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I have previously posted my observation that the surest way to get nothing done is

to insist that you have 100% of everything you might need to implement a plan that is 100% certain to succeed. I think that's what the Republicans are now doing about passing stricter gun laws.

NOTHING will totally eliminate all possible future mass shootings any more than traffic laws can prevent all fatal auto accidents. But, because Republicans can always point out how a law may fail or be evaded, they oppose doing ANYTHING.

Using this same "logic", no baseball player should swing at a pitch unless he's sure he will hit a home run.

"Ridiculous" is not a strong enough term to describe this.

Yesterday, Donald Trump stood before the hard core of the NRA, the gun-humpers who

saw no problem with an 18 year old kid buying two AR 15-style weapons and using one to murder nineteen 10-year old kids, and praised them as "the backbone of our movement".

What else does anyone need to know?

Now both Meadows and McCarthy say they are "challenging the House Select Committee's

subpoenas as unconstitutional".


They "sent a letter".

Not "filed a lawsuit". Not "filed a Motion to Quash Subpoena". Not "requested a Restraining Order".

They "sent a letter".

Is that all it takes to "contest the constitutionality" of a subpoena issued by the US House of Representatives? Or, is this just more Kabuki theater and delay in hope that the midterms will solve their problems?

The Republican Party will not actually support meaningful gun legislation---period.

They will "discuss" it.

They will "consider" it.

They will "explore common ground".

But, they will not stand up and vote for anything that might make a difference.

If we want to enact the type of laws that the majority wants, we will have to ELECT MORE DEMOCRATS!

Don't be lulled into hoping anything else will work.

Has it occurred to anyone else that it was the rootin'-tootin', rompin'-stompin',

rough-and-ready, gun-totin' Texas Rangers and their cowboy sidekicks who remained outside Robb School while screaming kids were murdered inside?

Seems like a lot of John Wayne wannabes were revealed to be Barney Fifes.

Again I have watched a press conference held in Uvalde, Texas by law enforcement and

again I find it infuriating. This guy, Victor Escalon, just spent several minutes telling us how horrible the shooting was and then more minutes during which he DIRECTLY CONTRADICTED what his uniformed counterpart told us this morning.

THIS MORNING the story was that there was an armed school security officer plus two cops who "engaged" the shooter outside the school and FOLLOWED HIM INSIDE, where he "barricaded himself inside a classroom" and began killing kids. NOW, ---are you sitting down?---there was NO school security officer present, cops did not "engage" the shooter inside until he'd been there for four minutes and after 12 MINUTES passed between the shooter wrecking his pickup and when he entered the school!

What happened during those 12 minutes? They don't know. They're "investigating".

Was the door locked? They don't know: they're "investigating".

THIS MORNING, the shooter was inside for "40 minutes, maybe as much as an hour" before he was shot and killed. NOW, the border patrol officers, who killed the shooter, did not ARRIVE for an hour.

And, some seriously wounded kids who were lying inside BLEEDING during this hour LATER DIED! That hour was what trauma medics call the "Golden Hour"---during which seriously wounded victims must be treated if they are to survive.

This morning I said that "something" was being concealed. It now appears that that "something" is gross incompetence and cowardice.

Mere buds of little boys and girls, they'd not know their time of blooming,

cut down by yet another twisted coward who was armed by the twisted cowards in the parliament of whores owned by those who profit from magenta polka dots on classroom walls and crimson puddles on hallway floors.

Ever wonder why those red MAGA caps don't have "reservoir tips"? nt

In my opinion, if you want to see a textbook example of "flop sweat", you have only to

watch a tape of John Berman interviewing Lt. Chris Olivarez, a "spokesman" for Texas Public Safety.

Berman tried repeatedly to get answers to simple questions only to listen to minutes of nervous, non-responsive gibberish. The officer answered many questions with "We're investigating---we are trying to establish a time line---" without actually saying anything.

An example: Berman---"You say it took so long to get into the classroom because the shooter 'barricaded' himself inside. Did he lock the door? Push furniture against the door? What?" Olivarez---"That's right, he barricaded the door, and---yada, yadda, yada"---REPEATEDLY.

Something is being concealed.

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