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Irony, thy name is "Republican Party!

The party with more of theirs indicted during Trump's four years than during any other administration, more criminals in office and more criminals currently running as their candidates, is urging people to vote Republican because they promise to be "tough on crime!"

I'll be go t' hell!

Of course, I do not know how these midterms will turn out, but I think I might be able

to make one accurate prediction: things will be less peaceful after November 8th.

If the Republicans take control of the House, they will at least try to impeach President Biden.

If they take control of the Senate, darn few Biden judicial appointees will be seated.

The knuckle-dragger white-supremacists/nazis/MAGAvolk will see Republican victories as a green light for street violence against anyone who disagrees with them.

On the other hand, if Democrats win---anything---the aforementioned knuckle-draggers will use the "rigged election" as their excuse to "kick ass and take names" at any gathering of "woke folk".

I'll be tickled to death to be wrong. We'll see.

There are things that we KNOW are true because they can be proven with verifiable facts and then

there are things that we BELIEVE to be true only because we "know" that "in our gut---or heart---or soul". We make life decisions based on both types of truths.

With that in mind, what truths do you know now about Donald Trump that you did not know six years ago?

To paraphrase Professor Kingsley in "The Paper Chase"---

"Mister Todd, here is a dime. Take it, call your mother, and tell her there is serious doubt about you ever becoming a journalist."

So, is Ronna McDaniel the RNC's first female "kleagle"? nt

Beware "Everyone knows _________!"

Everyone knew that Trump would lose the 2016 election.

Once he was inaugurated, everyone knew he would "pivot", "grow into the job" and "act presidential".

Everyone knew Barr would be a decent AG because he was an "institutionalist".

Everyone knew the Senate would be OK with approving Garland's nomination to the SCOTUS.

NOW, everyone knows the Democrats will lose at least the House in the upcoming midterms.


"What's the big deal about these one-finger salutes for Trump? " (Can you hear Emily Latilla?)

"Just because these people at his rallies raise their middle finger to him is no reason to criticize them! I'd flip him off, too, if I had the chance! These people should be cheered, not------------ What?------Not the middle finger?--------Q-anon?------------------------------nevermind."

"WHO KNEW?" Every damned one of them!

147 Republicans voted to overturn the free and fair 2020 election results AFTER the insurrectionist mob they aided, abetted, funded and incited just barely failed in their violent attempt to assassinate the Vice-President of the US, the Speaker of the House and "anyone else they could get their hands on".

I will not listen to any of their bs that they "had no idea there would be violence"; their claims now that they "thought it would be a peaceful protest by patriots"; their whining that they "could not have foreseen all the damage and injuries". They voiced their approval of all that had just occurred by voting to overturn the election of President Biden, which is what the whole sick and violent coup attempt was about.

Every damned one of the 147 has demonstrated their unfitness for their position. That any still hold office is a disgrace. IMHO, several of them should die in prison.

"Who knew?"


For friends and family who "haven't had time" to be interested in politcs:

this should explain WHY you must vote in November and greatly simplify your decision as to WHO should get your vote.

IN A NUTSHELL, Republicans have announced their intent to:
enact a nationwide abortion ban with NO EXCEPTIONS even for rape or incest,
end Medicare and Social Security within five years
kill the monthly cap on insulin costs
impeach President Biden and Vice-President Harris "just because"
pardon the thugs who invaded and vandalized the Capitol on January 6th, 2021
and, to no one's real surprise, END DEMOCRACY in America.

Democrats---not perfect but decent Americans---oppose ALL of the above AND actually have plans to CONTINUE improving our national security and our economy, making healthcare more affordable, education more available to all and restoring dignity and decency in our government.

Now you know what's at stake and what you can do to set things right.

Will you?

"QANON": Quintessential Assholes 'N Obsequious Nuts. nt

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