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Watch out for the holy water!


I believe it's time for a 1-state experiment. Give them what they want!

T-bags and repigs have many, many theories about how states, and the nation, should be run. I propose we give them one state to test out their theories for, what a year? OK, however long they believe it would take them to reach the "freedom" they so desperately want and believe the rest of us are denying them, though we'd have to put some limit on the experiment. Two years? Five? OK, fine.

There are several states that would be perfect for this experiment; several have spoken about their desire to dislodge themselves from our godless, demonic nation. Texas, of course, but how would we get those who don't want to be a part of this experiment out to a safe place? That would take money, tons of it.

How about South Carolina? They've made noises about breaking away, and there's even a large effort to move Christians there so they can create their own paradise, complete with "biblical" rules that restrain thoughts and actions in every waking moment.

For the sake of whatever, let's let SC carry out that experiment. Of course we'd have to airlift to safety many of Charleston's citizens, as well as many from other cities, but I'm sure the UN would work with us in that humanitarian effort.

OK, so now South Carolina is its own Christian Nation, as so many of them have claimed they want to be. Great! Presumably they will still want to trade with the USA, though that will require heavily guarded checkpoints, of course. They will not be able to access our porno, and as a different nation will need to set up and clarify their position on whether they want their citizens to have internet access at all. They will surely block broadcast and cable networks that serve other states, but just in case, we'll make sure they aren't stealing them from our nation.

As they are a separate country, we will be eager to sell them our produce, grown in states they hate, for a premium. Also, computers and software designed in "evil" California will be available, just as they are in other countries hostile to the USA.

More to come.

Hilarious exchange between parent and "Christian volunteer" @ child's school

This is great on so many levels.


Notice the pre-checked permission box, claimed to be "accidental."

POTUS should declare that Repubs should

not shoot themselves in the head on live television en masse.

That would end the nation's problems.

Breaking Bad has moved to ABC!



Remember those "gentle Christians" whose bakery died, 'cuz gays?

Yes, more cake for xians.

"Jesus is my (N-word)"

Just... wow.

All sorts of things happen when theists try to be "hip."

Also, no offense intended. This is a real thing.

New rapture film coming soon!

Here's a 10-minute preview!

The real war is against us, regular Americans.

They are testing our limits, and have found little resistance.

We're mostly friendly, trusting, go along, get along. We believe in the promise of America, the American dream, the ability to be whatever, become whatever you want to be, thanks to the unlimited promise of America. Millions have achieved success, so we're assured we can, too. American success stories abound, if only we mirror them and achieve our success, all on our own, like our heroes, those we want to emulate in their success. Success is available for anyone, 'cuz America allows it to be so!

But the rules were changed, without notice to those of us who live outside the current "ruling class" without insider access to their methods.

Let's say we invented a better way to, I dunno, roast peanuts. We try to bring this to market, but some corp claims ownership of our idea. Well, you can't copyright an idea, so they steal it, brand it, sell it, and we are fucked out of our own idea, with the blessing of the copyright office.

How is this part of the American dream, if a corp can steal an idea and claim it as their own?

I have more thoughts on this and will post them later. Interested in thoughts in the meantime.

Financial "punishments" clearly don't stop corruption.

They just don't, because they constitute a miniscule amount of what the corrupt organizations bring in on a single day.

I wonder what is a better punishment? I would not complain if the death penalty was an option for psychopaths who wilingly kill and abuse people without remorse.

Or, perhaps, if the death penalty was dangled out as the only other option if they chose to go to jail and work in a sweatshop to make something basic and important to most people in the world.

Every CEO should be made to eat his company's products, if it's food,or wear it, if it's clothing, or, follow this meme out to it's logical end, if you will.
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