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Atticus's Journal
Atticus's Journal
March 3, 2021

Am I the only person listening to the Senate hearing about the January 6th insurrection who

thinks that there is plenty of reason to believe that the primary question to be answered is: was this a Trump LIHOP or MIHOP situation?

March 3, 2021

So, when will we be free from Trump or his ideological successsors?

When Americans stop sending money to Nigerian princes.

When Americans refuse to pay three installments of $19.95 for a $4.00 "non-stick" skillet and a couple of $3.00 pans.

When Americans stop buying "supplements" guaranteed to restore their hair, increase their IQ and turn old men into randy studs.

When Americans come to REALLY comprehend that calling an apple a banana 5,000 times---even on TV---does not make it a banana.

In a nation where people insist on THINKING FOR THEMSELVES and have the ability to do just that, Trump would be a disgusting laughingstock.

March 2, 2021

Here's all you need to know about HR 1, which will be much-discussed in the coming days:

---Democrats want to make it easy, simple and convenient to vote for all who are qualified and so inclined.

---Republicans are desperate to preserve their ability to win elections by cheating.

There'll be a lot more "discussion", but that's it in a nutshell.

Now you can take a walk, plan your gardening or read a book instead of trying to cut through the "earnest concern about election integrity" BS the Republicans will be spewing.

You're welcome.

March 2, 2021

( Ssh-h-h-h-----I may have overlooked them, but there don't seem to be any posts or TV news blurbs

about------you know-----he who shall not be named! )

Ain't it great?

March 2, 2021

A typical line of questioning by Sen. Grassley: "Is it true, Director Wray, that snow sometimes

blankets one area while totally missing another area mere miles away?"

WRAY: "Yes, that's true."

GRASSLEY: "And, by means of snow shovels, plows and even dump trucks, snow that falls in one place is often moved to another place. Isn't that correct?"

W: "Certainly, Senator". ( baffled look on face )

G: "Did you actually WATCH it snow here in Washington, D. C. last night?"

W: "Well, no, but----"

G: ( interrupting ) "SO, Director, your prior testimony in which you were led to say---UNDER OATH!---that it snowed HERE last night, you were SPECULATING, weren't you,sir?"

W. "Well, Senator, I can't see how----"

G: "WE see, Director! WE see! Nothing further of this---"witness".

March 2, 2021

"Cancel culture" is nothing new. It's just starting to negatively impact a lot of people

who thought they were way too "important" to be cancelled.

It used to be called "shunning". In smaller face-to-face communities---villages, tribes, churches---people understandably did not want to associate with liars, thieves, cheats or bullies. They chose to exclude such miscreants from the benefits of what we would now call "networking". In extreme cases, the offensive person was physically driven away from the community.

Today's version of shunning---"cancel culture"---is just as understandable as it always has been: WHO---with an ounce of decency within them---would want to associate themselves, their business enterprise or their personal reputation---with, for example, a Trump-loving politician or someone who had voluntarily and enthusiastically done Trump's bidding?

Cancel culture? You damn betcha!

February 28, 2021

Dr. Justin Case here to announce what I believe will be the greatest scientific discovery of our

lifetimes: I have found the cause of Trumpism, AKA "MAGAmania" AKA "Conservatism"!

In 2014, unnoticed by most, a meteorite crashed into the frozen tundra of northern Canada after an erratic spiraling circumnavigation of the globe. While it was composed primarily of iron and nickel, it held a basketball size "nugget" of---for now, let's just call it "Double Helix Kryptonite".

It would be incorrect to say that "DHK" was radioactive: it was simply unlike any other piece of interstellar flotsam that had been serendipitously deposited on Earth. It had some sort of "reach" that permitted it to effect---almost instantly---any human DNA within 700 miles of its orbital path IF---and only if---the genetic alphabet soup of that DNA was encoded with a predisposition for authoritarianism and toxic masculinity. In other words, Republicans.

And, just how did this DHK "effect" these select people?

It TOTALLY obliterated the rung of that little spiral ladder that forms the foundation for the human conscience: the "shame gene". And that imperceptible damage to the already deeply-flawed GOP stalwarts was more than enough to enable them to actually be PROUD of their cruelty, racism, misogyny, greed---the list goes on, as we are all too aware. And, they actually felt that a kinship of sorts existed between all who hated as they did.

Their ability to keep a straight face while insisting that up was down, ice was hot and Trump was brilliant made "1984" seem like child's play with its "Slavery is Freedom". The disgust and outrage their opinions stirred in the overwhelming majority of Americans, rather than extinguish the fires of their hatred, were simply welcomed as additional fuel.

So, that's all I can talk about until we have more time to evaluate the substance recovered from the arctic plain. We do not yet know if its effects can somehow be reversed.

The last thing I will tell you is the provisional scientific name for the alien element: "assholium".

February 28, 2021

Is not the very advocacy of secession from the United States of America a textbook example of


Why are these white supremacists and neo-nazis who are openly seeking to separate their state from the lawful authority and governance of the US not being rounded up and prosecuted? The maximum penalty for sedition is, I believe, 20 years in prison.

We should not just "tread on" these thugs; we should STOMP on them.

February 27, 2021

Of course all here are free to choose the people and issues they publicize with an OP,

but could we please consider just "shunning" he who shall not be named and the CPAC circus?

I am sure that much of what is said or done there is outrageous, but why amplify, justify and dignify if by repeating it on line?

February 27, 2021

Is there any chance that, instead of "eliminating" the filibuster, we could "modify" it and

return it to the "Jimmy Stewart" version in which one Senator could "hold the floor"---and delay a pending bill--only for as long as they alone could speak? Perhaps with a 24 or 36 hour maximum?

This would permit a minority Senator to voice their opposition and publicize what they see as their reasons, but would constitute only a "speed bump" to action, not a "roadblock".

Could that win the support of Manchin and Sinema?


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