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Member since: 2002
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Careful! If the patience with non-prosecution grows any thinner if will be transparent!

As Rachel has said numerous times: "Don't LISTEN to what they SAY; WATCH what they DO!"

Patience abused curdles into anger and that's what I'm hearing and seeing.

The corporate Republicans who "reluctantly" supported Trump in 2016 must now acknowledge

the truth of the crude wisdom "You can't pick up a turd by the 'clean' end".

Cynicism is the gremlin that daily tempts us to surrender.

"Too many people are corrupt! The ones that aren't are apathetic cowards!" the gnarled imp whispers disgustedly. "Why dirty yourself by even trying to reason with the hoi polloi? Don't they actually deserve to be ruled by the biggest and baddest? Find a place to hide and keep your head down and your mouth shut!"

So far, I have kicked the little monster's butt each time he's sidled up unexpectedly to discourage me, but it's nothing if not persistent.

Be vigilant and prepared to resist, ok?

ADDENDUM: "the belief that people are only interested in themselves and are not sincere"---from the Cambridge Dictionary

I understand that some members of the deceased Republican party are beginning to whine about

how they're being treated at restaurants, airports and other public places. They have complained that they are being "discriminated against" because of their "conservative views". The problem is not with their "conservatism"; it's with their FASCISM.

They have perverted conservatism so profoundly that the word now means something not at all like what it did a couple of decades ago. I have never agreed with much that true conservatives stood for and I have seriously disliked many of them. But, I never HATED them before these last several years.

Nowadays, "conservatism" is simply a label many have co-opted because it sounds much better than "fascist" or "racist" or "bigot" or "misogynist" or "homophobe" or some other more accurate descriptor of the cowardly thuggish scum they are.

Liz Cheney is a conservative. Adam Kinziger is a conservative.

If anyone is harassing them in public, they are likely wearing red caps.

A little early, I know, but I hope someone will offer a bumpersticker reading


The Republican "Fair Tax" is anything but fair. It is a classic example of a "regressive" tax; the

higher the income, the lower the tax burden is.

The Republican proposal being discussed would not only impose a THIRTY PERCENT SALES TAX on our food, clothing Christmas gifts, etc., it would ELIMINATE the IRS AND---the ESTATE TAX now imposed on the wealthy who will be leaving millions to their kids!

This is important, people---ANYONE who tells you that it is good or great or "fair" is, quite simply, a lying sonofabitch, PERIOD!

But, then, we are talking about Republicans, so "lying sonofabitch" is a "given".

Continuing to default to "nice" is a self-defeating practice. We---most of us---have been imprinted

with the time-honored habit of civility. We do our best not to do or say things that embarrass others or hurt their feelings. Confronted by a co-worker's wallet photos of the homeliest grandchildren we've ever seen, we say something like "Wow, what a healthy-looking crew!"

Good manners, we've been taught, require ignoring loud extremists in public settings if at all possible. "Smile and change the subject" has been how we "politely" dealt with such situations so as not to "pour gasoline on the fire" by confronting the hateful nonsense and contradicting it.

We need to change.

Calling someone who advocates overturning a fair and valid election an "un-American traitor" is NOT being "rude", it's being accurate and truthful.

Asking someone wearing or flying a Confederate battle flag why he's displaying a "Dixie swastika" is NOT impolite, it is vocalizing your disapproval of his racism lest others interpret your silence as approval.

And, I have always been puzzled that the same folks who say my wearing my "Trump Worst President Ever" tee is inflammatory and "looking for trouble" have nothing to say about the shirts reading "FUCK BIDEN and Fuck You if you voted for him!"

Fascism, racism, misogyny, homophobia and hypocrisy DESERVE to be called out BY THEIR NAMES whenever and wherever they raise their scaly heads.

Why isn't McCarthy wearing the "cone of shame"? Isn't that standard in cases like his?

Just askin'----

About the MAGApublicans: Maya Angelou might have said: "When someone shows you who

they are, believe them the first time-------or the second time--------for sure the third time-------------- the fourth-------------fifth-------------ARE YOU FOLKS LISTENING?"

Just another one of those "strange" things I wonder about:

How much more peaceful would our world be if everyone's skin color was the same dusky beige?

I think we'd likely find something else to justify hatred of "the others".
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