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Archives: March 15, 2013

New Right-Wing News Channel ONE AMERICA Seeks To Siphon Viewers From FOX NEWS

Biden announces program targeting domestic homicides

Norman Ornstein: A Tale of Two Filibusters

Are there a lot of conservatives on mental health boards?

"Social Security Won't Be There" - The GOP's Desperate Big Lie, By bernardpliers

Tonight is Ed Schultz' final weekday evening show :(

Toronto: TTC’s new streetcar takes early morning maiden voyage down Bathurst St.

These are cute - even though I don't do birds that well - at my feeder today

While I love Chris Hayes, how will his roundtable style of disucssion

NFL may abandon tuck rule

Steubenville: We're Sick and Tired of Rape Being Treated Like an Unavoidable Joke

JP Morgan hid mistakes as trade losses grew, Senate investigation finds

Watch sculptures by Sue Beatrice

Papantonio: Obama Will Undo The New Deal

Our new pope

You'd never guess these groups were made out of people

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 15 March 2013

Shell barred from returning to drill for oil in Arctic without overhaul

Sherrod Brown interview posted March 13

What to make of this... Gabby Giffords posing with an AR-15

Big Dog getting some air time at the Villanova vs. Louisville game

Are guns allowed in CPAC?

"I'm Not a Feminist, But..." It's Time to Reclaim the 'F' Word

Women shot by LAPD in Dorner pursuit to get $40,000 to buy truck

The fraud of Reality shows..Kim Kardashian's Proposal Was Reshot & Divorce Scenes Were Scripted

Fascinating presentation from the DOT rail forum, inc. air/rail market share in select markets.....

Dingell Joins Colleagues in Opposition to Japan Entering TPP

Boston Phoenix to close; Portland, Providence papers remain open

Does Mitch McConnell have any legislative accomplishments in 30 years in Senate?

South Africa: 'Over 25% of schoolgirls HIV positive'

Where oh where is Argentina? Is it a country or a city?

As Striking Guest Workers Visit NYC Store, McDonald's Says It Has Cut Ties to Their Franchisee

JP Morgan accused of hiding losses in Senate report

France ready to arm Syrian rebels

Favorite US Senate Delegations-

(CDC) estimates that one out of every seven Latina teens has attempted suicide

Obama pleads with the Degenerates for restraint on filibusters of nominees....sigh

U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

Social Security Defenders Facebook cover photo, please share

At CPAC, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio take shots at Mitt Romney, John McCain

Senate Budget panel approves first spending blueprint in four years

What kind of A$$ so full of himself that he actually tries to speed up a dinner he isn't paying for

Pope Francis: role during Argentina's military era disputed

A supporter of Lance Armstrong to the end (I'm not talking about joeybee)...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! A Profile in Courage & a new kitty gif

Chicago baby shot 5 times, father once? Human shield?

Now we know what Pope Taterguy has been doing the last few weeks...

European court rules against Spanish eviction laws

Minutes after Budget Committee passes Democrats' budget, MSM editorials pop up denouncing it.

Rachel is going through a detailed description of how the legal weapons were used at Sandy Hook.

Vote for Wynonna!

'After Ever After': Disney Spoof By Jon Cozart Will Blow Your Mind

He fired more than 152 bullets in less than five minutes

Q & A

Mental health group has been ADDED UNDER HEALTH!!!!!!!

U.N. development chief flags failings of "war on drugs"

The Nukes of Hazard

Hey, gun nuts...

The psychological damage of guns The psychological effects of guns may go well beyond what some woul

Penny Pritzker resigns from Chicago Board of Education

Rachael: everyone says the politics of assault weapons regulation are impossible, "Why should


Here's Who Deserves Austerity.

Can The Empire State Go Green? New Study Says New York State Can Be 100% Renewable By 2050

"After Ever After" is making the rounds on the internet. If you haven't seen it, watch it all

TCM Schedule for Friday, March 15, 2013 -- What's On Tonight -- TCM Spotlight: Roberto Rossellini

In rarity, Obama, VP Biden may be out of U.S. at same time next week

Why hasn't someone suggested that Rachel Maddow run for President?

Zippo withdraws lighters sold on extremist website

Most Emotional Musical Scores...

Paper is not dead

President Obama: Iran A Year Away From Nuclear Weapon

Mrs. V.'s Aunt Martha is dying.

Federal Legislation Aims to Close “Fracking Loopholes”

Pennsylvania State Police say school secretary/bookkeeper admits to $315,545 theft.

Pope Francis rides bus instead of limo, pays own hotel bill

Microsoft Outlook Features Gay Wedding In New Ad

"Let the States decide for themselves." Uh-huh.

Cleaning out Photobucket ... Random Shots

Contamination at NC Marine base lasted up to 60 years

Fox News VERY Upset That The Economy Is Recovering (VIDEO)

Leahy: Judiciary Committee Will Hold Two Hearings On Drones

Arizona woman's murder conviction, death sentence overturned

Can't Visit the White House Anymore

"To the DU Catholics"

New Hampshire lawmakers reject bill to allow guns on school property

Maureen Dowd / Repent, Dick Cheney

Mental Illness as a Civil Rights Issue

LETTER: One-party (Democratic) America would be better

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Denouncing UN Women Declaration

Pope Francis Kidnapping Controversy: Jorge Mario Bergoglio Accused Of Involvement In 1976 Abductions

We need to have Scott Prouty's Back

I'm confused. Is it Dominica or Dominicana?

Scott Prouty to Romney (paraphrased): Do something other than VULTURE CAPITALISM...

Dang, I almost forgot. HAPPY PI DAY!! NT

"Top Of The Lake" premieres on Sundance Channel, Monday 3/18 @ 9pm est.

I am mourning the death of democracy in Detroit.

How Americans Lost the Right to Counsel, 50 Years After 'Gideon'


Walked through Suburban hell, only to see it's growing.

Saturday. 10 years. Rachel Corrie. April 10, 1979 – March 16, 2003

I get to put up the first thread? OK...a blessing from an Atheist;

(FAKE) Fla. charity figures pumped $1M to (GOP)politicians

Headed home to my probably STILL-Intertubes-free house.

Man kills self in front of children at Bellevue gun-safety class

Obama's Best Jokes From His Gridiron Speech

What are people saying about Ryan's budget?

Don't leave me!

Thanks Earl G!

Entry on mental illness is added to AP Stylebook

Neon fucking green?? WTF, Notre Dame.

Ann Coulter wants to ban liberal women from politics...

Utah crushes Cal in OT

They had the DC heroes, now they'll have Marvel heroes!

Can anyone recommend good literature on post-WWII Germany?

DU Poll, Hawking

Why Is Obama Trying To Push Dems Off A Cliff With His SS & Medicare Cuts?

Roggensack Supports Using Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Scientology Schools

Question about the New Pope's Direction ...

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) :: IAEA and Iran

Rep. Keith Ellison: Back To Work Budget- shifts away from the deficit focus


Abraham / I'd Rather Be Thin Than Famous

Scott Prouty Has a Site Up for Donations

Begala: Hillary Doesn't Need A 'Facelift,' She's 'A Real Woman,' Not A 'Republican Society Lady'

If Obama Succeeds In Throwing Safety Net Under Bus - A Pledge To The Flag Won't

Does "Cooking and Baking" Include Ice Cream?

The Oft-Predicted Fickle Syrian ‘Tipping Point’ Has Tipped

Trickle Down At Work

Red Lake Direct Action to Stop Illegal Enbridge Pipeline

Ohio 3rd graders who fail state test not promoted. But they CAN be promoted by not taking test.

The good reverend Schaap who is 55 said Jesus Wanted Him To Have Sex With Teenage Girl

That's it. I give up.

the lady has a nice set of pipes, reminds me of Janis Joplin.

The Destruction of a Nation: Syria’s War Revealed in Satellite Imagery

My sister just had a new Smilodon species named after her!

Papal Infallibility

Holy CRAP, Ted Cruz is a dickhead.

Meet three of my good friends..

CPAC 'Day One' In 100 Seconds

Let me just say...

Poll 1 *****March Photography Contest***** Theme: "A Photographer's favorite"

O’Donnell Obliterates ‘Liar From Texas’ Ted Cruz For ‘Embarrassing Himself’ During Feinstein Debate

Coming Out to Parents

Poll 2 *****March Photography Contest***** Theme: "A Photographer's favorite"

Poll 3 *****March Photography Contest***** Theme: "A Photographer's favorite"

I waited for over 40 years, they finally came to town tonight (YES)

“Oz the Great and Powerful” Rekindles the Notion That Women Are Wicked

Rob Portman Reverses Gay Marriage Stance After Son Comes Out

******March preliminaries are up in GD*****

Over 200 years of American geographic history compressed into a 20 second GIF.

World Health Organization has a conflict of interest with regards to reporting on radiation hazards

Paul Ryan wants to kill grandma

West: Liberals Fears a Black American Who Wants a Better Life ? WTF.

Sen. Rob Portman comes out in favor of gay marriage after son comes out as gay

There is only one way we will get massacre control in this country

I'm going to write a letter to one of my doctors...

Our state senator Glenn Grothman is still at it...

Colombia ranks behind Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela in human development: UN .

Violence in northern Colombia is due to neo-paramilitarism: NGO .

Federal Government Reports Marijuana Effective in Combating Certain Cancers Reports ADSI

UN finds rising prosperity in southern nations

So, it turns out that Swiss women are still just women.

Offered to expand understanding—Catholicism does not rely entirely on the Bible

Zippo withdraws lighters sold on extremist website

Anyone want some coffee?

Gabby Giffords responds to attempt to undermine her support of gun control laws...

US issues new sanctions on North Korea

Honduras police accused of death squad killings

Honduras police accused of death squad killings

Testimony resumes in Haiti's 'Baby Doc' case

Hugo Chávez kept his promise to the people of Venezuela

The big news outlets need to start covering science stories properly or stop covering them at all!

Book published

Book published


E-book published

E-book published

E-book published

E-book published: 'The Future of Democracy in America and the World: A Few Possibilities'

Japan’s Energy Board Meets After Dropping Anti-Nuclear Members

E-book published

E-book published: 'The Future of Democracy in America and the World: A Few Possibilities'

Pre-Google Glass question...

Book published: 'The Future of Democracy in America and the World: A Few Possibilities'

Ed Martin's message to GOP draws rebuke from Danforth

President Chavez: A 21st Century Renaissance Man

Has Meta gone tits-up? ~nt

Nuclear power plans threatened by European commission investigation

Adam Bass Dead: 10-Month-Old Shot And Killed By His Father Larry Bass, Police Say

Stunner: Sen. Rob Portman backs same-sex marriage

US spends big on anti-Havana activities: Cuba

Expand State Partnerships for Passenger Rail

US Navy Members Lawsuit Seeking Money for Fukushima Radiation Expands

Adam Smith to have town hall 3/28 in Newcastle

No host for this group, yet. I suggest HereSince1628.

'Lean In' All You Want -- But If You Want a Better Job, Unionize!

Rand Paul Peddles Himself as the Conservative for the Facebook Generation at Right-Wing Pow Wow

The New Pope's Disturbing Past -- Revealing Francis's Ties to Abduction of Priests{interview}

Egypt's Islamists warn giving women some rights could destroy society

Early HIV drugs 'functionally cure about one in 10'

'Violence risk' after military tours

France, Italy see leeway on budget rules at EU summit

UK - 'Black Death pit' unearthed by Crossrail project

Not inviting Christie to GOPAC cause he hugged Obama is symbolic

Wildlife Trade Meeting Endorses DNA Testing of Seized Ivory

I-Squared Equals I'm Screwed: new assault on STEM workers

Legislators think voters are more conservative than they actually are


Hilarious North Korean propaganda film depicting life in America

Chart comparing Ryan and other budgets

.Spring Rain, Then Foul Algae in Ailing Lake Erie

Report Blames Hamas for Egypt Soldier Killings

(Sweden) Abortions more common despite morning-after pill, "careless" contraception habits

Pope's Childhood Love 'Made Him Become Priest'

What role did Pope Francis play in Argentina's Dirty War

Estimated 20,000 children molested at Dutch Roman Catholic institutions

(HD) Night drive in Tokyo 01 -夜の首都高 湾岸線→台場線→C1→渋谷線-

Yodok Prison Camp in North Korea (Documentary)

Syria threatens to strike at rebels in Lebanon

New insurance doesn't cover sick visits

Beaten for saying ‘Cameron has blood on his hands’

Fox News is about to get a competitor...hee hee

Anger as shark dies in US Kmart advert

Medal proposed for Benghazi SEALs

Transgender woman’s bias case leads to $1,000 fine

Apple Announces New Phone

Beware the eyes of Marge.

Reflections on the Work of President Chavez

About Portman's switch...

Why It's One Law for the Rich in America and McJustice for the Rest

New pope's role during Argentina's military era disputed

The Right-Wing Threat In Greece

Controversial Portrait Of Jesus Moved From Middle To High School

How a parent should NOT deal with their kid being bullied. Charlie Sheen as object lesson

As Glacial Outflow Lakes Swell In Andes, So Does Awareness Of Potentially Catastrophic Flooding

Dancing the World into Being: A Conversation with Idle No More’s Leanne Simpson

Tom Scott - Today

Dancing the World into Being: A Conversation with Idle No More’s Leanne Simpson

China - Rivers Filled W. Dead Pigs, No Regulation, And The Culture Of Mutual Mutilation

Stevie Wonder - Ngiculela -- Es Una Historia -- I Am Singing

Bill calls for high school elective Bible classes

Minority Youth More Likely to be Asked for ID When Voting than Whites

VA Scientist Resigned over Alleged Cover-Up of Burn Pit Danger Data

Galt MacDermot - Field Of Sorrow

Amazing Body Art Illusions by Gesine Marwedel

BBC/HBO's "Family Tree" premieres in the spring of 2013...

"We Have Decided Your Word Is Worth Nothing" - Kayapo Tribes Reject Electrobras Dam Settlement

David McCallum - Love is a hurtin´ thing

Overwintering Monarch Numbers Down 59% YOY; Trend Now Beyond "Just A Bad Year' Rationalization

Millions went to war in Iraq, Afghanistan, leaving many with lifelong scars

CNN Exclusive: One conservative's dramatic reversal on gay marriage

Gay couples also deserve chance to get married - by Rob Portman

VW shares $1.1b in profits with workers-'Profit sharing is hard earned and deserved'

Pakistani activist for poor shot dead in Karachi

Porpoise song - Nobody

NOAA - February Makes It 336 Months In A Row Now Of Above-Average Planetary Temperatures

Cruz got his ASS handed to him on a patter

Speaking from personal experience, procrastination IS the thief of time...

Republican Slams Limbaugh: "You’re so brave, as you daily hide in your little “glass monkey cage""

Gohmert: ‘Vietnam was winnable,’ but ‘people in Washington decided’ to lose

Live From Space! I.S.S. Commander Chris Hadfield Sings with Barenaked Ladies:

Sexist men prefer bigger boobs: study

A sad commentary on education in TX

An alarming map of the global ivory trade that killed 17,000 elephants in one year

"Welcome to Myrtle Manor"

Reports: Father accidentally shoots, kills 10-month-old son in front of family

HS2 ruling 'a victory' despite unlawful compensation move.

KRUGMAN: Somebody Needs To Step Up & Spend & The Government CAN & Should Be That Somebody

Racing legend Stirling Moss embroiled in homophobia row: I don't want a poofter to play me in a film

Middle East in turmoil 10 years after Iraq invasion that officials said would bring peace

David Sirota: The UN Needs to Sober Up

If only the Pope had a Gay son.

U.S. pledge to help Iraqis who aided occupation largely unfulfilled

Steven Seagal Helps Vladimir Putin Promote Fitness Plan

Demand a Wall Street Sales Tax -WH Petition

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -Ryan's Dope

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -Papal Problems

Friday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

Wind power is poised to kick nuclear’s ass

New behind-the-scenes photos from Feb of the President and First Lady

Partisan Politics and Gun Violence

My email to Mika B. re her statement today

Post scenes from TV series' where you first realized "this show is going to be GREAT!"

Ohio's Portman flips, backs marriage equality

A draft to start a discussion on this group's SOP.

Feinstein: I “Felt Patronized” By Ted Cruz

6 Mind Blowing Things Nobody Taught You About Black Holes

Obama Seeks $2 Billion in Research on Cleaner Fuels

Gun nuts threaten boycott of Colorado over new gun control laws

Marketplace Magic! Chinese Entrepreneurs Find Buyers For Diseased, Heavy Metal-Laden Pork!

High court to weigh Arizona voter registration case

Maryland House to vote on death penalty repeal after Senate OK

Does the US need an ambassador to the Vatican?

Elizabeth Warren RIPS GOP & NRA

Government Under The Influence. When private monopoly and government combine.

Conservatives vs. liberals: Who wastes more electricity?

North Korea says US 'behind hack attack'

Vatican denies Dirty War allegations against Pope

Louie Gohmert spouts revisionist history at CPAC...

Will all of the previously departed please welcome Glidden to the Rainbow Bridge?

Inside MSNBC’s Shakeup: Now Chris Hayes Will Take On Bill O’Reilly

By the Order of the Black Colonels

Vatican: Anti-clerical campaign against pope

Krugman: After the Flimflam


Allen West Slams Mitt Romney, Republican Approach to Minority Voters

Sen. Rob Portman comes out for Same Sex Marriage Equality

Mad Turtle Disease

SimCity review: one week later, time doesn’t heal all wounds

Google Has Developed Cars That Drive Themselves & Glasses W/Computers In Lenses>>>

Today is the American Legion's 94th birthday

With friends like Google...........

US drone strikes in Pakistan 'carried out without government's consent'

Hedge Fund Divestment

Cops: Pa. Guard Shot Finger Trying to Remove Ring

F**king Monsanto

5 Colombian soldiers convicted for killing farmers .

The Rude Pundit: Random CPAC Observations ...

Ides of March

Scott Walker's budget borrows $1 billion, mostly for roads

Colombia inspector general condemns persecution of LGBT community .

French Wind Power Turbine Condenses Fresh Water

Broncos Safety Arrested In Vegas For Allegedly Cheating At Craps

Momentum building for gun control, bipartisan or not

Blackwater was CIA's extension, founder Erik Prince admits

Do you need to read something beautiful today? This dad sure loves his kid.


"Bankistan Vanquishes America"--(Ruthless Criminal Enterprises)

Grindr Users Abound at CPAC 2013

Sen. Kelly Ayotte at CPAC this morning... OMG!

Chicago Tribune Cartoonist Draws 46-Year Old Lisa Madigan As A Little Girl

19 charged with conspiring to launder millions in narcotics proceeds from US to Colombia

Military Contracts Awarded On 3.14.2013

19 charged with conspiring to launder millions in narcotics proceeds from US to Colombia

Gambling's a really bad hobbit: Tolkien family and Warner Bros at war over LOTR slot machines

Reviving the Idea That Urban Land is Common Wealth

First SAFE Act arrest made in New York; man sells assault weapons to cop

McConnell at CPAC: the Dem ticket in 2016 is "shaping up to look like a rerun of 'The Golden Girls'"

Happening Now: Matt Taibbi is live-blogging the Senate hearing on JPMorganChase

The "Jesus H. Christ"

This made me angry: 10 states that gouge the unemployed

"My $16,000 African Safari Was To Research Al Qaeda"

Need help in getting account transferred to new computer

Jennifer Rubin's New Favorite Report Debunks Jennifer Rubin

Meet Scott Prouty, the 47 Percent Video Source

Bee-harming pesticides escape European ban

The Plan to Make Google Glass Seem Totally Normal Is Backfiring

Jurassic Park 4 to be directed by Colin Trevorrow

What if Obama offered the republicans some tax-cuts?

An Open Letter To My Son, Who Yesterday Was Called A 'Nerd'

Pelosi: ‘Let’s Take A Look’ At Chained CPI-- (TPM Wire)

Walking Deadheads we have our mission cut out for us for this Sun. Spoiler?

Animal-Sacrificing Priest Sues Prosecutors

Steubenville victim texted "I told them no" to a friend - added link

Republican Mega-Donor Foster Friess Urges Moderate Path On Gay Rights

From the "Greedy People Do Risky Things for More Money" Files ...........

Whooping Cranes 1, Texas 0

From those opposed to the appalling bigotry of e.g. the Catholic Church.

A Landscape of Lies: the gangster film that taxed the taxman

Thermodynamic Footprint update

Things I've learned on DU - Part 1 - It is 'SEXIST' to hold a door open for a women

Lawyer Calls Herbalife a Pyramid Scheme

Vatican Rejects Argentine Accusations Against Pope Francis

Venezuela's opposition ground down by Chavistas

Medieval ‘Black Death’ skeletons found under London railroad site

Yet Another Survey Shows ‘Nones’ Growth at Record Levels

Study says type X people prefer Y. Study says group A experiences less B.

PA. Urban School Districts Facing ANOTHER Round of Massive Teacher Layoffs

Matt Taibbi is live blogging the JP Morgan banking fraud hearings, Now.

Howdy - this sounds like it will be a good place to hang out now and then....

New Interfaith Group

ND bills could make abortion rules strictest in US

Now 14 adults with HIV have been ‘functionally cured’

House Appropriations Chair Takes Down Republican Budget: It ‘Cuts Too Much’

DWP seeks law change to avoid benefit repayments after Poundland ruling

McConnell vows to repeal Obama health care law

LA backs Cal. laws to mandate mental health treatment, violating Mental Health Rights?

Huge Favor to ask of DUers (please keep kicked - thx)

Driftglass and Blue Gal Discuss The Madness Of The Sequester

Bill Gates, Former Boy Scout: Lift the Gay Ban

Protecting the Efficacy of Antibiotics: This is What Real Leadership (and Change) Looks Like

How The Right Wing Turned On James O'Keefe's Former Collaborator Nadia Naffe

Donald Trump's remedy for America: oil from Iraq to 'pay ourselves back'

Why it's one law for the rich in America and McJustice for the rest

I need your help, please

Bradley Manning's Leaked Audio & The Hypocrisy Of The NYT Assassination Defending Puff Piece

Obama Reassures House Democrats On Cuts To Social Security, Medicare

Tribal chairman signs same-sex marriage bill

Happy Friday! Here is a little gift. Might want to have tissue handy...

I post, therefore I am?

Michelle & Barack romantic musical video - lost it . TIA. nt

Walker: Mine site work should start soon

Heads up you clever, creative people! :)

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 15, 1963

Bigoted Babies. Really? Infants shown to have neg bias to others who are different

Today in Peace and Justice history on March 15, 1963

High School Track Meet

Pic Of The Moment: McConnell: Dems' 2016 Presidential Ticket Looks Like Rerun Of The Golden Girls

Robert Parry: The GOP Knows Power

Samsung GS4 launch: Tone-deaf and shockingly sexist

NRA’s LaPierre To Biden: ‘You Keep Your Advice. We’ll Keep Our Guns’

Mitt Romney and CPAC...wha wha wha???

Thom Hartmann: GOP salivates over possible cuts to safety net

Trump Tops Eastwood’s Rambling ‘Empty Chair’ Speech With Rambling ‘Empty Room’ Speech

Review: 'The World According to Dick Cheney' is place with no regret

In Mississippi, the Mysterious Murder of a Gay, Black Politician

I had rather see the Democrats golden girls win in 2016 than the Republicans

Study: 1 In 3 Americans Text And Drive

She is such a lightning rod, I suspect we will need hosts.

Drew blames underlings for JPM losses

How the media whips up a frenzy through senationalism.

Arenal Volcano / La Fortuna Costa Rica Suggestions?

People are losing the spirit of the Ides of March

FYI I started a thread to discuss hosting in the Elizabeth Warren group

11 yr prison sentence for a $350 pizza store robbery. Wall St wipes out the economy & gets nothin'.

The 'INFERNO' is coming soon

Strong Performance By Auto Sector Another Sign Of Improving Economy

Mitt Romney Wants To Apologize To Conservatives

Man who set fire to nuclear submarine gets 17 years

Supreme Court: Can a corporation patent human genes?

Appeals court revives suit over CIA drone records

GOP Assemblyman accused of pot possession on Thruway, voted against medical pot

Sorry, folks. There will not be a Friday Afternoon Challenge today...

Italian parliament meets to seek way out of election gridlock

the big mistake we need to stop

Seedling question

Scott Prouty will not be doing the interview circuit with TV's msm

Oregon Company to Sell Drone Defense Technology to Public

FBI finds ICE shooting justified

Rachel Maddow Tears Into Ted Cruz

St. Patrick's Day (through Google Glass)

Question regarding "In-line" symbols

There seems to be a lot of confusion about benevolent sexism.

Elizabeth Warren: What The American People Deserve...

What Went Wrong in 2012? Don't Say Romney

What sort of person do you find more offensive?

Senate Republicans tell Obama to tone down political attacks

today in women's herstory

Allergic Teen Dies After Eating Cookie

Elizabeth Warren: What The American People Deserve...

Thom Hartmann: Rep. Mark Pocan - The plan to save the middle class & trim the deficit

Heroes: Two drowned after jumping into icy, raging river to rescue 6 year old. Child safe.

Do you support members who enjoy hurling insults at gay people?

Now what would happen if Rob Portman's daughter found herself facing an unwanted pregnancy?

Seymour Hersh | Iraq, Ten Years Later: What About the Constitution?

Focusing on Violence Before It Happens

Francis, a pope of firsts

Pentagon says furloughs for civilian workers can begin April 26

Just saw this - 2/28/13 - Peanut Corporation of America Executives Indicted by DOJ

"Lying, Cheating Sale" Craigs List, When Everything Must Go!

Ed Fallone

Sunshine Week, Day Five: The government has more privacy than we do

Rarely sighted melon-headed whale dies on Trinidad beach

Fluid leak prompts cap of gas well (fracking, 800 gals per minute leaking)

CPAC's overriding message.

Donald Trump draws a large crowd at CPAC

Religion as Citizenship and Letting Go

Hugo Chavez depicted as tyrant for challenging western oil domination: McQuaig

The Media's Short-Sighted View Of Spending Cuts

How did the hipster burn his tongue?

Surprise: Register Of Copyrights Expected To Call For Reduction In Copyright Term

CPAC. Saddest bunch of pathetic, last-century, out of touch Reagan worshippers I've ever seen.

Reports: Father accidentally shoots, kills 10-month-old son in front of family

When Pope Francis Testified About the Dirty War--The New Republic--3/14/2013

Solar power has record year despite bankruptcies

Trump: Rove ‘The Most Over-rated Man in Politics’

U.S. to bolster missile defenses to counter North Korea threat: source

INTERVIEW: Former U.S. nuke watchdog chair says regulators must stay independent

Maintain the Chick-Fil-A boycott. They've doubled their anti-gay contributions.

Obama: Iran Is A Year Away From Developing Nuclear Weapon

Either / Or

"Pope Dreams". What a sweet movie.

The wealthy have paid enough.

Indiana looks like the no. 1 seed right now

Ryan budget’s tax cuts would benefit the very wealthy, nonpartisan group says

Administration backs away from its own greenhouse gas emissions proposal. Sigh.

Leave it to Stephen Colbert!

Et Tu, MrScorpio?

Toon: DRONE!!

Regarding posting photos of the dead from Sandy Hook:

WilLIARd Rmoney speaking now on GEM$NBComcast

I'm THE VILE ROBOT today. Who are you?

Parents surprised by offspring coming out?

Cops: Pa. guard shot finger trying to remove ring

"The Dickens," you say?

“High capacity” mag ban could be an almost total mag ban

Obama Will Use Nixon-Era Law to Fight Climate Change

'Total smoking ban in Sweden by 2025'

Vote against Medical Marijuana then get busted for possession. Ah, hypocrisy.

i am happy to serve as a host for the group

U.S. exempts Syria's opposition forces from sanctions

Let's say it all together now…

Will the SOP prohibition of guns and religion threads in GD ever again be enforced?

Seven Foods You Think Are Healthy But Aren't

Who Was The More Successful Enabler Of Killing Americans In 2001?

Why isn't this in the budget discussions?

Federal Appeals Court Rejects CIA 'Fiction of Deniability' on Drone Documents

Bwaaaaaaaaaah CNN lady - just last night Samsung revealed its latest

Tweet of the day, so far

Do whatever the fuck you WANT to do when it comes to doors...

Mitt Romney’s Speech At CPAC (FULL TRANSCRIPT)

Westwego woman lost eye, ear and both arms after pit bull attack

If President Obama promises spending cuts for tax increases?

A word or two about this group....

Anti-gay leader calls Senator who now supports equal marriage ‘A very troubled man’

Anti-gay "leader" calls Senator who now supports equal marriage ‘A very troubled man’

Ed Bass, other plaintiffs, sue Chesapeake over royalty payments

Trump's "Rambling" CPAC Speech

Trump: Let In More (White) Immigrants

Ann Coulter says liberal women should not be allowed to hold office

Fennec fox

10,000 DU'ers Needed to Vote This Denver Post Poll

Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France

UN says US drones violate Pakistan's sovereignty AP

What do you Boomers in this group think about asking Skinner

Oops!!! Anglo-French plan to arm Syrian rebels meets wall of resistance at EU summit

I take off my hat when I talk to women. It's sexist.

A new group has been created for psychology and mental health interests

Why Republicans' new empathy on gays and immigration won't extend to reproductive rights

some pics (dialup warning)

FAA approves Boeing's 787 battery certification plan.

John Legend and the Well-Meaning Corporatists. An education blogger's excellent post.

Federal court rejects CIA's denial of drone strikes as 'fiction'

Cute Kitty

House on the river in Serbia

Thirty Years Ago TODAY, I went to AF Basic training


I like BIG

Country singer Jack Greene dies

Really Ann Coulter?

CPAC Attendees Blast GOP Senator Who Announced Support For Marriage Equality

I renounced my evil liberal ways after reading this...

Its not that they dont' have new ideas, it's just that have have no clues

Shall We Bring Back 19th Century Etiquette?

We need our tomorrows.

El Salvador: No justice 20 years on from UN Truth Commission

Cast Your Vote for The 1840 Farm Heirloom Seed Collection

Here is the link for the Scott Prouty fund if you are able to thank him with a donation

From the New Republic: When Pope Francis Testified About the Dirty War

Man who plotted to bomb New York synagogues sentenced to 10 years

Venezuelans flood streets for another Chavez coffin parade

Should there be a host(s)...

Bipartisan immigration reform bill takes shape in House

Chivalry as Corrective

Romney re-emerges at CPAC to pass the Republican torch

Audubon Society Official Encourages Poisoning Stray Cats With Tylenol. Sign This Petition:

OMG Bobby Jindal is doing standup at CPAC!! He's doing racism jokes!

More Greatness for your Friday...

EU rejects Franco-British push to arm Syrian rebels

and the fire season seems to have begun in northern colorado

Wayne LaPierre at CPAC questions Obama's sanity.

Cows & puppy


Only Wall Street Wins in Detroit Crisis Reaping $474 Million Fee

TPM: DC's Worst-Kept Public Secret:Lots of Dems Support Entitlement Cuts

Two SAC Affiliates Agree to Settle Insider Suits

Nothing much has changed

You've seen the still pics of dogs underwater - now watch THIS ! ! !

So tell me what type of company you think Academi is?

Thom Hartmann: The Republicans have finally found voter fraud & in Ohio no less!

At first I studied the Buddha in order to become a better Christian

How does today rate on your "Trash This Thread" usage?

Crawford clarifies "black guy in the White House": it was NOT RACIAL

North Dakota Senate passes bill banning most abortions as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy

NYPD cops ordered to run criminal checks on domestic-abuse victims

North Dakota Senate passes bill banning most abortions as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy

Famous poker player arrested in North Carolina male prositution sting:

Bad, bad news, my daughter blew her knee...

A Moment of Class

How do I think this sucks? Let me count the ways. Compensation in 2012 for Head of Wells Fargo

When good battles evil:

Simple Online Tool to Aid Women and GPs in Early Cancer Diagnosis.

Father Matt Ashe, S.J. and the phenomenon of the broad brush

House Republicans Unanimously Vote Down Minimum Wage Hike

Oakland University student booted over 'Hot for Teacher' essay is now suing

This is great! I'd like to thank everyone who played a role in getting this created.

When is that empty chair due to speak at CPAC2013? That dude was good.

(Emerg mgr) Kevyn Orr wants to create blueprint for Detroit's future: 'This is democracy in action'

Interesting article on small airport control tower closings due to sequestration ...

Limbaugh advocates assassinations of politicians

VIDEO: CPAC Attendees Blast GOP Senator Who Announced Support For Marriage Equality

Firefighters battle Soldier Canyon Fire west of Fort Collins

Santorum: Obama wants 'Godless' America; passion is on the left

EPA likely to delay climate rules for new power plants

Trump on immigration: Let in white Europeans

Dennis Prager: gays are like would-be-pilots who don't have 20-20 vision

A WIN for true pro-life advocates!

King SUBSIDY-Sam hands budget dirty work off to "underlings" without their consent.

Great story. An awesome man jumps into a freezing river to save 2 dogs that weren't his.

So much for the 'open' platform. Google Has Begun Purging Ad-Blocking Apps From The Play Store

‘Jeopardy’ looking at Lauer as next host

Romney sees 'jihadists' as possible global superpower

Horse slaughter bill!!

Priest Kidnapped by Junta: Reconciled With Pope

"Grover Norquist’s Last Laugh" -- Dems Got Rolled.. Robert Kuttner

2014 US Senate election- Dem recruitment vs GOP recruitments.

Why I Find Big Ed's Demotion To Weekends Troubling

Idaho lawmakers: No premarital sex should be shown or implied on TV

Rachel Maddow on with Bill Maher tonight HBO 10 pm and repeat at 11 pm also:

Papantonio: American Workers Being Squeezed By Greedy CEOs

North Dakota Senate approves "heartbeat" abortion ban

Can anyone here help me get my California AA meeting through the 501(c)(3) application process?

152 Fuckin' Bullets !!!

Serious Question ...

Chrysler Firing Worker Activists



"How Monsanto outfoxed the Obama administration"--(Salon)

House Republicans Unanimously Vote Down Increase In Minimum Wage

Woman calls 911 to report abandoned baby - actually a puppy. Operators think human.

Dumb criminals: Man barred from every library on the planet after he's caught masturbating in one

Sarah Schulman ‘Doesn’t Know’ About Hamas

On eve of Obama visit, U.S. public’s support for Israel reaches all-time high

Remember when women covered their heads in church?

I think I can explain DemoTex's cryptic thread

A midnight encounter with a sea lion pup.

American Indian tribe OKs same-sex marriage, lets gay couple wed

Notes from the domestic frontier of austere: Disaster Capitalism in Kansas by royal fiat:

Cruz Control

I hate it when I get the rear facing seat

Tar Sands Pipeline Bigger than Keystone XL & Headed for the Great Lakes


Maryland to become 18th state to outlaw death penalty! (why not all of them?)

One of Kali's relatives had to make the hardest decision regarding Kali that could possibly come up.

bluesbassman has REALLY let himself go.

Dieting here -- STFU!!!

I am an American

I saw a Bieber werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's -- his hair was PERFECT!!!

MiddleFingerMom needs a drink. Quickly. HURRY, PLEASE... HURRY!!!

MiddleFingerMom -- same as he EVER was:

Federal Judge Finds National Security Letters Unconstitutional, Bans Them

First responder mistakenly tells mother not to use an expired Epi-Pen on her dying son.

Happy in Outer Mongolia

1 point for the new guy:

Wind Farm Health Concerns Probably Caused By Anti-Wind Scare Campaigns

Small plane crash in Ft Lauderdale

Spoiler Alert: Pope Francis is a Bigot

LGBT Education Group Denied Spot In Cincinnati St. Patrick's Day Parade

Obama "inclined to approve Keystone".

given that

LGBT Education Group Denied Spot In Cincinnati St. Patrick's Day Parade

Everyone Should Know About These New Details Emerging From The Sandy Hook Massacre

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Sources: Elvis Dumervil released (paperwork was late)

What's for Dinner ~ Friday March 15th

Hello :)


Senator Stabenow Statement on Japan Declaring Intention to Join Trans-Pacific Partnership

Israel's New Coalition Is The Stuff Of Benjamin Netanyahu's Nightmares

DOW drops 25 points! Obama is tanking the economy!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the NRA~

CPAC Event On Racial Tolerance Turns To Chaos As ‘Disenfranchised’ Whites Arrive

This is one banker you'll love.

Abe declares Japan will join TPP free-trade process

Plane crash near my home...

You're never toooo big for a good box

N. Korea Military Test-Fire Short Range Missiles

Q: What’s Fracking Got to Do with Free Trade? A: Japan

Weekend Economists Escape to Cuba March 15-17, 2013

Rabid organ transplant kills Maryland man

LaPierre: Have Biden, White House 'Lost Their Minds' on Guns?

More 911 fails: Woman calls 911 to "scare the shit out of her kids"

Ratepayers get the shaft in San Onofre fiasco

"Why an MRI costs $1,080 in America and $280 in France"

Charged with possession of child porn, man rapes 10 year old, stabs her mother to death

Michael to why we should view the 20 dead Newtown children..

FBI Can’t Demand Customer Records From Telcos, Judge Says

Wolf Blitzer Needs To Spend Some Time at.....


Obama Told House Democrats to Look at Entitlement Changes

CPAC Participant Defends Slavery At Minority Outreach Panel: It Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks

West Wing Week: 03/15/13 or "Stay With It!"

CPAC Participant Defends Slavery At Minority Outreach Panel: It Gave ‘Food And Shelter’ To Blacks

Half of Michigan Blacks Lose Local Power in Detroit Takeover

Onion: Republicans Reach Out To Women With New 'No Punch Pretty Lady' Bill

12 year old's bar mitzvah video invite

There will come a time

US Consumer Sentiment Tumbles to December 2011 Lows

"Other People’s Children" by Paul Krugman a the NY Times

Prove GOP killed job..

North Dakota Poised to Ban Abortions at 6 Weeks

Does time exist?

Palestinian Cartoonist Detained For A Month As Prisoner Protests Grow

CPAC attendee defends slavery because slave owners provided ‘food and shelter’

the children of Newtown who were killed are not merely political tools

Wind Energy Produces At Least 10% Of Electricity In Nine States

New Pope blesses the masses - Habenam Felinam

Gov. Matt Mead vetoes unemployment benefits bill

Puerto Rico Teachers Protest Changing Pension Plan

Terrific. NBC News opens with a

a biography of the day-alice cunningham fletcher (ethnologist in native american culture)

ALEC forced to make public "hundreds" of model bills.

Neither a borrower nor a... oh, Whatever

Hugo Chavez coffin parades past Venezuela's ills

KY-Sen: McConnell makes "old lady" joke about Hillary Clinton

Greenland government falls as voters send warning to mining companies

Global TV saying that Marc Ouellet was the Kingmaker in the papal elections who

Liberals are for equality all the time, Conservatives only when it hits home

grace chisholm young (mathmetician, first woman to receive doctorate in germany)

La petite mort

a biography of the day-lida gustava heymann (women's rights activist)

Language matters

Marco Rubio: "Just because...."

Having Breakfast Tomorrow With Rep. Jim McDermott

Pantex, feds vow improvement

Damn this is a great discussion on the war criminal of a Dick

Chris Hayes Says He Will Continue Labor Coverage In Ed Schultz's Tradition

Document gives new details on legislator’s DWI charge

So what if the most honest self-evaluation of the Republican Party concluded “We’re screwed!”

Apple: The Ironic Conservative

Wacko birds and patronizing freshmen: Ted Cruz responds to McCain and Feinstein

some quotes of the day-rebecca west(21 December 1892 – 15 March 1983)

"What is Paul Ryan doing?" by W.W. at the Economist

NYT opinion piece "Defining Bullying Down" = concern trolling?

"The World According to Dick Cheney" on Showtime tonight

Top GOP Senator: We Lost On Obamacare, But We’re Going to Keep Trying To Repeal It Anyway

100 year old woman with impaired vision is thrilled with her new iPad.

OK, does this sound like a good place to eat?

George W. Bush Presidential Center opening won’t be impacted by sequestration

Socorro City Rep. Jesse Gandara Jr., police Sgt. Refugio Orta indicted on theft (updated 3/18/13)

I suppose they had to come up with something, but the Steubenville defense is getting crushed

Everyone Knows Obama Supports Entitlement Cuts — Here’s What They Are

Adoptions are good for humans and other living things

Station locations may determine high-speed rail's future in North Texas

Paul Krugman: Conservatives and Sewers

Maybe ammunition restrictions would be more effective?

...there is no basis on which Obama can make a deal with Republicans.

New 'Costs of War' Report: Hundreds of Thousands Dead, Trillions Spent

U.S. lawmakers push bills to approve Keystone pipeline

ALEC forced to make hundreds of model bills public

Race debate at CPAC descends into chaos after slavery slur

Jets interested in adding Kolb

mr. ever-so-humble

If you don't love Elizabeth Warren

SXSW street fight – Drunk bully gets knocked out on 6th Street

CPAC's 'Trump the Race Card' Panel Derailed by Actual Segregationist

New letter from Michael Moore."Have house parties and show "Bowling for Columbine" and I'll join in"

Classic albums: Rebecca Black's "Friday"

Man who defended slavery at CPAC says he's a descendant confederate president Jefferson Davis

Doctor sentenced for role in Medicare scheme

John Morgan, Obama fundraiser and Crist boss, to lead medical-pot initiative in FL

Rachel goes off on Cruz and the gun rights people

Interpreting online dating profiles

Death Of A Bogeyman - The Corporate Media Bury Hugo Chávez

Federal Judge Finds National Security Letters Unconstitutional, Bans Them

Odawa Indian tribe hosts Michigan's first legal same-sex marriage