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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Scott the prick just showed his Republican ass. Just has to retaliate.

Gov. Rick Scott showed his ass by suspending the election official in Broward County Florida. She turned in her resignation weeks ago. I will say it again the asshole will run for president in 2024 or 2020 if Trump does not run. I lived here while he was Gov. Trust me you don`t want him as president.

Sen. Rick Scott. The 2024 republican nominee for president.

These dumb asses in Florida elected him Governor twice and now Senator even after knowing this:

I hope this next Congress works more than 100 days a year.

As Democrats, I think we are better than that. Eddie Munster Ryan, had them in session for 100 days. We all would like to work a hundred days a year. We will see what happens.

Well it has been a week since the election and not a word on the caravan.

I could have missed it but I have not heard a word as to where they are now. When are they expected to arrive? How much razor wire has been put up? How many are in the caravan now? Has it grown or shrunk? We kept hearing all these details day after day before the election. Trump has been exposed again. Misusing of the military maybe?

Just saw Rick The Dick Scott say there are laws against fraud.

There were laws against fraud when you committed fraud in your medicare scam. Yet you out the trying to get elected again when you should be in jail. What the fuck is wrong with you people who elect these assholes.

Well they elected the Medicare thief again.

Elected twice as governor and now to the Senate. CEO of a company that defrauded the government of a billion dollars. Was fined over a billion dollars by the government. He walked away from his company with hundreds of millions of dollars when he should of been carried to jail. You can add that he never took a salary for eight years in office but did increase his personal wealth to over a quarter billion dollars.
I guess the republicans like thieves and people who are under indictment to be voted into office or remain in office. I will say this now. Rick Scott will run for president in 2024. Hey he is 3 for 3 so why not think a thief could be elected president. Republican lack of morals will help him again.

Fox news shall be called Trump news.

So much for Hannity saying that he was there to interview Trump after the rally. The Hannity show is now called the Trump show.

How do we really know what is true or false?

I asked that to a guy I worked with for years who is a hard republican. I was surprised that he responded that I was right. saying I guess we really do not know what is true or not. They can scream fake news but how do we the little people out here know for sure? MSNBC says it`s blue. Fox says it`s red. They can`t both be right so there goes the muddy waters. Maybe we will never know what is true or not.

This is the guy who needs to go.

The nasty rotten cancer of the administration Steven Miller. He could have a role in any world war II movie as a nazi. Just put a uniform on him.
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