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At Tarrytown Music Hall, NY. Al Franken appearing in a few.

Sen. Tim Scott signaled an openness to being Trump's 2024 running mate

'A very toxic environment': Virginia students navigate ugly mask battle

Massive Credit Suisse leak reveals bank managed hundreds of millions of dollars with clients tied to

Dog Search -n- Rescue training day

Gas Prices in California Hit a Record High

Maryland couple plead guilty in nuclear secrets plot

Mexico slaps Cancun Cruz after criticism

23 Women Who Made Us Laugh On Twitter This Week

Bainbridge Island marks 80 years of healing during Day of Remembrance community event

Mysterious 'Z' Painted on Russian Tanks Closing in on Ukraine Border

What would happen if blue states did to their red districts

Newsom passes bill that allows citizens to sue gunmakers for shootings

Fox News journalist Sara Carter made a lying/fake news tweet that claimed a protester in Ottawa died

'A truck is not a speech': Canadian official issues epic rant on 'liberty' as blockade is cleared

Hawaii is only state to not announce plans to lift mask mandates

The Groundbreaking Porn Film That Upset the Supreme Court

Artificial intelligence creates modern look at historical figures

Atheist Foxhole

Momentum building for Medicaid expansion in Wyoming

2 Georgia poll workers sue Giuliani, OAN over election conspiracy theories

U.S. embassy in Moscow urges Americans to avoid crowds, cites "threats of attacks" in major urban ar

"Long Way" - the new single from Eddie Vedder's album Earthling - sounds a lot like Tom Petty

'It's a powerful feeling': the Indigenous American tribe helping to bring back buffalo

Bernie Madoff's Sister and Brother-in-Law Dead in Murder-Suicide

Trump's 'Days Are Numbered'--Kirschner Predicts Ex-President to Be Indicted

Why are airline flights so expensive right now?

On DeSantis' warpath to the White House, Black Floridians are the targets

The Bee Gees - Spicks and Specks (1966)

Vaccinated Mothers' Antibodies Offer Covid Protection for Babies

Anti-Masker Maze by Brian Michael Weaver

Fox reporter confronts Fox opinion hosts TO THEIR FACES over dismal reporting - Brian Tyler Cohen

Ken Griffin Missing as Feds Drop The Hammer. RICO Act Will Bring Down Short Selling Mafia. AMC Stock

George Floyd NFTs are just the tip of a racist crypto iceberg.

Some people see the glass as half full.....

The Beatles (with Tony Sheridan) - My Bonnie (with German intro) (1961)

Al Franken: GOP announced they are 'CRAZY'. They're not only dangerous but kinda stupid!

It is this photo for me.

Jen Psaki to reporter channeling Mitch McConnell on Afghanistan: Biden ended a failed enterprise.

Biden and Putin agree in principle to meet. (Edit to add "in principle")

HEADS UP DEMs: Hillary is the wrong messenger, but she's doing what Democrats must do immediately!

The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There

I have a very positive first impression of Katie Phang (w/ new show on MSNBC).

Let's talk about Cruz, Hawley, and Nina Morrison....

Marjorie Greene tells Alex Jones 'they treat me like a crazy person'

Putin is going to start WW3

We need a break from this madness, So Pink Floyd

Unconventional Wisdom - Why Democrats may increase their control over the House And Senate

The High Numbers (pre-The Who) - I'm the Face/Zoot Suit

More diversion from this madness, Pink Floyd...

FINDING MH370: New breakthrough could finally solve missing flight mystery

Concrete strike could delay West Seattle Bridge repairs FOX 13 Seattle

The Beatles - Come and Get It

Diversion/ Mental healthPink Floyd

Edwin Starr - 25 miles, live

Biden and Putin agree in principle to Ukraine summit- French presidency

4 Cheyenne residents sue Rep. Zwonitzer, alleging voting fraud

Mental Health Pink Floyd escape

Satellite imagery shows Russian ground forces dispersing to positions close to the Ukraine border

With or without war, Ukraine gives Biden a new lease on leadership

Juwan Howard has always been my favorite of the Fab Five, but this is pretty awful as a coach.

One Dead, Five Injured From Shooting at Black Lives Matter March (Portland)

WA lawmakers consider cutting red tape on tiny-home construction

Floyd, Pink. Health, Mental...

Marvin Gaye singing the national anthem at the 1983 NBA All-Star game


Macron proposes a summit with Biden and Putin

The Beatles - Soldier of Love


The Sonics - The Witch (1965)

This question probably belongs in the Entertainment/Gen Streaming Discussions sub Topic Folder.

Have there been any anti-war demonstrations in Russia?

Never thought the Mozart-Volodos Turkish March could sound this cute

My Sunday Billy Strings selection.

Hasil Adkins - more early grunge - Peanut Butter Rock 'n' Roll

Biden needs a Trump substitute

*All Creatures Great and Small on Masterpiece

Fiona Hill

I've run out of witty titles

Exclusive: Trump's Truth Social app set for release Monday in Apple App Store, per executive

The Glenn Miller Orchestra - In The Mood

I am starting to wonder

3 states with shuttered nuclear plants see emissions rise

"I tawt I taw a puddy dog!"

When were Russians

I don't want to be part of a world ...

Joe Biden will NEVER pardon Donald Trump, but...there will be other Presidents

Will Rudy turn on Trump to stay out of jail? I think so, Or will Rudy go down with

Special session call fails to attract a majority

White House economists push back against pressure to blame corporations for inflation

Fox News, it is FRANCE - Macron of France. 😆👀🙄

Abraham Lincoln on the history channel

The New Orleans Jazz Bands, 1905 - 1927

Daevid Allen - Poet for Sale

Trump cult

U.S. claims Russia has list of Ukrainians 'to be killed or sent to camps' following a military occup

Courts deal blow to southeastern Montana coal mine

What is this critter ?

'Nonsensical': Doctor reacts to Eric Trump's Covid vaccine claims

California's Governor Has A New Plan For A Post-Pandemic World - The Sunday Show - MSNBC

Oleta Adams - God Bless The Child - Live (Billie Holiday cover)

Hillary Clinton calls out right-wing media over Durham coverage

Scorpions. China White. This might be the best heavy metal bass/drum intro ever.

Russia closes airspace over Sea of Azov starting at midnight

What I think Putin's game is

The REAL Reason Putin is Preparing for War in Ukraine

Biden Holds National Security Council Meeting on Ukraine Crisis - MSNBC

Secretary of State Antony Blinken on "Face the Nation" - Full Interview

Stevie Ray Vaughan - VH1 Legends documentary

We are living in the era of hostile insanity run by the Axis of Insanity: TRUMP, PUTIN, AND KIM

My Cousin Allegedly Killed His Wife and Cast Her Vote for Trump

Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov on "Face the Nation" - Full Interview

Mexico's Ambassador to U.S. snaps Ted Putz Cruz a good one

No more Olympics :(

Sidney pastor files for bankruptcy

Good luck finding a weirder story than this one.

Statement from Press Secretary Jen Psaki

Jackson heads to court in Cross Village conspiracy-fueled plot

A year after Texas cold spell, study shows renewable energy could avoid blackouts

Nebraska state senator to resign amid accusations from aide

My Ignorance Is Just As Good As Your Knowledge

Former top Trump Russia adviser details the sharp contrast between the former President and Biden

Idaho may have a Democratic governor going into 2023

I promise, this is the real story of how LeBron James is saving Akron

Libby asbestos worker wins historic $36.5M award from Cascade County jury

A year after Texas cold spell, study shows renewable energy could avoid blackouts

State police raid home of top Michigan Republicans amid disturbing allegations

U.S. intelligence suggests Russian troops have orders to invade Ukraine - CBS News

Phil Mickelson-Greg Norman effort to front for Trump goes down in flames?

Assuming Putin will Trump react?

Elegant Winter Jazz - Smooth Piano Jazz for February Cafe Ambience

Will Russia Invade?

Prosecuting Trump would set a risky precedent. Not prosecuting would be worse.

Sarah Vaughan with Clifford Brown - You're Not The Kind of a Boy for a Girl Like Me.

Anyone watched "60 Minutes" earlier? The stories about the "Havana Syndrome "

Well that took some time

Bernie Madoff's sister and her husband found dead in apparent murder-suicide

New York's AG thinks Trump fraud is a family affair. What's past is prologue.

What a Russian assault on Ukraine would look like

Biden, Putin Agree 'in Principle' to Summit, White House Says

Al Franken: Economist Austan Goolsbee on Guess What? The Economy (Feb. 20, 2022)

This is NOT funny. It's not, it's just not. 😳👀😆

Nepal's Parliament debates US aid grant amid fierce protests

Russian's attempt to push false flag this evening

60 Minutes segment on Havana Syndrome

It's rare you can actually see how a concerto grosso works.

A map of everyone in Ontario who donated to the Flu Truck Klan

Watched the move Belfast

Monday A.M. Jazz - New Week Vibe Jazz & Bossa Nova Live Stream

Poll: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott up 7 points over Beto O'Rourke; AG Ken Paxton likely headed to runoff

Florida Doctor Gets Probation After Strangling Girlfriend and Murdering Father

Medical boards pressured to let it slide when doctors spread COVID misinformation

For those worried about the anti-vax trucker convoys "threatening" Washington...

'We are afraid': Erin Brockovich pollutant linked to global electric car boom

AG Austin Knudsen launches investigation into GoFundMe

oh... my...

Meet Natalya Sindeyeva - has she got news for Vladimir Putin

Bond Between China and Russia Alarms U.S. and Europe Amid Ukraine Crisis

The usual suspects have been really quiet since the Sandy Hook Settlement

Playing, worse case scenario here: Ukraine and our politics

*See Wes Clark on CNN New Day @ 7 a.m. central time tomorrow.

Armed homeowner and armed protesters had confrontation before shooting that left 1 dead, 5 injured

WORDLE2 #67 Midnight to Noon Version 2/21/2022.

Bozeman man pleads guilty to involvement in Capitol riot

Is Putin Sane?

☦ ☮ Orthodox Church: 'Bless the Lord, O My Soul', St. Michael's Orthodox Church in Louisville, KY


John Sebastion and David Bromberg - Demon in Disguise -

Swalwell tweet

Tweet of the early morning:

They Are Coming For All Birth Control

Bernie Madoff's sister and husband found dead in suspected murder-suicide

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Joke that is actually true:

Count Basie and His Orchestra - April in Paris

Mac Rebennack and the Band - "Such a Night" - The last Waltz/

Trump in Huge Trouble After Lying Under Oath - Christo Aivalis

#1 Song I heard in China Karaoke in 1995-2005

You Made Me Love You - Harry James, Helen Forrest

John Prine -Elizabeth Cook "In Spite of Ourselves" Dayton Ohio 11/16/2013

Ukraine's Foreign Minister reveals Putin's "biggest mistake" - 60 Minutes Overtime

David Bromberg - Medley Of Irish Fiddle Tunes - 4/17/1976 - Capitol Theatre

Virginia High Schooler Born Without Legs Wins State Wrestling Title

Randy Newman with Ry Cooder - Mama Told Me not to Come

Former top Trump Russia adviser details the sharp contrast between the former President and Biden.

Three Dog Night - 'Easy To Be Hard'

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - Critical Race Theory (Season Premiere)

Experts Warn 'Not To Get Too Cocky' As US Contemplates Life After Covid

Parsing the potential for a "swift" reaction if Russia invades Ukraine.

You start with Reagan, you end up with Trump.

Duke Ellington - Take The A Train

Jelly Roll Morton - The Crave

Florida mother arrives late to daycare to find daughter locked inside alone in the dark

Disinformation for profit: scammers cash in on conspiracy theories

politician punched in face, journalist and politician brawl on live tv (Ukraine)

Extremists see opportunity as fury over Covid rules erupts in rural California

The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get

Bonus Tweet of the Day

David Crosby Gives 'Scummy People' At Spotify A Blunt Warning About Karma

'Get the hell out of here!': Tom Cotton ripped over his 'asinine' comments about Putin and Biden

Elites have hijacked Russia and conflated the country's interests with their own

Breakfast Monday 21 February 2022

Australia wants 'full investigation' into China laser incident - Morrison

Will we find out not only top secret documents were stolen ,

So Mark Meadows flipped off the j6 committee

NYTimes Wordle 2/21

A monthly Flight Pass subscription from Alaska Airlines covers round-trips within California, ...

A monthly Flight Pass subscription from Alaska Airlines covers round-trips within California, ...

BBC Live: Kremlin quashes fresh hopes of diplomatic solution

How do you make your wife scream during sex

Controversial sign spotted in Langley High School library

Doc gave me some bad news told me I had to stop masturbating

Kremlin says it has "no concrete plans" for Putin-Biden summit on Ukraine

Bob Bolus is staunchly pro Trump & coming to DC w/ plans to shut down Beltway

Gryff had a much easier time dealing with all of the company than I anticipated

Bob Bolus is staunchly pro Trump & coming to DC w/ plans to shut down Beltway

Bob Bolus is staunchly pro Trump & coming to DC w/ plans to shut down Beltway

Biden's Schedule for Monday, February 21, 2022

Ukraine update: Letters from an American - Heather Cox Richardson

Dogs may be able to tell difference between speech patterns, study finds

Dogs may be able to tell difference between speech patterns, study finds

Penguins are cute

Controversial sign spotted in Langley High School library

I suspect that this milk didn't come from the udder:

'Something Went Wrong': Trump's Twitter Ripoff Suffers Botched Launch

Wordle 247 (*** SPOILER THREAD ***)

What banned books have you recently read?

TERRIFYING......From Dana Nessel, Michigan AG:

As a 35 year teamster truck driver to all those owner ops planning on protesting in dc

...The more you know...

Help Wanted Ad

National Sec. Adviser Jake Sullivan tells NBC this am that Russia is planning an "extremely violent"

Anti-democratic attitudes: The influence of work, digital transformation and climate change

Russia reports five deaths and claims attempted border incursion

John Durham's admission Republicans are 'out of their minds' means he must shut down 'sham'

Tiny Violins - Joe Rogan podcast has disappeared from Spotify - Probably tech issues but.....

"Ukraine Must Be Returned to Russia" - by Vladimir Putin

'Black porters in Montreal leave legacy of labour rights after enduring low wages, racism

Monday TOONs - Find Me Those Cards!

Florida woman charged with murder after allegedly stabbing husband 140 times

WAY WRONG: Oklahoma bill would fine teachers $10K for teaching anything that contradicts religion

To Pardon or Not To Pardon

You know why Truth Social is a bust?

someone gave us an air fryer

DC Free Comic Book Day 2022 Offerings Revealed

Comixology: Patton Oswalt, Comic Creators Blast Amazon's Changes

Saturday Morning Panels: Week of 2/16/2022

Comics Syllabus: Borders, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, and FF: Life Story

Tom Veitch, Comic Book Writer, Novelist and Poet, Dead at 80

The Rundown: February 21, 2022

CBC*: Just chilling until spring arrives in this week's photo gallery, February 21, 2022

Jan 6th terrorist& Marine reservist, nurse charged with fake vaccine card scam

Virginia school forced to apologize for library sign protesting book bans

No cyber school today so I sponsored our kids on a field trip

CBC*: Your North: Best reader photos for the week of Feb. 13-20, 2022

WI GQP scheme is "Illegal and unconstitutional'

Am I Supposed to Believe?

146 Virginia police officers decertified, new law expands to include excessive force and lying

A response to Melania's tweet hawking her "NFT collection".

Guardian: Life on Ukraine's eastern frontier - in pictures February 21, 2022

Scrapyard Cited For Years Of Fires, Explosions Booted From Lincoln Park; Won't Be Going To Southeast

The Beauty of Teaching

Who's Behind the People's Convoy to Washington DC?

Current Record Drought In American West Likely To Continue For Years

Andres Segovia was born on this date.

Let's Do It Again

Nina Simone was born on this date.

JD Vance Calls Highly Decorated General A Combat-Averse, Wine-Drinking Elitist

Playing with Fire

GOP, classy as ever:

Today's Image Dump (2/21/22)

The more things change... and vax is no different...

Why wasn't I told that you don't have to be dead to have

Who is dying of COVID amid omicron surge and widespread vaccine availability?

The strange reason migrating birds are flocking to cities

It's Called The Dark Ages

GQP/ALEC Respond To Climate Emergency W. Legislation To Force Investment In Fossil Fuel Industry

CNN military analyst breaks down Russia's Ukraine strategy (CNN)

Israel successfully tests naval air defense system

I LOVE looking out the window to see these sweet hearts

Today is National Sticky Bun Day - February 21, 2022

"Get(ting) Rid Of The Green Crap" (PM David Cameron) Added 2.5 Billion To UK Energy Costs

AG candidate Adam Jarchow tweets that Wisconsin deer hunters may be 'forced to invade' Canada

This Black WV town is a toxic air 'sacrifice zone'

This Black WV town is a toxic air 'sacrifice zone'

A friend asked me if I knew where he could find women who scream loudly in bed

Conservative Hacks Pretend To Be Populists - Rebel HQ

It's an info war, you can't just lean back and hope the so-called referees (media) do all the work.

'This should terrify the nation': the Trump ally seeking to run Arizona's elections

'This should terrify the nation': the Trump ally seeking to run Arizona's elections

Bjorn Lomborg Apparently Still Alive, Now Plagiarizes Himself, Along With Birther/Sandy Hook Truther

What will stop Rooty-Tooty, Bare-Chested Pooty?

New York Times Says They Haven't Made Wordle 'Harder' to Solve -- Despite What Some Fans Think

Issa and Levin Introduce a Bipartisan Bill for a Very Bad Idea.

Guy Finds Tiny Frog In His Salad

Reuters: Ukraine on edge: Scenes from a region amid the prospect of war Feb. 20, 2022

Tom Malinowski 'I've honestly never seen more unity among our allies or our two parties in Congress'

Are we only wishing a happy Presidents' Day

Tell me you're 5 without telling me you're 5

The cryptovangelist -by Tom Tomorrow

US Navy plans launch of Mideast drone force alongside allies

A tribute to retail workers (found on Reddit)

Some of dis and Some of dat

Dash Cam Shows Cops Take $100,000 From Innocent Man - Audit the Audit

Northern Europe battered by 3rd major storm; deaths hit 14

More wintry weather is on the horizon: Here is what we know

Beefeater - Plays For Lovers​/​House Burning Down [Full Album] (great DC 1984-86 post-hardcore/funk)

Chemical & Vaccine Free: At 14, parents say this kid is smarter than 90% of grown adults.

Did a WWW search on "nato's response to russia"

"I've done a lot of stupid shit in my life but I never put Devin Nunes in charge of anything."

Donald Trump's Long Week of Legal Woes

3.6-magnitude earthquake shakes Central California, geologists say

Cork landmark damaged during Storm Franklin

The news about Trump taking home classified/top secret documents brings to mind...

MPC - Around The World in 80 Days - VFX

Alison Krauss and Union Station - Lucky One (live)

Blizzard conditions likely in northern Japan until early Tuesday

Finnish Skier Suffers 'Frozen Penis' During Cross-Country Event at Beijing Olympics

Liberal Media? CNN: Why a Putin summit would be a huge risk for Biden

Snowboard Cross: most exciting Olympics event?

Top U.S. & World Headlines -- February 21, 2022

Donald Trump Could Be Losing Status As GOP Kingmaker

Whatever Happened To The Republicans Being The "Big Tent" Party?

'Paper terrorism': Parents against mask mandates bombard school districts with sham legal claims

The Berlin lakeside villa where the Nazis planned the Holocaust

AZ Dashboard - no meaningful numbers today.

Here's a challenge

UK: over-75s and vulnerable people to be offered additional Covid booster jab

Guess who's going to CPAC?

'Don't choke my vote': Voting rights protesters descend on Reagan Day Dinner

Germany hopes protein-based Covid vaccine will sway sceptics


As February draws to a close there have been

Today is Presidents Day

In case anyone had any doubts about Tulsi Gabbard, she's speaking at CPAC this week:

The Dirty Secret of Inflation: Corporations Are Jacking Up Prices and Profits

Tomorrow - Too many twos to Tuesday to think about - Lucky Lotto numbers????

Happy #PresidentsDay. Happy Presidents Day

Middle Age Riot tweet:

Yale's Happiness Professor Says Anxiety Is Destroying Her Students

6 days from one end of the spectrum to the other

Any chance Russian troops can be

Kitteh loving his new playset:

Time for some of us oldies to accept the truth. Our history lessons were alternate facts.

Bill To Eliminate Most Agrochemical Oversight The Latest In Bolsonaro's "Agenda Of Death"

"How it started vs how it's going":

"Opens the door like he's paying the mortgage":

Hong Kong reports 7,533 new Covid cases, total for entire pandemic 60,383.

Rory McIlroy tabs the Saudi Golf League 'dead in the water,' asks 'Who else have you got to fill the

Wildfires In Corrientes Province, Argentina Approaching 8,000 KM2 As Ibera National Park Burns

Switzerland at risk of EU blacklist after Credit Suisse leak

More immaturity from the republican party. Imagine if the DNC did something like this?

Inflation Has Many Seniors Worried About Outliving Their Savings

WV Gov. Jim Justice went after WSAZ for this story, singling out one reporter in particular.

We Should Start Replacing Breaking News ...

WV Gov. Jim Justice went after WSAZ for this story, singling out one reporter in particular.

2nd tweet:

'Paper terrorism': Parents against mask mandates bombard school districts with sham legal claims

430 Square Miles Of Amazon Forest Destroyed In January; Highest Total For The Month Since 2008

Wanna cry some good tears?

Australia demands answers from China over alleged laser incident at sea

While we are focussed on Trumps and the Ukraine...

Cool art:

Are you the descendant of slave owners? Do you want to share your (family's) story?

"Law and Order is coming back! Updated but starring Sam Waterson!

Air frying garlic is a simple hack you can use in countless dishes

They assassinated Malcolm on this day

Expeditors Targeted in Cyber-attack

Inflation Has Many Seniors Worried About Outliving Their Savings (S)

S Carolina Senate panel revives COVID-19 vaccine ban bill

I believe this

Red-wing Blackbird Sighting - Conk-La-Ree!

Schmidt on Ukraine and this moment

Across the Desk S5:E6 (The Oklahoma GOP Attack on Medical Marijuana - 2nd Dose)

Why were chainsaws invented? 😳😳👀😱

I watched "Summer of Soul" last night! That was fabulous...

Pic Of The Moment: Wingnuts Of The Weekend

Was my dad wrong?

Russian Security Council rn

AOC calls out Carlson's 'libelous harassment'

Profiting off the protests

'Paper terrorism': Parents against mask mandates bombard school districts with sham legal claims

Some hopeful good news, I just talked to a Trump voter I know.

A food question for people with more kitten experience than yours truly

A scam using Zelle digital payments. A woman lost $2,000

Myanmar seeks to have Rohingya case thrown out of UN court

Boris Johnson announces end to self-isolation after positive test in England

Lawrence: Judge Sees 'Copious Evidence' Of Possible Fraud By Trump

Stevie Wonder - I Wish

Reality TV led to alternative facts.

Israeli authority backs down from Mount of Olives park plan

Should politicians be subject to disqualification under Constitution's ban on 'insurrectionists'?

Always Take Sides ...

Parents Opposing Mask Mandates Bombard School districts With Sham Legal Claims

Just my opinion, If Putin wanted to take over all of Ukraine. He would have done it by now.

President of Finland Sauli Niinist discusses the Ukraine-Russia crisis

UK: Ministers to reject making misogyny a hate crime

Has anyone else considered this is a tactic by Putin

Why kids are turning to nongendered pronouns

Ex-Honduran President Hernndez Arrested on Drug Charges; U.S. Backed His Narco-State for 8 Years

Mexican Government Fires Back At Sen. Ted Cruz After Criticism

Email From USPS Yesterday

Texas GOP revolts against Trump's favorite cowboy

Did you see on the news about the helicopter crashing into the ocean?

China to sanction two US firms for arms sales to Taiwan

St. Louis aldermen advance new bike lanes, Compton Bridge rebuild

A painting I just finished of my cat Lizzie!

OBSCENE PROJECTION: Voter fraud is really a Republican thing?

Jesus Can't Save You, Life Starts When The Church Ends

Broke my heart watching television today as the Ukranians prepare for the slaughter of millions

Why am I getting so many of these?

How big asphalt won over climate in infrastructure bill, and how Republicans are exploiting i

Beau of the Fifth Column: Let's talk about Republicans missing deomographic info.

Russia to decide on recognising Ukrainian regions on Monday, Putin says

TRUTH SOCIAL is off to a rip-roaring start.....

Cartoon: Trumpy toilet training By Clay Jones -February 21, 2022 9:33 AM

Anchorage Assembly member Christopher Constant announces run for U.S. House against Don Young

A new self-portrait painting.

GOP state senator (VA) thinks Lincoln debated Frederick Douglass (article a month old):

So what are we really up against now?

James Robertson's 'The news where you are'

2022 US Senate Election Prediction- Democrats will gain 1 seat.

Oh goody.....Candace Owens has done her *research* on vaccines

A 4th Covid-19 shot might be recommended this fall, as officials 'continually' look at emerging data

Samoyed Loves All The Cats At His Daycare -- So His Family Adopts One For Him

Some good news from Russia:

Native American tribes sue North Dakota over 'sickening' gerrymandering

What should the US do about Ukraine?

When you just wanna take the dogs for a fucking walk.....

I remember this one being used as a foil against Kamala Harris

National Republican group sidesteps new disclosure law with $3 million donation in Alaska governor's

National Republican group sidesteps new disclosure law with $3 million donation in Alaska governor's

VA Dem Senator wants us to recognize Youngkin's unprecedented accomplishment.

Russian stock market in free fall!

Boris Johnson ends COVID self-isolation requirement in England

Two Former Hawaii Lawmakers Plead Guilty To Accepting Bribes

Putin to give televised address shortly:

Russia will recognize two regions in Ukraine

Today would've been John Lewis' 82nd Birthday...he's missed dearly

A century ago, the Ku Klux Klan terrorized Southern Oregon

Incumbents Bourdeaux, McBath compete for same metro Atlanta seat in Congress

Tweet of the Day

2022 US Senate Election in states that Democrats will likely win.

Are the Russian people willing to go to war?

Amendments for Samoan lands and voting on Constitutional Review Committee agenda

How Exactly Has Fox News Been Reporting On This Issue??

Putin Reportedly Recognizes Ukrainian Region As Independent State (MSNBC)

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 22 February 2022

How can you tell there are no women on the CPAC design team, you ask?

As we await a large Russian invasion, we mustn't forget that Russia has already fractured Ukraine.

School Diversity Strides Across The US Upended By Right-Wingers

Meet in the middle?

Is there any reasons why Mark Meadows is being allowed to flip off the Jan 6th committee? Why yes...

Why Fundamentalist Christianity Hates Democracy

What crazy shit is this? Putin Announces Creation of Two New Countries

Who needs Dana Bash and Clarissa Ward explaining what Putin is saying - LET'S HEAR IT OURSELVES!

Putin is speaking now!

Most Republicans don't believe the shit they're selling

'What's The Point?' Moscow Residents On Russia's Possible Invasion of Ukraine

Keith Urban & John Fogerty LIVE, Los Angeles, January 20, 2005 - 9 songs

Looks like Putin's going full rogue. As in Kim Jong Un rogue.

Is mutual masturbation Breaking News?

Medina Spirit is DQ'd from 2021 Kentucky Derby

Trump is not like Hitler, he is like Fritz Kuhn.

True as hell

Putin is very popular among Trump supporters and the Trump adjacent

Putin's address to Russia: there's no such thing as Ukraine.

They should defect as NATO drops the sanctions in Vlad's lap

Looking at the states that currently have 1D and 1R US Senator.

There's no such thing as 'smart' ballot drop boxes. AZ GOP proposal would require their use.

My current ear worm- Sinatra +One For My Baby

Another Booster Shot May Not Be Needed for a Long Time

Biden administration to delay oil and gas leasing amid legal appeal

Tom Nichols tweet

Can someone explain to me---in a way that makes sense---how Putin's announcement that

Now I have seen it all ! Well, not quite.

Sounds like many Russians have relatives in Ukraine

Candace Owens called for the US to invade Canada to stop Justin Trudeau cracking down on trucker

John Oliver Is Back, and He Turns His Pitiless Gaze Upon the Right's "Critical Race Theory" BS

A haiku for Ted Cruz

Switzerland at risk of EU blacklist after Credit Suisse leak

U.S. Troops in Poland Brace for Possible Ukrainian Evacuees

Nine Pound Hammer - Hayseed Timebomb (Full Album)

Anti-Trump Republicans Gather In Washington

Remembering Obama's Scandalous Presidency The Daily Show

Fox News Anchor Returns, Confirms He Was Hospitalized With COVID Pneumonia

Ex-Trump Chief of Staff Endorses Nancy Mace

Even Alberto Gonzales is against TFG

The worst take on the internet today? Pseudo-liberal and Glenn Greenwald acolyte Aaron Mate


Bonus Tweet of the Day (Sarcastic Tweet)

Another excellent Rothkopf thread

Breaking: UK to think about more support for Ukraine - PM

Which US Senate Election in 2022 are the Democrats more likely to win?

U.S. Nears Return to Iran Nuclear Deal

Blockade's over, but Trudeau says emergency powers needed

Just a reminder, this happened: 'In 1939 the Nazis Held a Rally at Madison Square Garden'

Hank the Tank, a 500-Pound Bear, Ransacks a California Community

Paul Farmer, Global Health Care Pioneer, Dies At 62

Trump campaign's star witness pursues a second act

Leftovers for lunch

Why the Obama Presidential Center won't be naming all spaces after donors

So, we finally have a Democratic candidate for Congress in Alaska.

So long, fake spring. Winter weather returns to the Puget Sound area this week.

Boris Johnson confirms pandemic restrictions will end in England

63 years ago in 1959,

Opinion: 'Hillary Clinton Derangement Syndrome' is worse than ever

120-pound dog has the best response to family bringing home a shelter dog

I don't know much about the female anatomy, is that normal? (twitter)

Pandemic travel highlighted 'air rage' and the need for a national no-fly list

Trump's app 'another chapter in the war on truth'

This is amazing - When the Levee Breaks

Rory McIlroy on Phil Mickelson's attempt to recruit PGA players for the new Saudi tour

EU will slap sanctions on those involved in recognizing Ukraine's breakaway regions as independent

GOP wishes happy Presidents Day to past presidents except Biden

We have a beautiful sunny 62 degrees in the Ohio

Watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

"Waiting on the tweet confirming Putin as a CPAC speaker."

Gas prices hit record high in San Diego

Gas prices hit record high in San Diego

Republican lawmakers bar journalists from statehouse floors

Psaki: Biden will soon issue an EO that will prohibit new investment, trade, and financing

Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit disqualified; trainer Bob Baffert suspended for 90 days

Oklahoma and Mississippi have bills to prevent Electric Vehicle sales.

Michigan GOP Theme Song

WTF DID YOU EXPECT? : Marjorie Greene tells Alex Jones 'they treat me like a crazy person'

To support births, Chinese capital Beijing adds fertility services to insurance coverage

More contagious version of omicron spreads in U.S., fueling worries

Oops (no animals were harmed blah blah blah)

What's for Dinner, Mon., Febr. 21, 2022

President Biden reacted promptly to Putin's "creation" of Godetsk and Luhansk. Has Republican

Putin's speech today

Cartoons 2/21/2022

As tensions rise at picket lines, King County judge to limit Teamsters' activity

Justin Bieber Tests Positive for COVID-19, Postpones Las Vegas Concert Date

More contagious version of omicron spreads in U.S., fueling worries

Arrested after a fatal stabbing, a Utah man told police he brought a gun to Capitol on Jan 6

Where are they now? Pussy Riot

Supreme Court to revisit Biden administration effort to shut down 'remain in Mexico' policy

50 years after Nixon visit, US-China ties as fraught as ever

As Kuwait cracks down, a battle erupts over women's rights

Texas Democratic Party Chair Candidate Forum - Recap and Commentary

Why Ukraine Is Different a cable TV show

Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightning (1956) digitally remastered mono to stereo

Information war rages ahead of feared Russian invasion

This is what I think will happen in the current standoff in Europe.

Now TFG Says His Accounting Firm Was 'Broken' By 'Radical Leftist' Racists

The End of "America First"?

NBC News (Much of the balance of this piece has already been posted so no link.)

The number of US Senate seats the Democrats will have after 2022 is at least 50.

Russian "peacekeepers" ordered to Eastern Ukraine.

Rand Paul: Unlike Democrats, Republicans will take high road with Supreme Court pick

Baltics call for swift EU sanctions on Russia after it recognizes Ukrainian breakaway republics

Did they hire Devin Nunes to run Truth Social because he's an expert at milking things?

I'm shocked at how hard the news about Griswold being on the chopping block hit me...

Florida Republicans are going after contraceptives

NI Protocol talks should move into 'discreet' phase

Statement by Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Russian Announcement on Eastern Ukraine

Former soldier convicted of rape jailed for 10 years

Can history go ahead and repeat itself, and soon?

The invasion of Ukraine is in progress

Police chase woman on motorized suitcase at Orlando airport

Trump Appointee Condemns Pool Sign Asking People With Diarrhea To Stay Out Of The Water

Putin has ordered his military to go to Donetsk and Luhansk regions in order to carry out "peacekeep

Officials: Progress being made eliminating feral hogs

Another Booster Shot May Not Be Needed for a Long Time

Service Academies Report Highest Number of Sexual Assaults Ever

Is there a soap you recomend after a person met Ted Cruz?

Whistleblowers accuse AG Ken Paxton of lying about their allegations of misconduct

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news for us 4/3 camera users but

Putin declared the rebel Ukrainian areas are "ancient Russian lands"

TCM later:

GOP critics of Trump to gather in DC to offer CPAC 'counterprogramming'

Jeff Tiedrich Tweet:

Youngkin's Approval Rate Already Underwater

Malcolm X

Queen Of Hearts -Gregg Allman

US to impose sanctions on breakaway Ukraine regions after Putin recognition

Are those who invested heavily in cryptocurrencies permitted to leave their homes

Lets re-read this article about Putin in 2015

So I just watched Richard Engel on MSNBC

What would have happened if Donald Trump were president when his ally, Russia, invaded Ukraine?

A tribute to Malcolm.

China sanctions Lockheed Martin, Raytheon

How right-wing Virginia parents could be held accountable for frivolous lawsuits against schools

Australia urges 'full investigation' into China naval laser incident, Beijing defends actions

France's Macron calls emergency national security meeting on Russia-Ukraine

A tribute to Malcolm X on this date.

Tuba Skinny - Some of these Days - Live

Wisconsin district attorney urged to go after fake Trump electors

Kings Of Leon - Pyro

Letters to the Editor: If you think NATO is the real threat, you're falling for Russian propaganda

Will history repeats itself? "How an Outsider President Killed a Party"

A reminder that Chuck Todd has three jobs. He is NBC News' Political Director,

Iran returns donated vaccines because they were made in US

British triathlete J. Teagle went the wrong way before the finish line, Mentriga waited for him

Daniel Radcliffe Appears Unrecognizable on Set After Transforming into 'Weird Al' Yankovic

Happy Birthday to the great John Lewis! He still inspires good trouble!

Neil Cavuto credits vaccines for his recovery from serious Covid illness

Moscow orders Russian troops into Ukraine

Eric Trump Wants To Have Dinner With Jesus To Complain About Joe Biden

Bitcoin Miners Revived a Dying Montana Coal Plant--and Emissions Soared

Blockades over, but Trudeau says emergency powers needed

Ukraine Separatist territories: What they occupy v. What they want.

Putin's Fourth of July Comrades.

Tucker Carlson Is OBSESSED With AOC's Looks

Youngkin's pick to lead the state IT agency is leaving after less than a month on the job, ...

The Rock's XFL Agrees to Deal with NFL to Innovate Game, Test Rule Changes for Safety

What Republicans believe in is their superiority and a hatred of those different

Officials Have Discussed Having Ukraine's President Leave

Will the Russian Regions of Donetsk and Luhansk

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton: Health care for transgender children is abuse

*Wes Clark will be on Anderson Cooper tonite.... edited

Executive Order on Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting Certain Transactions

Start Seizing Russian Oligarch Properties Worldwide And Begin Bulldozing Them

Iraq forces arrest Daesh leader north-east of Syria

Count Basie - Basie Boogie

Here's our full story on Paper Terrorism, the new antivaxx/QAnon tactic to strongarm school boards.

46% of mail-in ballots have been rejected in El Paso, Texas so far following the Texas GOP's ...

Watching Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC. Sounds as if she has a buzz on.

David Bowie - Rock And Roll Suicide (Ziggy)

More contagious version of omicron spreads in U.S., fueling worries

Ali Velshi filling in for Ari Melber. Really like him.

Romney's push to revive child tax credit hinges on work requirements

Black History Month-Plaque honoring ancestor of Michelle Obama

Reports that Chris Wood meowed at Kurt Zouma during Newcastle's game against West Ham

What would you have said?

EU and US promise more sanctions against Russia as Putin recognises breakaway republics in Ukraine

Remember TFG's role in this...

Gaggle gathered down creek

Well Putty finally did it and I just have to ask what would have happened if.....

Ruble Plunges To 80 Against The Dollar As Putin Recognizes Breakaway Republics

What is going on in Michigan? (Right-wing nutjobs)

River @ sunset, southern MD

Donald Trump Presidential Library

Dr Paul Farmer, Partners in Health co-founder died.

How political extremists took advantage of COVID-19

Video captures driver playing cornet at stoplight in Stockton

There are NO Peacekeepers. There is ONLY Ukraine. Let's not push Putin's message.

Quick legal question for a friend.

So people actually BBQ while riding NYC subway!

Mexican forces arrest reputed Sinaloa cartel leader Jose Bryan Salgueiro Zepeda at baptism