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Yesterday's weather - Wilmington NC

I bought my house again today!

I have to tell you I got a great deal from the owner.

😊 Me,me I'm a thief 😆


Three interesting things learned on last pre-school "Zoom" meeting

Actually Microsoft Teams meeting

The high school is providing daycare for K-8 kids. In conjunction with the YMCA & County Police PAL. Working parents have another daycare option. Not sure of cost.

Sports physicals available at Kroger grocery stores. This keeps kids away from Dr.’s offices, hospitals, and Patient Firsts.

Daily 25 minute meetings in small groups for students to deal with this whole pandemic and quarantine situation. This *is* officially considered a traumatic event.

No permit is needed in my state for *soup* but there is a limit

One ton


Da plane! Da plane! Sorry DU folks the trip is cancelled

I know we were all excited about dressing up in our black head-to-foot battle garb and using that rich benefactor money to fly commercial to our big attack. Did we decide on Walgreens or was it a gas station, I forgot. Trump outed is in the interview and now the whole plan has to be scrubbed. We’ll check with our super rich friend to see if there’s some other way to possibly transport ourselves maybe with less visibility.

It’ll be great how ever it works out. Welcome to Fantasy Island.

In the meantime, plan B is still an option. We all become poor and get low income housing in the ‘burbs. We’ll see what Corey Booker says.

Also, remember - DON’T DO THIS ⬇️ It will really freak them out (and they are getting trigger happy)

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