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Member since: 2003 before July 6th
Number of posts: 11,182

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Use a Scarf!!

doesn't have to be a mask.

Every time he says "incredible" I think "uncredible".

So sick of his preening platitudes. He's so full of shite.

Damn. Now we know he wanted to just "ride this sucker out" knowing that 2.5 million would probably

die from the virus.

He had to be talked out of it.

That's one of the things I got out of what he said at his press conference today.

Here's the thing. The threat of a pandemic rates right up there with the threat of nuclear war.

Therefore, accordingly our defenses against this threat are of the utmost importance.

This administration dismantled a system that was set up to protect us from pandemics.

But he didn't want to spend the money "on something we don't need". So he dismantled it.

Now, to our utter shame, this administration is telling the public that the prior administrations neglected this grave duty, and that this administration "fixed it".

The audacity of this guy!

Shame on us. Not shame on him (he is incapable of shame) but shame on us.

Governor Cuomo is a blessing!

Can't say enough about the leadership he is providing right now. He deals in fact, not fantasy, and it is very much appreciated.

Nobody could have imagined they would use planes to hit the buildings

How can he say the economy got hit with something nobody ever imagined?!

Movie after movie after documentary after documentaries on the coming pandemics have been produced since the 1990s.

What a fucking joke. Preparedness against pandemics has to be on the same level as preparedness against nuclear war.

Oh Sh#t. He just said we have to get rid of some very bad people.

People's hair should be on fire!

I can't believe the things he gets away with saying.

He's speaking at CPAC.


That's what I'm feeling right now.

Could change. But for some reason, i'm feeling it right now.

Stupid John Bolton. Now the dictator will prevent his book from being published.

He was holding out for more money. Now he will get none at all.

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