionary psychology debate. They lose.

The Rude Pundit: In Brief: A No-Good Website That's Kind of Working Right Now, Goddamnit

Waitress who received alleged anti-gay receipt suspended pending investigation

Here's The New Ranking Of Top Countries In Reading, Science, And Math {large image}

Saudi America and the State of Denial

ACA Success Stories

Robert Scheer: Pope’s appraisal of modern capitalism is the obvious truth, whether divinely .......

6 Signs Our Culture Is Sick With Greed

Eugene Robinson: Morally Questionable Go-To Weapon

Peter Buffett: Big Philanthropy and Philanthro-Feudalism

"Somebody Had to Do It First": The Story of Shirley Chisholm

Food Stamp Cuts Leave Rural Areas, And Their Grocers, Reeling

"Thinking Globally, Acting Locally" In the Minimum Wage Fight

From the pants on fire dept: Lobbyist Insists His Meeting About 'TPP IP Issues' Wasn't About TPP IP

The Great Postal Giveaway: USPS Sends Jobs, Work to Staples

Pentagon Approves Record Sale of Advanced Arms to Countries at War

Anyone know of any liberal Xian churches in upstate SC?

CA Assembly GOP Puts Up Fake California Health Exchange Site

[Christmas Music Warning] Did you see the Piano Guys?

113th Congress, going down in history for its inaction, has a critical December to-do list

Wal-Mart's #1 Black Friday Seller Was A 29-Cent Washcloth — And There's Video Of People Going Wild

TPP. TPP. TPP. Bad for the U.S., Bad for other countries. Excellent for big Pharma

Thom Hartmann: The Banksters Are Now Setting Up the Crash of 2016

Victory for Prop 1 Won’t Stop Business Expansion at SeaTac Airport

Every time I see the acronym TPP all I can think is

Eagle steals video camera in Australia; takes selfie during 110-km journey

Egyptian blogger arrested in widening crackdown

Exposed: Globally Renowned Activist Collaborated With Intelligence Firm Stratfor

Obama's Pick To Lead Air Force a Former Exec for Major Defense Contractor

Loading Koch Industries Website Too Many Times In 1 Minute Just Cost This Truck Driver $183,000

The most successful propaganda phrase the Right ever deployed in the U.S is: "the liberal media".

The Naiveté of Nihilism: How Occupy challenged the way we think, speak and act upon resistance

#PensionTheft: Public Workers Under Attack in Illinois

Gun Commercial Banned From Super Bowl 2014 By Fox Due To NFL Rules

Uruguayan President Asks World To Help Him Legalize Weed

(IL) Lawmakers convening special session on pensions

Know that thing they do every Christmas Eve where they have NORAD "track" Santa's sleigh?

You live in a barn or what?

black friday and the race to the bottom

(MO) Senate, House plan hearings on Boeing incentives

Rachel Maddow - Should the plastic gun ban be extended?

Sunday, Monday Shanghai Air Pollution Worst On Record; AQI 329, pm 2.5 @ 280

Sustainability and Complexity: Are We Doomed to Repeat History?

Do we have any Raspberry PI user here

7 Of 10 Members Of "Citizens" Pollution Group Quit; "Just Being Used" By Pittsburgh Coke Company

A lawyer requested a recess to attend a bris if a grandson was born. The judge had one caveat:

Good Idea! ND State Website Will Notify Residents Of Pipeline Spills!

Boeing might find another customer for its (KC-46A) 767-based aerial tankers

Who's watching the watchers?: Landmark case over "No-Fly" database

Ladies and Gentlemen.....

Ladies and Gentlemen...

70% Of Small Fish Collected Near Durban, SA, Have Plastic Fragments In Their Guts

Sen. Murray seeks expansion of behavorial therapy for military families

Hey, Media: White People Are Poor, Too

sorry to report .. is still fucked up.

Rick Santorum movie flops, representing another victory for the devil

San Francisco -3 vs Seattle ...

Who will Northern Illinois play in the Championship game after OSU and FSU lose?

Pope Francis Reportedly Leaving Vatican at Night to Minister to Homeless of Rome Anonymously

Investigator says close to naming people behind Arafat's death

UK Guardian: Looking for fraud? Don't look at food stamp recipients, look at Wall Street

World War Two era Japanese submarine found off Hawaii coast.

should the customary 15 or 20% tipping be banned?

VA doctors renewed prescriptions without seeing patients

Ukraine opposition fails to force out govt in vote.

30 Yrs After Fed Support Banned, NC Barrier Island Builders Seeking Subsidies, Insurance, More

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Pope vs 1%

Envoy says China has right to set another air zone

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Tighten your belts, Poor!

Sulfate Particle Engineering And The Red Shoes

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- GOP and Iran Deal

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

North Korea powerbroker 'dismissed'

Horsey: Fill In The Blank __________________________!

Denmark is one of the best countries for working families.

Syrian opposition fighters seize 12 nuns from Christian village

Metro-North Engineer Was Dozing Just Before Train Derailment, Sources Say

Second day of prostitution ring court-martial begins

Detained Vet in North Korea Advised Hated Guerrilla Group

Law proposed to prohibit PA. Dpt. of Envrnmntl Prtcton from using unmarked cars to check gas sites

I know many here can't stand Morning Joe, but I just have to share his new FB cover page

In the row about state surveillance abuses, Britain chooses to intimidate the media . . .

FINAL EPISODE, 50 Reasons for 50 Years…

Can Washington Stop the Next Shutdown?

Rachel Maddow - Art Pope's stores picketed over right wing activism

What's for Dinner? ~ Tuesday Dec 3rd

Pope Francis: I was a club bouncer before joining the Catholic Church

The GOP might as well be dead

Judge: Church Must Give Names Of All Accused Priests

Even if you don't like Pope Francis, how can you not love the reaction from Wall Street

Papantonio: Religious Right Still Pulling GOP Strings

When Religion and Liberty Collide

Kaine optimistic about deal to lessen defense cuts

Guantánamo Bay detainees claim Poland allowed CIA torture

Maduro says govt in Venezuela will stick key in light socket

Wall Street’s Jobs Program: Incarceration

White, affluent residents of south Baton Rouge want to secede from the rest of the city

#GivingTuesday (Wishadoo!)

Rachel Maddow - Can Congress do one useful thing this month?

Employers step in to prevent worker burnout

Device shuts down car engines with radio pulse

Guns in movies replaced with thumbs-ups

The Last Dead Nazi


Bill O'Reilly Warns 'War On Christmas' Is Upon Us

Sickening story-Pregnant Woman Suffers. You Won't Believe Who's to Blame.

Electric vehicles will serve a much larger purpose than just transportation

Made in America jeans

Girl, 11, told not to sell mistletoe, but begging is fine

Fall Contest Announcement

"What's shame, anyway?" . . . Please come CAPTION Steve Doocy!!!!

Olson scaling back campaign

Poll: Young People Least Familiar WIth Obamacare

French politician who switched from conservative to far-right party, shocked at xenophobia and

We wish you a War On Christmas

It's #GivingTuesday!

Congress Shirks Productivity As GOP Rages Against Obamacare

American Family Association declares war on the imaginary War on Christmas, again.......

Chris Matthews To Interview Obama Thursday

Just when little Scotty Walker can't get any WORSE ---he does

Spooky Physics Phenomenon May Link Universe's Wormholes

So what are the GOP guys going to jump on next? Any ideas?

Our IQs Are Climbing, But We’re Not Getting Smarter

Cost of Health Care Law Is Seen as Decreasing - New York Times

GOP’s race problem: What’s REALLY behind that bad tweet

Limbaugh conservatism’s next test: Anti-women dogma’s inevitable cost

This Picture Of Morgan Freeman Is The Most Realistic Finger Painting Ever [VIDEO]

Robert Reich's quiz on Facebook re unemployment, food stamps, min wage

Hypocrisy, dogma and sabotage: The right’s stepping into an Obamacare trap

Am I the only one thinking that Glenn Frey is an a**hole after watching the "History of The Eagles"?

Trial begins in legal challenge to no-fly list

Report: Obamacare To Cost 'Billions Of Dollars Less Than Originally Projected'

Happy 70th Birthday Billie Jean King!

Whoooo! This is a DAWG! (Or half of one)

How 'bout them HAWKS!

Europe rights court hearing on secret CIA prisons

Two Reliant Stadium security guards get fired for taking photos with Tom Brady

Definition of a "reasonable person"

Independent Scotland would phase out nuclear power

Locals listen as Rev. Barber takes Art Pope critique to Maxway, Roses

are discuissions about the poltical influence of Pope Francis now banned from the GD forum?

Congress, Obama Admin ‘Duck & Cover’ On Nuclear Modernization

California conservative submits ballot initiative for higher minimum wage - to deter immigration.

'Healthy and overweight' is a myth, study suggests

Hunger Games and the Limits of White Imagination

London Mayor Boris Johnson opens his big, stupid mouth, inserts both feet

Mother Jones Reportedly Told Its Interns to Go on Food Stamps Because It Pays So Little

Pope Francis Reportedly Leaving Vatican at Night to Minister to Homeless of Rome Anonymously

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's uncle purged, two aides executed

Dogs Enter Wisconsin Wolf Hunt

Numbers Monday: Bernie Sanders Leapfrogs to Top of 2016 Pack

My Jade has bloomed.

Great news for republicans: Fears can be inherited through sperm

Unicorn has been sighted !!!

Scary snowman in Harvard Sq. terrifies the locals. Brilliant stuff.

This is NOT a Photograph of Morgan Freeman…

Pic Of The Moment: Scratch Off Another Complaint: ACA To Cost Even Less Than Expected

our pope has the gift of simple humility

This Timberland Boot ad makes a very depressing statement about the 99%

Latest from Erik Rush...

"Into the Buzzsaw''

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday Dec 3, 2013)

Last year, poachers killed 22,000 African elephants. 2013 is shaping up to be a lot worse

The Huge Difference Between US and South African Sesame Street!

How US trade negotiators are secretly changing intellectual-property law

Judge Allows Detroit Bankruptcy to Go Forward

Lawmakers, activists seek reduced sentence for teen (6 LIFE sentences)

Alan Keyes wants a third party...

Farm-to-school program for rez

One of today's Hot Topics on The View begs a thread.

A once in a decade occurrance at the Grand Canyon...

texas ren faire

U.S. High-School Students Slip in Global Rankings

Can someone explain to me why saying "Happy Holidays" means that you are Satanic?

Twin Cities: Building a better bus stop

Venezuela ranked as the most corrupt country in Latin America

Judge Rules Detroit Eligible For Historic Chapter 9 Bankruptcy, Says Pensions Can Be Cut

It seems like there's a lot of dislike and contempt for "boomers" from "millennials"

Why Does Economy Grow More Under Democratic Presidents?

Since this is the HISTORY of feminism, I have a question about HISTORY

Hand knit winter wrap

Worker dies when trench wall collapses

Americans Due to Replace Oldest Goods Since JFK

Biden in Tokyo Conveys U.S. Concern Over China Air Zone

Charles P. Pierce A.M. Snark: "People who are not us need to have the freedom to die offstage"

I Don't Think Pope Francis Would Trigger Northern Ireland-Type Tensions In The US, But...

Wisconsin Tries to Follow Texas in Reviving an Abortion Law

Program flies unwanted Las Vegas pets to Canada

New GOP Plan Would Save Military From Sequestration By Cutting Social Security

Solar at 2c/kWh? Not a matter of if, but when – and by whom

The Whitehouse goes on huge offensive PR on the ACA

Republicans Don't Give A Shit About American HealthCare -Oct. 15, 1982 - White House Press Briefing

Fake Jerry Jones 2013 Week 13 Recap - I'm the only curse hanging over this team.

Syrians Eat Leaves as Combatants Block Food Supplies: HRW

Wall Street is scared shitless of De Blasio and Warren.

Sic semper Naderus. (A response to the recent pro-Nader posts)

Train engineer claims he zoned out, sources say

One million new visits to Obamacare website Monday: White House

Schumer: I Recruited Elizabeth Warren After Scott Brown Allegedly Rejected Deal

Smiling Dogs

Long Island man accused of recording employees in bathroom

I want to start a thread about porn.

America Goes to War With Itself Over Data Security

Is Media Coverage of 'Knockout Game' Making Problem Worse?

Woman Killed Reportedly For Not Being Mad Enough About Alabama Loss

Tests Show U.S. Teens Trail Many Countries In Academic Performance

More police stupidity.

Dead Toshiba laptop

TN Man Shoots, Kills Wife After Argument Over Dead Man's Shoes

Three Black Students Waiting For Bus Arrested After Cops Order Them To ‘Disperse’

Catholic hospital's religious rules led to negligent care in miscarriage, ACLU says

Environmentalists Want to Name Deadly Storms After Climate-Change Skeptics

Critics Say Dallas Policy Will Allow Police To Make Up Cover Stories For Officer-Involved Shootings

Siberia As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Guardian: We have published 1 pct of Snowden leak

All Is Not Lost: Three Reasons Not To Count President Obama Out

In Iceland, When Police Kill a Gunman, They Apologize

The deadly secret behind the Lac-Mégantic inferno

Iran will 'immediately' export more oil once sanctions lifted

How Surveillance-State Insiders Try to Discredit NSA Critics

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Fake "Knockout Game" Trend

Consumer Fincial Protection Bureau...We're building tools to make mortage shopping easier

1.5 Million enrolled in medicaid since October launch of ACA

How about hair?

Neanderthals carefully organized their homes

Toon: I Demand Answers!!

the real problem with healthcare in this country

Zucker plans massive change at CNN

Witness in U.S. 'no-fly' trial is on 'no-fly' list; judge ponders obstruction hearing

The Pots are out for World Cup 2014!

An interesting quote....

Wendy Davis vs Goliath: Texas GOP Openly Fears Democrats' Shot At Turning Texas Blue

How many more aircraft carriers do we really need?

Scientists Find Aggressive New HIV Strain

Question submitted by Orrex

Wisconsin: Meet AG candidate Ismael Ozanne forum in Fond du Lac Monday, December 9

Corker Objects To Shutting Out U.S. Textile Firms In Defense Bill

Maduro blames Venezuela blackout on opponents

Delta bumps entire flight to accommodate the Florida basketball team


5th Circuit orders temporary halt to business loss payments without proof of BP oil spill damage

Perhaps you all should rethink the "no gun posts in gd policy"

Heads Up - President to speak on Healthcare this hour

Al From crawled out from under his rock to talk about Obamacare (ACA)

Sorry asshole John Boehner

Notre Dame to refile health-care lawsuit

How Inequality Is Literally Killing Americans - Zoe Carpenter Discusses

University of New Haven says person in custody, ‘shelter in place’ still in effect

Alabama fan refuses to tip waiter for being an Auburn fan

Chick-fil-A working to remove dyes, corn syrup

Alfredo made me look!

Great News-ALEC is hurting due to loss of sponsors and legislators

so the mega-rich-supply-siders think the poor should simply rely on charity...

Looking for Fraud? Don't Look at Food Stamp Recipients, Look at Wall Street

Put "Christ" back in Christmas?

What in the Hell?

Papantonio: Amazon Drones An Inevitable Disaster

American lawyer seeking human rights for chimpanzees

Five former players suing Chiefs over concussions

I just read a thread of men's strength vs women's but nowhere have I ever seen

"weighs in?"

T. Boone Pickens engaged to marry Toni Brinker

Want to Cut Food Stamp Spending? Raise the Minimum Wage

Treasury Inspector Warns Health Care Subsidies Vulnerable To Fraud, Suggesting Future Problems

UN: 'Modest Progress' In Getting Aid Into Syria

But how do we get the terrorists to order Hellfire missiles from Amazon?

Supreme Court will uphold tax penalty against Red McCombs and Gary Woods

Family goes to visit dying relative, stranger moves into their house and claims title

if you ran detroit what would you do

Steny Hoyer: No CR with sequestration cuts

GDP growth under Dem/Rep administrations.

Good luggage

Michele Bachmann: Obama 'Has Rewritten The Constitution For Himself'

Disappearing Edward Snowden--"1984" Was an Instruction Manual- (Whistleblowers & Search Engines))

~~Modern medicine a rubber band and Johnny Cash~

U.S. House approves extension of gun screening law

Has the recession spawned a generation of Democrats?

Why Elizabeth Warren Should Stay Where She Is

Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton gets DWI arrest expunged

Keiser Report: Banksters aka Tongue Eating Isopods

Moreland Commission makes recommendations, Changes will be up to the Governor and Legislature

Scott Walker’s war on Christmas: Screw your kids, give me campaign cash instead

Its time to mandate "Touch ID" for every gun sold in the US

TOONS: Pope v The 1%

Citywide water shortage closed Beeville ISD schools, Coastal Bend College campus

‘I think’ Gaviria knew tapes linking Cali cartel to Samper: Former US ambassador

Spoilers for Second half of Season Four, Walking Dead

British News Staff May Face Terrorism Charges Over Snowden Leaks

Smile Center settles suits with 253 patients

Celebrity singer leaves Colombia over threats

NYPD officer arrested on extortion charges

The Final Answer To Throwing Gravel In Your Hard Liquor

Some say that racism and bigotry will subside and then go away if we stop talking about it

Howard Dean slaps ‘corporate-backed’ Dem Khanna

Why the world should care about Honduras' recent election

Rush Limbaugh Proves An Idiot Again: This Time for Christie

Poll: Tea Partiers More Likely Than Other GOPers To View Snowden Positively

Mexico leftist Lopez Obrador is fine after heart trouble sends him to hospital

Obama Defends Obamacare: 'This Law Is Working'

Court Calls for Broader Review of BP Spill Funds

Cremated Human Remains Found on Auburn’s Field After Epic Iron Bowl Game

Future T-Shirt Suggestions For The GOP

The Rude Pundit - David Brooks: Our Pretty White Heads Waste Too Much Time on Politics

Dem Rep.: 'The Health Care Debate Is Over'

Final Member Of Kennedy PT-109 Rescue Team Dies At 87

Porn wars. Nader, again. Women are weaker?

We're Enough!

Wall Street Journal Column Says Elizabeth Warren’s Policies Are ‘Disastrous,’ Ignores Actual Data

Coke's conspiracy against tap water

Diver finds man alive 60 hours after tugboat sinks in one amazing moment

ALEC facing funding crisis from donor exodus in wake of Trayvon Martin row

McCombs loses in Supreme Court (Texas billionaire)

Texas Department of Insurance proposes requirements on ACA navigators

Seahawks Fans' Celebration Causes an Earthquake!

Journal study indicates the same thing that vaccine critics have been saying for

Changing image of women throughout the ages...

Obama praises peace talks in Colombia

Thoughts on "12 Years As A Slave" The movie (or the book if you read it)?

Obama praises peace talks in Colombia

Worker falls four stories at Kyle Field construction site

Truck carrying gear for Drake crashes, blocks I-5 for hours

Mesquite High School on lockdown as man with gun threatens to kill himself in nearby parking lot

Head of IDF’s Gaza command: Hamas is the new policeman in Gaza

Ex-GOP Operative Named Next Israeli Ambassador

Merrill Newman: North Korea POW.

Alan Gross, former USAID contractor jailed in Cuba, appeals to Obama to intervene

my husband's retired guide dog just died and my husband is out of town.

The more things change...

Why Benjamin Netanyahu Gave The Pope A Book About The Spanish Inquisition

You've come a long way, baby -- or have you?

Poll: Americans view US as declining power; want greater role in global economy.

Why The “Rape Girls” Are Speaking Out More women are coming forward with their rapes

Anyone here know why Martin Bashir has not been on msnbc for about

US' Biggest Landfill To Become New York City's Biggest Solar Project

Operation Dead-Mouse Drop

Fellow GenXers, ever feel invisible? .......

Brazil's Guarani tribal leader found dead

Brazil's Guarani tribal leader found dead

Americans see a US in decline, finds Pew survey (BBC)

House passes plastic gun bill, now Senate has to beat Monday deadline

Fuck Shit Up

Arafat did not die of poisoning, French tests conclude

Shhhhhh listen...

Spanking children increases their risk of lawbreaking later in life

Billy Joel announces series of Madison Square Garden concerts

Odon childbirth device: Car mechanic uncorks a revolution (BBC)

Inwood 9/11 memorial spray painted by vandals

Detroit Will Declare Bankruptcy

Most Metro-North service to resume Wednesday morning

Surprise-Obamacare Now Projected To Cost Hundreds Of Billions Less Than Expected

Why violent crime is so rare in Iceland (BBC) {Can you guess ?}

Chapel Hill Public Library to assist people in signing up for the ACA.

Fifty Fifty: A Simple Observation on the Price of Oil and Solar

Ron Burgundy interviews Peyton Manning for SportsCenter:

Scott Walker campaign aide fired after tweets demeaning Hispanics

In Central Florida, something just blew up in the sky--Did anyone see it?

SCOTUS smacks down latest Rethug challenge to Obamacare!

UPDATE.... Do we have any postal employees here? I have a problem with my mail delivery and

The Guv'nor - 1935 British film streaming on Netflix. I recommend for fun and historical context

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Medicaid expansion becomes weapon against GOP governors

This just makes me sick...

Is anyone a Good Wife fan?

Beaten, Arrested, Threatened: A Personal Account From The Anti-Prawer Protest

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Harvey: Obama 'Most Racist President In US History' By Supporting Abortion Rights, LGBT Equality

How does a judge call themselves an incumbent candidate without it being a lie?

How to thrive in the Lounge.

Only 1 Per Cent Of Snowden Files Published, Says Guardian Editor

Dear Santa

Kerry Return Marked By Hot Debate Over Israel-US Ties

Ski Skillz

GOP House Hearing on Space Aliens