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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
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Making the Republicans' voter suppression backfire

Who wants to see the Republicans' voter suppression tactics actually work for them? What would that look like?

Picture people going to the polls to vote. They take time before going to work or to class. They take time from doing their chores or visiting their family or friends. They drive, they get rides. They walk or manage crutches or wheel in in wheelchairs. And they get there to exercise their right to vote. But then someone tells them they can't. They have to leave.

And the Republicans who made that happen have big smiles on their faces, because it worked. They are glad they did it. They will definitely have to do it again.


Every single non-Republican makes sure they vote and makes sure all their friends vote and all their friends' friends. For every voter the Republicans succeed in intimidating away from the polls or denying the right to vote at the polls, ten or twenty other voters cast votes against every Republican on the ballot.

You'll get it if you do.

You'd better the hell not tax the job creators! Or they'll, they'll, well you know what they'll do? They'll, they'll, they'll well you just better not that's all! You go to the job creators and bow your heads! Job creators give you everything you have. You wouldn't be worth wasting food on if some job creator somewhere didn't give your life to you.

And you'd better the hell not try to keep healthcare! Oh, you just better not! You'll get it if you do. We already called you European commies. We'll call you even meaner things if you keep it up! We'll, we'll, well you just better not try to keep healthcare. You'll get it.

And you absolutely better the hell not try to vote. You keep away from the polls. We're going to make sure they check your ID. We're going to make sure they give you the stink eye. You vote, and you'll get it. Got it? Do you dig me?

The Republican Party approves this message.

All the Republican Party marbles belong to us now.

The Republicans have lost their marbles. The Dems should simply stake their claim to everything now.

Liberty? Ours. We are the party of Liberty.
Patriotism? Ours. Join the Democrats in our love of country.
Faith? Ours.
Hard work? Ours.
Entrepreneurship. Ours.
Science? Ours.
Honesty? Ours. Republicans finally just handed honesty over to the Democrats lock, stock, and barrel.

Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping professional sham artist who can twinkle his eyes on demand. Paul Ryan is a "serious" image spray-painted on a pile of lies. Dems should just take all their marbles at every opportunity. Those two liars won't be able to hold them.
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