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Why are 41% of DU'ers still "Undecided" ?

Are they waiting on someone else to get in the race?

Perhaps they have a candidate of choice but do not wish to declare it just yet? That might promote more productive debate and less confrontation between the different camps? That would make sense.

Just curious as to why so many are still "undecided".

The debate last night was like "basic training" for the battle yet to come.

For the average Democrat, it may have looked messy and out of control, but it may come in handy when the nominee is running against Donald Trump. Nothing is too messy or out of control for that clown, as we well know.

We may look back on these debates and see them in a different perspective? Everybody knows Donald Trump's game. After last night, any of these Democrats look like they are ready to take him on at his own game.

Jeremiah was a bullfrog

The Symbolism of $$$$$$ at the Debate

There they stood on the stage. Billionaires on each end of the stage, with Bernie Sanders, the independent socialist, standing in the middle. Is that the new Democratic Party?

At times, it looked like a train wreck out of one of those old black and white movies.

We do not know how much each of the tickets cost to the event? But some are reporting that they cost a good penny.

During one of their commercial breaks, there was an ad. It was an ad for one of the billionaires on stage. Some might say Mr Bloomberg was going to get his say one way or another? That was strange, but telling.

It was symbolic in that it showed the extent to which money has infiltrated both political Parties. The moderates and progressives were surrounded by it.

What is your opinion about breaking up huge monopolies like Facebook and Amazon?

Are they unhealthy for capitalism? Do they stifle competition?

Elizabeth Warren has mentioned such a thing but I have not heard any details from her?

The last time I recall breaking up a huge company was with Ma Bell in the 1970's (I believe?) into Baby Bells. It didn't seem to last very long? At&T was back in the saddle in short order.

Is this a time that needs a Teddy Roosevelt, a trust buster?

What should be the Democratic Party position on tax policy and wealth disparity?

What should be the maximum tax rate?

Should there be a minimum tax on income at a certain level?

At what rate should billionaires be taxed?

Should there be a tax on traders on Wall Street?

Should capital gains be taxed at a different rate than earned income of labor?

Should there be no federal taxes on income up to a certain level?

How different should Democrats be from Republicans on this issue?

Disrespect and disobedience to the law. Where does it end?

I think we are now seeing where it has evolved.

It began with arrogant disregard for rules and standards. Rules were made for other people. Standards were made to be broken.

Then, it became brazen law-breaking. What's the big deal if the president attempts to extort and bribe a foreign leader to begin investigations on his political opponents? What's the big deal?

Now, because he was never held responsible, he is publicly attacking female Justices of the Supreme Court. He wants them to recuse themselves if any case involving himself is brought before the Court. He is now using his people on the Supreme Court to skip the appeals court process and to rule immediately in his favor. That is where we are today.

What's next?

This post is not about MFA, or a public option, or employer-based insurance.

Rather, it is a question about why does Medical care cost so much?

No doubt, when we are sick, we want the best care possible.

But why are we spending trillions of dollars on a medical system that does not care for 40 million Americans? Where does all that money go? Are Americans getting a good deal for the prices they pay?

Should medical care be in the business of primarily making profits over attending to the medical needs of the American people?

How much profits are enough? Is the problem really with a MFA system that is going to cost $30 trillion dollars over the next decade? Or is the problem with a medical system that charges $30 trillion dollars?

Why do we always ask about how much it is going to cost us, rather than why is it costing us so much?

I wish Democrats were better poker players.

In my opinion, they are simply more honest than the other Party.

But, I do believe it would benefit them politically if they could learn the rules of poker a little better.

For example, Democrats should not be panicking about Bernie Sanders. They should let Republicans believe that Bernie is probably going to win in November. When he does, the taxes on the wealthy are going to go up. There will be healthcare for every American. The Defense budget will be cut in half. The Trump trillion dollar tax cut for the very wealthy will be repealed. There will be a tax on every stock transaction on Wall Street. There will be huge, progressive changes in this country.

Let them believe that. (We may not believe it is going to happen but let them believe it) If it does happen, what is the problem?

Good poker players can look in their eyes and tell when they are scared. Do not be afraid to bet, even if it is a bluff. Make them believe it is real.

Why should Democrats be afraid of something they have been trying to accomplish since the days of the creation of the Democratic Party? Why should Democrats think their only option is to nominate a "real" billionaire, as if that is exactly what the Party stands for? But, so long as Bloomberg is spending hundreds of millions of dollars attacking Donald Trump, why should we be in a hurry to stop him? Play their game. Raise the stakes.

Why are Republican pundits so concerned about how the Democratic candidates are doing?

They are quick to criticize the strategy of any Democrat that does not meet their criteria in challenging Donald Trump for the presidency. They become visibly upset that Democrats are doing something that will give Trump a victory in November.

My question is: Is that all they can do?

They appear sincerely concerned about the future of our country. Many of them offer even harsher criticism of Trump than do many Democrats.

But I wonder, how many will vote for a Democrat in November?
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