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Hold still. No this happened

"I watched Tucker Carlson buying chopsticks"

Said my daughter on the way home from picking her up at my Mom's. She'd been there a week. My folks watch Fox News. Tucker is a matter of fascination with my daughter, in a comical way.

Tucker was in Japan promoting Trump at the G20.

My daughter (age 13) marvels at why Tucker is on the air and she is a great critic of his nonsense.
As she puts it - if he agrees with his guest he nods, if he disagrees and is about to throw a fit he has this confused look on his face until he goes into a prepared tantrum. Me:"He looks like a confused Muppet". She laughed.

"...oh and he spent 30 minutes on one show going on and on about how ONE movie critic said Toy Story 4 wasn't diverse enough." The term "heteronormative" was apparently used by the critic. This took several minutes to discuss. My daughter explained what that meant to me.
"I mean, it's ONE critic. He then had on a African-American man on who ended up laughing at Tucker because he was so upset about this. Tucker didn't like that but he ended up realizing, I guess, that this whole thing made him look stupid so he went into this whole thing about why this critic didn't get a REAL JOB... well why did he spend HALF HIS SHOW on it?" We were cracking up about the whole thing "I didn't want to embarrass them and I didn't want to have to explain how I saw this so I just laughed inside".

Anyway heres 51 seconds (after the ad) of this magical TV moment with Tucker.

Well lookee here - Trump Free day on Fox News website

Yes the lead story (so sad) is pure dog whistle.
I donít see Trump anywhere on the first page other than an article about John Roberts

CNNís website on my desktop was void of Trump too but on my phone it has stories (scroll down) about SCOTUS and the G20 meeting

Laura Dern and 2020 hopeful Marianne Williamson used to be roommates

But before the 66-year-old best-selling author hit the stage in Miami, she rubbed elbows with a Hollywood star when she was much younger.

In a New York Times profile of actress Laura Dern, it was revealed that Williamson was once roommates with the actress for a brief period of time.

The "Big Little Lies" star moved into an apartment with Williamson when she was 17 and enrolled at UCLA. She later dropped out to star in the movie "Blue Velvet."


Marianne Williamson most searched on Google for night two of the Democratic debate

Author and activist Marianne Williamson (D) was the most-searched candidate during the second night of the first 2020 Democratic debates Thursday night, according to Google Trends.

Ahead of the second debate between the slate of Democratic White House hopefuls, candidates like Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), former Vice President Joe Biden and entrepreneur Andrew Yang garnered the most attention online.

But, Williamson's search interest surged nearly every time she spoke onstage, according to Google. Her answers called for inspiring Americans and leading with "love."



Marianne Williamson's tweets say a lot


Peacock feathers are created by peacocks eating thorns. Every thorn you have eaten can become a peacock feather too. #fb

God is BIG, swine flu SMALL. See every cell of your body filled with divine light. Pour God's love on our immune systems. Truth protects.

Imagine every war zone invaded by legions of angels. All of a sudden, no one can even imagine hurting another human being.

Your mind is like an airplane, and YOU are the pilot: Rise above the clouds. Fly above the turbulence. Seek a smoother ride.

After the last two nights I have changed from Undecided

See below. 😁🤪😳

Without running through the list let me make a few observations:
I think the main field is still the same Bernie Biden Harris and Warren (alphabetical order).
Mayor Pete is very good but itís not time yet. Sorry.
The things that Biden did very well last night were, to borrow from jazz, the notes he did NOT play. He clearly just took some lumps and didnít get into it with anyone. His ď...oh Iím out of timeĒ during the back and forth with Harris is a perfect example. Other times he simply demurred, look down or made eye contact, and let the flow take the debate. Very smart in my opinion.


Ford asks dealer to end free shotgun promotion after fatal shooting at California store

File under - that didnít take long

An Alabama Ford dealership that went viral this week for a "God, Guns and Freedom" Fourth of July promotion offering a free shotgun, American flag and Bible with every vehicle purchased has ended it at the request of the automaker.

But not completely.

Chatom Ford general manager Colin Ward told The Detroit Free Press than a Ford representative contacted him on Wednesday to ask him to cancel the promotion out of respect to the victims of Tuesdayís shooting at a California Ford dealership that left three dead.

Ward said he was disappointed and that "Ford said we can fulfill our commitments to the customers that we've made up till now, but we have to cease it going forward."

Following the call, Chatom Ford took down the advertisement for the promotion from its Facebook page and replaced it with a new one proclaiming ďItís back on!Ē This time offering a "God and Glory" deal that includes an American flag, a Bible and a $200 gift certificate ďto use wherever you want for whatever you want. Itís your right,Ē Ward says in the clip.


Got an explanation on the $110/$220 supplement and July 1 filing

I happen to know someone at DEPT. of Tax - a really brainiac about all tax matters.

About 300,000 to 350,000 people every year donít file by May 1st. There is an automatic 6 month extension in Virginia I didnít know that. No form or proof is needed as long as youíve already paid (like out of your paycheck) 100% of your liability. They used to get 300,000 or so of these pieces of paper and it was more of a hassle (storage/record retention) than it was worth so they made it automatic.

They are trying to get people on the extension to go ahead and file. He said heís pretty sure the General Assembly will Okay this supplement for people who donít file by July 1.

Anyone remember the Republican clown car in 2016?

I donít think this should be in GD Primaries because itís not about our primaries

First of all thank everyone for the replies last night
Reading through them I got a good sense of how it went. I will start another tonight.

For all the media whining about how many people are running for the Democratic nomination letís look back at the clown car that was the Republicans in 2016.

There were a total of 17 of them who ran. They had to pare it down to 10 (seriously does anyone really need to hear from Jim Gilmore?) AND they canceled one because Trump wouldnít show up. Last night was drastically different than their auto responses.

Yep yep yep yep yep...
Yep yep yep yep yep...
Yep yep yep yep yep...

One false reply and I wouldnít have been surprised to see a hook appear stage left and pull them away.

Enjoy what we are seeing and the fact that they are adults discussing important things in an adult way.
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