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Goldwater vs. Santorum (seen on Facebook)

Silent protest outside, Virginia House puts off ultrasound vote

What appears to be a crowd of several hundred people gathered today at the Virginia state capitol. Standing silently in the cold, they lined the walkway used by the legislators who have been voting on -- and voting away -- women's rights in Virginia.

From their Facebook page:

The Capitol ground rules say that we cannot assemble, hold signs, chant, yell or protest. We think silence in the face of this struggle and their unconstitutional rules presents the strongest response to their assault on women. Please come out and stand up for our rights and for the rights of all women in VA to choose the best reproductive route for themselves. These people are used to signs, yelling, chanting etc. It is not new. They are not used to silently being stared at and having to look us in the eye. It gives us the power.

A new poll out today from the Christopher Newport University and the Richmond Times-Dispatch shows Virginia's Republican majority to the right of Virginians. About 55 percent of them say they don't like the measure that would require women seeking an abortion to first undergo a medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasound. The Richmond paper reports the House was to vote on the bill today, but its patron chose instead to hold off for the day.


A TeaBagger just rang our doorbell


Hey, that's how things work. You gotta knock on doors.

We told him no thanks.

Wearing black today to support Virginia teachers

The Va. Legislature has made huge cuts to education including increasing class size (Va. once had the 3rd lowest now is 41st) and pensions.

"Black Friday" it is being called.

Who the hell dumped Adele?

Wow they initiated a deluge of music - whoever they are

I guess "Joey" on "Full House" knows what it is like - Alanis Morriette is said to have written "You oughta know" about him.

Newt scrambles for money

The former U.S. House Speaker is traveling to California on Monday in search of campaign-sustaining cash. The state will grant more convention delegates than any other in its June 5 primary, and Gingrich will have a smattering of public events, but the central purpose of the trip is to raise money: He will hold eight closed-door fundraisers in the span of three days, according to campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond.

In the interview Gingrich said he also has fundraisers planned in Texas, Tennessee and New York, and a trip to Georgia at week’s end will include fundraisers. Gingrich is attempting to build a nationwide campaign ahead of the crucial March 6 Super Tuesday contests, when Georgia and nine other states cast their votes.

“I’m currently uncommitted,” he (Brint Ryan, a former Perry backer and CEO of Dallas tax services firm Ryan Inc.) wrote in an email. “I’m not sure if I will re-engage before the primary or not. I’m very disappointed that Rick Perry, the person with the best record and the strongest experience, was not successful."

“We also proved back in the summer we could run a campaign remarkably inexpensively,” he said, referencing the time when his senior staff departed en masse and the indebted campaign was left for dead. “Both Santorum and I have gone through periods with virtually no money.” ---Newt, the free TV time (the debates) are over. Soooooorrrrrry.


FREEBIRD!!! - no really organic antibiotic free chicken. Hilarious! love the name


Today in -- "Republicans are ~high~ sitting in a smoke filled echo chamber"

GOP Ups The Ante, Introduces Legislation To Allow Any Employer To Deny Any Preventive Health Service


But Republicans and some conservative Catholic groups are not satisfied with the accommodation and hope to use their false claim of “religious persecution” to deny women access to preventive health services. Despite Obama’s decision to shield nonprofit religious institutions from offering birth control benefits, next week Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) is expected to offer an amendment that would permit any employer or insurance plan to exclude any health service, no matter how essential, from coverage if they morally object to it:

Thunder snow storm in Richmond VA - the sun was out 20 minutes ago

F^@k YOU Al Gore

Please chose one. Otherwise, you're doing it wrong. (seen on Facebook)

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