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😆 Did you say ...... MEMES!?!!!! 😁

Question for grillers - Do you disconnect the hose from the tank?

We just got a 5 burner with side burner. Good deal too.

As you can tell I’m not a “griller” but it was decided that we needed one. I’m freakish about fire safety.

Ok. So I did the leak test - all good. I know to shut off the tank. Do you leave the grill supply line connected to the tank?

DEAD - two square miles of the Chesapeake Bay are a dead zone

Two-Mile Dead Zone Confirmed in Chesapeake Bay Due to Warm, Wet Weather

CAMBRIDGE, Md.- Warm weather is welcomed by many in the summer, but mix that with lots of rain, and it's a bad outcome for the Chesapeake Bay.

In late July, Maryland's Department of Natural Resources confirmed it found that 2-mile dead zone significantly worse than what they've found in years past.

Scientists say it's a combo of intense heat and freshwater pollution that's caused the abnormally large dead zone, wreaking havoc for some bay-area watermen, including Queen Anne's County waterman Dennis Anthony.

Scientists also say the rising temperatures have heated bay waters, adding to the dead zone and potentially harming an entire ecosystem that relies on oxygen to breathe.


Conflicting reports - Rep. Tlaib NOT going to Israel or not going to West Bank

Washington Post says she’s not going at all.

Fox and NY Post (consider the sources) that says she’s just not going to the West Bank.

Greenland doesn't have a McDonald's. Not one. My God, they NEED us!!!


Restaurants in Greenland

Is it Friday yet?

It's National LEFT HANDERS Day!

I'm not a lefty. I'm normal.


My phone is absolutely CRAWLING today. Suggestions?

I’ve shut it down a couple of times. Still everything is taking forever to open.

Running Safari
Not on WiFi but it’s not usually this slow.

Any ideas?

Pranksters put 60 old TV's on people's lawns near Richmond VA

'The weirdest thing’: Dozens of old TV sets found on lawns

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) - At least 60 people in Henrico woke up to an odd surprise on their front lawns: old-school television sets.

“It was a guy dressed in a jumpsuit with a TV for a head. It’s the weirdest thing. He squats down, puts the TV there and walks off. It’s really weird,” said Adrian Garner, reviewing the home security footage which caught one of the masked suspects.

“My first reaction was, ‘Did we order this?’ Not in an Amazon box, it was just kind of strange," Garner added.

Police believe it was more than one person involved in the stunt, saying that they rounded up all the TVs within an hour.
They will properly dispose of them with the county’s Solid Waste Division.


America's Obsession With Beef Is Killing Leather - Good short read

Bloomberg reporting. Old reporting on the environmental effect +/-

The rise of athleisure and “vegan” clothing is also speeding the decline of an iconic U.S. industry

U.S. consumers are eating more beef, more than they have in a decade. But a byproduct of this carnivorous hankering is piling up, unloved and unwanted. Shoppers who once coveted leather jackets and shoes are instead scooping up cheaper, synthetic alternatives, reflecting a growing ambivalence toward this former staple of American closets.

Just five years ago, prices soared after a drought shrank the U.S. herd to a six-decade low. Leather outpriced itself, forcing shoe and clothing designers to cut the material from their products. Combine that with the rise of athleisure and the growing popularity of“ vegan” clothing, and one can see why demand hasn’t come back.

There’s still plenty of demand for high-quality leather—the type used in pricey handbags or high-end sofas—but that’s just one part of the industry. Most animals don’t have perfect hides, and many are branded. Older animals that have weathered the elements on pastures for years have skin marred by imperfections.

According to Hidenet, a leather markets research firm, a hide from a branded cow went for as little as $4 the week of July 15, down from as much as $81 just five years ago. Vera Dordick, chief executive officer and publisher of Hidenet, added that it’s not just the U.S. industry that’s suffering.
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