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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 15,000

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Isn't being civil and polite to ranting RWNJs sort of like "tolerating intolerance"?

Does this not, at some point, allow them to use our reluctance to respond in kind to defeat us in the courtroom of public opinion?

I'm sure many will see this as totally inappropriate, but it would warm the cockles of my heart to hear some Trumpian whore like Cruz---as he begins to preach about how a "healthcare decision" about masking or vaccination is "personal" and no business of the government---get LOUDLY and IRATELY interrupted with "Sit down and shut up, you lying hypocrite! Or are you now PRO-CHOICE?"

My mother taught me to "turn the other cheek". After a year or so in public school getting my butt kicked, my father taught me that there are but four "cheeks" on a human body---and he taught me how to make a fist.

Both lessons were useful.

How the MAGA-slide works: first, Flynn is captured on video endorsing a coup in the U.S.; next,

about 24 hours worth of muttered "Oh, shit!"s;

then, "Flynn did not say what you heard him say!";

then, "He said something similar, but the Fake News quoted it out of context!";

and, finally "He said that, but we're sure he had a good reason to. He gets all kinds of classified top-secret info from President Trump that we are not privy to! And, he's a Trump Party patriot! Who you gonna believe: General Flynn or your lyin' ears?"

If a Democrat had said this while Trump was fouling the Oval Office, they'd have been frog-marched to a Gitmo-bound plane in time for the evening news to broadcast it.

I think I was 6---maybe 7---the first spring my Mom took me with her to pick strawberries.

We caught a ride in the back of our neighbor's ancient Dodge pick-up who was also going go pick with his wife. Mom could have squeezed into the cab with them , but chose to keep me company in back. We took off before dawn so we could start picking at first light before it got too warm. In 30 to 40 minutes, we pulled up in front of several unpainted sheds and a crowd of brown-skinned folks who Mom said were "workers from Mexico" and the man in charge of handing out flats of wooden quart boxes called "wetbacks". I had never heard that word before, but could tell instantly it was "bad" by the flash in Mom's eyes and the set of her mouth.
One area of the huge patch of berries was reserved for the "Mexican workers" and another was for the public like us. I followed Mom into the patch and was amazed at the rows of red berries.

I had been taught to work and pretty much kept up with Mom as we filled and set aside six-flats ( six quart boxes in a wooden flat tray with a handle ). After a flat or two, I walked over next to Mom and asked "Would it be ok if I ate one?". She laughed out loud and said "All you want, darlin'!" and would often later in my life remind me that I was right to ask if I could eat an "unpaid for" strawberry.

I think we picked 60 or so quarts of berries and Mom paid the manager---true story--- five cents for each heaping quart! We loaded them and ourselves into the back of the truck and we headed home. I had no idea we would make a stop on the way.

We pulled off the highway onto a gravel parking lot surrounding a small building that had---omigosh!---a giant swirled ice cream cone on top of it! Before I could take it all in, Mom asked with a smile if I "had room" for some ice cream! I blurted out some kind of "YES!" and she told me to stay put while she bought some.

I was expecting the treat of an ice cream cone but, instead, Mom came back and handed me my first-ever previously-undreamed-of----banana split! A scoop of vanilla ice cream flanked by a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of chocolate! A lengthways sliced banana half on each side of the long "boat" dish! Coconut! Caramel and chocolate syrup with peanuts sprinkled over all! HEAVEN!

Mom said it was a reward for being a "good picker" and, as we pulled away from the place, I saw on the posted outside price list that what I was quickly devouring had cost my Mom---THIRTY CENTS!

Mom had a nickel cone.

I still remember, Mom. Love you!

Apparently, I am a very poor communicator. I recently posted an OP that I thought was pretty

clear and straightforward. SEE: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100215473923#post67

My entire intent was to express my genuine puzzlement about the few DUers who only seem to make negative responses to posts and seem to never have a positive comment.

Somehow, this nothing-burger of a post led some to assume that 1.) I was fishing for recs; 2.) I had somehow checked up on some DUers' rec frequency; and, 3.) that I was of the opinion that anyone has an obligation to rec posts they like or appreciate.

Recs are NOT, IMHO, an accurate assessment of whether a post is worthwhile or well-said. No one should feel any obligation to rec anyone's post. My point was not that there is anything wrong or remarkable about people who never or seldom rec. My point was that people who make ONLY negative remarks are people who puzzle me. Why bother to tear someone down when you won't take the time to give a thumbs up to someone whose post inspires you?

Finally, if there is a way to check up on someone's rec numbers, I am not aware of it and don't care to find out about it.

I apologize for the confusion my OP apparently spawned.

WHEN---not if---the rabid supporters of Trump start engaging in widespread serious violence to

"save the nation" and restore the monster to power, how do you think we should respond?

Do I KNOW this will happen? Of course not, but I believe it is likely. With wingnuts like Gaetz and Greene calling us Nazis and encouraging "armed revolution" and numerous Republican opinion leaders STILL insisting that the 2020 election was "stolen", refusing to consider the possibility that these storm trooper wannabes will stomp and/or shoot those of us who believe Trump should die in prison is---"imprudent".

To be clear, I am not talking about simply offensive speech or more slanderous lies. I am talking about Proud Boys and Oath Keepers and Three Percenters and all manner of Qanon whackos who may grab their guns and take to the streets or attack government offices if Trump is indicted or arrested.

"That won't happen"?

"They are too cowardly to take on armed authorities"?

"Get serious---this is America"?

Which of those would not have been a common response if the Capitol insurrection had been predicted on January 5th?

It may be an uncomfortable prospect to consider, but better to think about it now than wait until the "barbarians are at the gate".

According to "Captain Obvious", Republicans couldn't "vote their conscience" because

most of them don't have one.

Carry on.

It took quite a while for me to notice that some posters here not only never rec an OP,

they don't seem to ever respond to one in a positive way.

Snark and sarcasm, yes. But, no "Well saids" or "I agrees" or even a "👍".

One of those things that make you say "Hmmm".

In 2019, Trump asked Ukranian President Zelensky for a "favor": assistance in smearing Joe

Biden so he could win re-election.

Matt Gaetz complained recently that it is terribly unfair that he has been criticized just because he received "naughty favors" from very young drugged females.

Now, McConnell is asking Republican Senators for a "personal favor"; voting against a bipartisan effort to find out how the January 6th insurrection came to pass and who was responsible for it--- politically, morally and criminally.

Do Republicans ever ask for "favors" that are not immoral or illegal?

Although the human feces which they smeared onto walls of the Capitol was scrubbed away by the next

day, the revolting STENCH of the traitorous January 6th insurrectionists---and the traitors who sent them---and the traitors who now excuse and support them---will take decades to dissipate and even then will make students wrinkle their noses and shake their heads in disgust when they read of it in their textbooks.

"GOTV!"---Get Out The Vote! Are we aware that this is not something that can wait until November

of 2022? Or October? Or September? Or August?

Republicans in states throughout the nation are busy NOW making it more difficult to vote, "unregistering" our people and even preparing to intimidate those they believe might "vote wrong". Obviously, we also need to be TAKING ACTION NOW to make sure our people DO "get out and vote".

Some folks want to vote, but need help in registering or confirming that they are STILL registered.

Some need to be educated about polling place and precinct changes, i.e., they need to be instructed as to exactly WHERE they can vote.

In view of the way some Republicans try to move polling places to distant areas not well-served by public transportation, we need to be recruiting vaccinated volunteers NOW who will drive voters to the correct polling place on election day.

GOTV is not just an acronym; it is a process. It takes planning. It takes work. It takes educating the majority of citizens who want to---as Spike said, "Do The Right Thing".

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