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That is an incredible apology from Chief Kevin Murphy, stlsaxman!

What an extraordinary person person!

Thank you so much for posting it!

That's a good way to put it, BG..

"Obama only exists for them when they can tear him a new one."

That poster outed himself/herself.. "Shouldn't this be in the BOG?" they think DU exists only to rag on Pres Obama. what a tiny little self centered mind. rofl

"Why Did Jury NEVER see Trayvon Martin as a CHILD?"

by zizi @ the obama diary~


"In his impromptu remarks this afternoon in the White House Press Room, President Obama asked a most salient question: “If Trayvon Martin had been of age and armed would he have been justified in standing his ground on that sidewalk?” Of course that hypothetical question is premised on Trayvon having the right to carry a weapon as an adult. But Sybrina Fulton yesterday put her finger on the more immediate concern. To her the jury did not consider Trayvon as their own Child. In other words, Empathy Deficit. But there is a reason for that. American culture has NEVER had a place for children of color in its construction of childhood."


Six days since the phrase “Not Guilty” was curtly announced at the George Zimmerman trial about the killing of Trayvon Martin, a lot has been written from various perspectives endorsing, questioning, or parsing the verdict. A wave of activism has also sprung up in its wake demanding revisions to Stand Your Ground laws in states like Florida, while campaigns such as the NAACP’s #HesNotaSuspect seek to validate the human worth of black male children.

However at the crux of the court case, a key element never came up: What were Trayvon’s RIGHTS as a CHILD in the encounter with George Zimmerman that fateful night? What provisions do Stand Your Ground laws have to protect children in any encounter with an adult? What is a child supposed to do when confronted by an armed assailant/stalker/intruder/stranger?

The Rest~



[font color=blue] THIS IS POSTED IN THE BARACK OBAMA GROUP! [/font]

Obama Celebrates his Victory in Nomination Fight: Richard Cordray


He had a reason to smile. The event was Obama’s victory lap after the figurative nuclear brinksmanship in the Senate this week ended largely in the president’s favor. The CFPB is viewed by Democrats as a key part of the president’s legacy, and Obama was clearly happy to win the long fight over a permanent director.

For two years, Republicans in the Senate refused to give Rich a simple yes or no vote. Not because they didn’t think he was the right person for the job, but because they didn’t like the law that set up the consumer watchdog in the first place,” Obama said. “Yesterday, Richard was official confirmed.”

The Senate confirmed Cordray after Republicans backed off their plan to deny Obama a CFPB director until Democrats agreed to dramatically alter the law governing the agency. The GOP obstruction plan kept Elizabeth Warren, Obama’s first CFPB nominee, out of the job and eventually drove Warren to her successful Democratic Senate bid in Massachusetts.

End Snip***




"How To Deal With the Zimmerman Verdict" from Marc Lamont Hill, AJ Callloway, Tameka Mallory,

and Rev. Yearwood"

On BET.. Excellent Advise for Peeps to Protest and not stop until we get Justcie4Trayvon and Heal our Country.


"Get Mad but Remember in November!" DUer B Stieg.. Mahalo~

"that's it?" Kids' Reactions to the Cheerios Commerical.. Out of the Mouths of Babes..


It's a beautiful vid on the simplicity of kids' loving the Cheerios commercial and their reactions to racism that some have exhibitied over it.. and they comment on homophobia.

Bless their little wise hearts

“17 years and 22 days forever……”


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