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sendero's Journal
sendero's Journal
May 23, 2015

The simple person's guide to the TPP

For 7 or so years, the Republicans in congress have voted against anything president Obama wanted to to. Didn't matter if the thing he wanted to do was not really different from the thing they wanted to do, they just made a point of voting against him.

Then along comes the TPP and fast track authority. Suddenly, they are fluffy bunnies. They want to vote WITH the president. Why is that?

It's simple.

It's because the TPP fits their overall agenda of enabling corporations at the expense of everyone else.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the TPP is not good for working Americans. Republicans love it enough to agree with president Obama, something they just do not like to do no matter what.

All those folks who have suddenly showed up here explaining that trade agreements are good for everyone are nothing but fucking liars and probably paid liars at that.

April 9, 2015

"Bad decisions"

Of course we are all glad that there is a chance justice will be served in the murder of Walter Scott by a police officer. But something has been bothering me since I read the statement from the police chief.

The chief spoke of a "bad decision" made by the officer. We've probably all made some bad split-second decisions, but can we just acknowledge that even our split-second decisions are informed by our attitudes, beliefs and prejudices?

What I'm saying is that this split-second decision had to have been made in the context of someone who is thinking:

1) this man's life is worth nothing

2) I can get away with this

This was not just a bad split-second decision, this was a decision borne of bias, entitlement and a sense of impunity. These attitudes are what we are faced with eliminating or changing.

February 14, 2015

Jim Jefferies on gun control

I love me some JJ...
And I believe in gun rights but he's got some great points...

January 29, 2015

Even though I've lost all faith in NPR...

.... I have a long commute to work and still listen most weekdays.

Today, for the first time on Morning Edition, I heard them discuss the TPP. Guess what their focus was? Not on the substance of the trade agreement, which is somewhat secret and definitely not in the interest of most Americans. No, it was about wildlife poaching and how the TPP could curtail it.

Never mind that the leverage they claim the TPP would offer is dubious at best, they have never bothered to even talk about the substance of the proposed TPP before, and its ramifications to the average American.

It is astounding how low NPR has fallen. They are useless, Fox News with a supposed liberal bias.

Please do not waste your money supporting them, clearly they are getting quite enough from the corporate world.

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