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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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People, it does not matter if they impeach trump.

I don`t post much but I read a lot of what is posted . If Trump goes down in the Mueller investigation, we get saddled with the plastic banana Pence. Just like Nixon when he was impeached. If we fail to get congress back and the senate, it`s game over no matter what happens to Trump due to the investigation.
If they get the courts, governorship's and more gerrymandering we will never recover. They are going for the throat and total and complete control for years. We have 4 months left until what I think is the most critical election ever for the democrats. Flame me if you want but we will be forced to live the way they want us to if we loose. Think about it before it`s to late and we wake up on Nov. 7th kissing the asses of the republicans. Think it can`t happen?

A Tennessee hardware store posts a sign "No gays allowed."

I guess this guy does not need the business. What I experienced was a plumbing / hardware store I went into around the time of the 11/16 election. This guy had trump signs up as well as anti Hillary signs. I know him so I asked him how many people out of 100 that came in his store were republican? He looks at me and says "maybe 60, 65 out of that hundred. I said " than why would you want to risk losing the business of 35 to 40 customers. He was still looking at me when I walked out the door never to return.

What do you think will happen to Hannity, Ingram, Dobbs and the rest of them

If and when Trump goes down under indictment . Will they continue ? Will the advertisers leave them? What do you think?

One thing for sure about this up coming summit with North Korea.

These two guys will go on record as having the strangest hairdos ever.
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