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Eric Trump's wedding planner fined + banned from govt employment

Former Trump HUD official fined, barred from government employment

A federal watchdog on Tuesday said it fined former Trump housing official Lynne Patton $1,000 and barred her from federal employment for four years after she violated a law prohibiting executive branch employees from engaging in political activities while on duty.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel penalized Patton, who served as Housing and Urban Development regional administrator for New York and New Jersey, over a video she produced with New York City Housing Authority residents to air at the 2020 Republican National Convention.

The office investigated whether the political project violated the Hatch Act following a complaint filed by the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington.

Patton had been the vice president of the Eric Trump Foundation and reportedly planned Eric Trump’s wedding before her appointment to a top post at HUD, where she regularly drew criticism for making political statements on the job.


Damn. Atlanta is a state on Fox News.


Trump has an office to play in now. 🤡😆😳😁


Hey! It's April 6th again! ONE YEAR WITHOUT A CIGARETTE

After basically 35 years of smoking I had my last smoke April 5th last year. April 6th is my quit date. I’ve never liked the number 45 - not for political reasons - which gave me an extra day of smoking a year ago.

So on a Sunday morning a year ago I got up and had two smokes with my morning coffee on the back deck. Waited until I wanted another, smoked it, and then started with THE PATCH. I wore the patch waaaay to long into September I think, it greatly tore up my shoulders even though I rotated it everyday.

I can’t say I even think about them much anymore. Mostly when I’m busting butt in the yard or on a project and I take a break. For most of my life “taking a break” involved a cigarette.

I have to admit I really surprised myself doing it. The lockdown was counter to the normal way of doing it but the steps I’d have had to take to get a pack threw lots of hurdles and stops in the way.

Jen Psaki, Newsmax's John Gizzi, and the infrastructure "secret memo"

Oooh “someone” “is claiming to have gone through it” and added it up


Who likes the taste of wet nuts in their mouth?

11 herbs and ...... Virginia - Medical marijuana dispensary to open in old KFC

Green Leaf Medical opening drive-thru dispensary in Short Pump


Green Leaf Medical will be opening a drive-thru dispensary at a former KFC location in Short Pump.
The location will be up and running in four months.
Green Leaf Medical says once the Board of Pharmacy approves, two drive-thru windows will be opened as well as home delivery.
They are currently searching for four additional retail locations.

About names - Don't be mean okay? 😆😳🤡

Mitch told Pres. Biden his package is "too big" 😆


👍😁 wonderful Tweet this morning 🥸😝

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