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Limbaugh's undead voice is still on the radio

Running out at lunch I flipped over to see how they were filling the time. With Rush of course.

They have a fill-in who praises the dead hero and then they play “Limbaugh Legacy” clips. Transcripts are still posted on his website.

Today’s lesson - how Popular Science is a player and a pawn in the socialist global warming anti-capitalism hoax.

It’s really creepy to tell you the truth.

Ever think to yourself "Boy! I wish I had my own prison wine"???

Well, thanks to the magic of THE Christmas gift of the season YOU ARE IN LUCK!!!

How To Make Instant Pot Wine

College football players retires due to asthma and COVID-19

Clemson Tigers' Justin Foster retires from football, citing issues with asthma, COVID-19

Clemson defensive end Justin Foster announced his retirement Wednesday, saying that a combination of asthma, allergies and COVID-19 have made it impossible for him to return to the field.

"The decision came after months of recovery and treatment, which required asking a lot of difficult questions about my future," Foster, a senior, wrote in a statement posted to Twitter. "While I still have a way to go, I feel confident I will fully recover."

Foster is the second member of Clemson's 2020 defensive line to deal with long-term COVID-19 symptoms. Xavier Thomas tested positive for COVID-19 last April, and symptoms persisted to the point that he was forced to sit out all of fall camp and missed the early part of the 2020 season.

Swinney said he was disappointed by Foster's decision and asked him to stay with the team in hopes of playing down the road, but he said that Foster, who graduated last year, had a job opportunity that affected his decision.


Prince Harry and Meghan donate new roof to Texas women's shelter damaged in storm

Source: CNN

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, surprised Genesis Women's Shelter & Support in Dallas on Sunday with a donation to fix the roof of its transitional housing complex and help with other urgent needs.

"We were notified that through the actions of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's nonprofit, Archewell Foundation, Prince Harry and Meghan will make a donation to help us get back on our feet," the shelter's CEO, Jan Langbein, said in a statement.

This women's shelter is one of the charities Prince Harry and the former Meghan Markle have supported since officially giving up royal duties.

Beyond the roof repairs, the money from the couple's foundation will go toward the shelter's immediate emergency response needs, the shelter said.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/24/entertainment/prince-harry-meghan-texas-roof-donation-trnd/index.html

A bit lazy of CNN - they’ve given up their titles as far as I know.

"not drunk" at 7:00AM. 👍

LA County Sheriff says Tiger Woods was 'not drunk' during crash: 'Purely an accident'


The Los Angeles County sheriff says Tiger Woods was "not drunk" during the rollover that seriously injured the golf superstar Tuesday, saying the single-vehicle crash was "purely an accident."

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said his department would not be filing any charges against Woods pertaining to the crash near the border of Rolling Hills Estates and Rancho Palos Verdes, about 30 miles south of downtown Los Angeles.

Woods, 45, was "awake, responsive, and recovering in his hospital room," according to the statement.

The Queen Picking Her Nose: Seven Pictures Of Queen Elizabeth Digging For Gold

So ✅ this off the bucket list


Everyone is probably guilty of doing it at some point in their lives, but you'd expect such a high profile figure to at least carry around a pair of tissues when she goes out.

Here's seven glorious pictures of the Queen picking her nose, just for the fun of it:

Gallery at link

The WHERE of the current *fake* Fox Biden Immigration Facility nonsense. Not the WHO or WHAT.

I saw that this was big shakes in right wing world. Fox’s Douchey Jr. at the White House thinks this is a really winner.

WHERE - Yes it is at a facility preciously criticized by Biden and Dems.
Yes it’s very costly
Yes immigrant and detention advocates are not happy about this. Let’s hope such advocates are now a regular part of news reports, Fox News.

WHO - these are underage undocumented who came here on their own. They are awaiting vetting of family or friends of the family who will be their sponsors while awaiting hearings and the process. They are mostly teenagers 13 to 17.

WHAT - these are NOT families being separated as a matter of punitive policy.
This is necessitated to be in compliance with the CDC COVID protocols.

Short brief explanation here at NPR:

Washington Post has more in depth story here’s:

Well I almost had a vaccine appointment this morning

I’m 1B.

I go through the CVS and Walgreens apps regularly - Fully booked - No Appointments Available usually

This morning just before 9AM 💥 BAM 💥 appointments available at Walgreens. I set the first one for Thursday. There were all kinds available at several locations (not the rich parts of town by the way) all day. I tried to set the second shot and the page froze AND the contractors coming by to do some work rang the doorbell. I was never able to get the app to work. I hit the Back button and *POOF* that location was gone. I tried later and everything was booked.


I,don’t know if we got a bunch of doses here or if Walgreens reset is on Tuesday mornings or.... who knows.

I’ll keep trying.

Actual footage of Garland and Sen. Cotton. No mention of lying.

After the ad the beginning of this 8:14 clip is the exchange about Bill Barr and resources.

Garland didn’t say anything about not being a liar.


Ducks? Tony?

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