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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 28,811

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The entire Americas from the top of Canada down to the bottom of Argentina should have open borders

Just like Eurozone, people, business, and capital should move freely throughout the Americas. Just like someone born in Virginia and live and work in Texas, we should be able to be born any where in the Americas and live and work any where else in the Americas.

Donald Trump will not be the Republican nominee for president

It will be Marco Rubio.

Some basic questions about Bernie's Single Payer plan

1. How would doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals be compensated and who determines their level of compensation?

2. What procedures would be covered? Would every procedure currently covered by existing health insurance companies be covered by Single Payer?

3. What happens if doctors don't take Single Payer patients only those with private insurance? What does that mean for people who currently have relationships with these doctors but can no longer see them?

5. If people opt out of being in Single Payer and are willing to pay for private health insurance, are they exempt from the payroll tax? If they're not, why not?

4. What about funding sources? What if the payroll tax is inadequate to compensate the doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies?

5. What about reproductive health care for women? Will Single Payer pay for contraceptives? Will abortions be covered?

To answer your inevitable questions about Hillary's health care plan, she's stated that she will maintain the ACA which addresses these issues above.

Bernie Sanders town hall gives US party line when confronted re: #gaza

Bernie at a town hall engages in a discussion about Israel:

Hey, hey...you..uh..took care of that thing we talked about?

Is it done?

Has Bernie's single payer health care plan explained how it would pay for women's re-productive...

healthcare? Will contraceptives be covered? Will abortions? What medicine(s) would be considered contraceptives? Is he going to end the Hyde amendment?

How does Bernie's plan account for Doctors & Specialists who won't take patients from Single Payer?

Millions of Americans have health care plans that they like. For example, there are unionized workers who have good healthcare plans. These Americans have doctors and specialists available on their current plans. If these same doctors and specialists refuse to take patients from a Single payer plan just from private health insurance plans, how does Bernie's plan adjust for that?

Hillary's healthcare plan is based on maintaining the ACA which allows people to keep their current plan. She wants to build on it and improve it:


--On edit--
How will women's re-productive healthcare be administered? Will contraceptives be covered? Will abortions be covered?

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Interview After His Trip to Besieged Nicaragua

Why can't Bernie supporters ever answer a direct question?


How will Bernie get a left of center SCOTUS nominee through this senate if elected?

I want to know how Bernie is going to get a strong left of center nominee through this senate.
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